Bowling Green – Day 1 & 2

Yesterday we arrived in Port-au-Prince and switched from our large plane to a five-passenger plane in which we could only take 70 pounds of supplies with us. On the plane, which was approximately the size of Leigh Anne’s mini van, me (Liz) got to sit in the co-pilot seat because they trusted me the most to fly plane if any thing happened to the pilot ;). The views were fantastic on this very unique 45-minute adventure we embarked on. Luckily the small aircraft carried throw up bags for dear ole Lydia who felt a calling to use one.

After a long time of unpacking and repacking we managed to get rid of over 100 pounds to send on the truck that will arrive Monday evening. We are borrowing as much as we can right now while we wait for the truck. Once arriving at the Mole, we ate lunch and unpacked our two sets of clothes and few supplies (none including toilet paper or shower supplies).

We took a tour of campus and spent a few hours with the orphans. Marc was Lydia’s buddy last trip about two and a half years ago. Yesterday at the orphanage I said his name and he walked up to me, sat in my lap, and stayed there the rest of our time at the orphanage, which meant so much to me.

After the orphanage time we hit the sack after watching Smurfs at movie night with the orphans. Turns out our sink was “fixed” three times yesterday, yet still not working right. Currently we are washing hands and brushing teeth with the showers. I (Liz) was ecstatic to see canopies over the beds, which they say are to keep bugs out but I believe it is because I am a Haitian Princess.

Today we went to big church for songs and sermon in Creole then we (Liz and Lydia) taught children’s church over the Bible story of Daniel in the Lions Den. In children’s church we sang songs, played games, read the story and colored. We then ate lunch, Haitian spaghetti yum yum, the best meal here, Lydia’s fave. Liz took a very sweaty nap while the rest of the gang headed to the beach. Lydia got two shells she’s very proud of to bring back. Charie and Leigh Anne collected rocks to use at their Women’s Bible Study.

Then we all returned to the dorm and got our things for Youth group. Charie and Leigh Anne lead a lesson on Faith and focusing on God among the distractions. Their lesson went very well and kept everyone engaged. We played some amazingly fun games including blindfolded obstacle course and a three-legged race. We ate dinner then headed to Jody’s house for an American Church service via streaming from Southland Church in Nicholasville.

Love and miss all of you all.


Liz Peterson

Lydia Armstrong


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  1. So many happy smiles all in one place! Who won the race? It seems your adventure is just beginning except for poor Lydia who started her adventure earlier.. So sorry you needed to use a throw up bag Lydia, maybe you won’t have to on the way home. Prayers are going up daily for all of you from Bowling Green and the people, including the children, who live there. May God shower each with His blessings and good health. Love in Christ, Marmee

  2. You may receive two comments as I had written this long comment only to find out I had not signed in to my account! Any way, there are so many happy smiling faces there; it seems all are having a great time. Who won the race??? Glad your trip over was not too eventful except for Lydia’s poor issue. Sorry Lydia. Maybe it won’t happen going home. Please know we are praying for all of you daily asking for good health, good weather, making new friends and that God shows you how important each person there really is in His plan. God Bless.
    Love in Christ,

  3. Glad to see you all are there safe and already enjoying your time and spreading God and love! Also love the pictures! I can tell Lydia and liz really brought out their finest dance moves! Stay safe and thinking about you all!
    P.S. love you Lydia!

  4. Thanks for the update and the pictures. Certainly looks like God is in it. Continue lifting up the name of Jesus and showing his love. The rewards will be eternal. Keep the updates coming.
    From a very proud father,
    (Liz’s Dad)

  5. Looks like you all are having fun and glad to hear the women’s Bible study went well. I know the “teacher (s)” were worried about it. Stay safe and be blessed as you all are blessing others.

  6. Always wanted to go to Haiti and, Liz, I am so proud of you for doing this. Praying for the the safety of the group and for God to be glorified.
    Janet Gayheart (former teacher of Liz’s mom)

  7. Well, everyone else seems to be on top of the game, while Dad & I are apparently slacking off. Glad to hear you made it safely, and Lyd, I also had to use a vomit bag to Haiti, so I think it runs in the family. Praying for you all, and if you could be praying for Mamaw, she’s been in the hospital since Sunday afternoon (kidney infection & pneumonia).

    Love y’all lots!
    Sarah Armstrong

    P.S.- the Pens won the cup 🙁

  8. Well, Dad & I seem to be running behind schedule with the comments! Glad to see everyone made it safely, even if Lyd did need a vomit bag (hey, I needed one too once). Praying for everyone and all the people you are working with. And if y’all could be praying for Mamaw, she’s been in the hospital since Monday (kidney infection, some pneumonia, and her arthritis is really bad).

    Love y’all lots and can’t wait to hear more!
    Sarah Armstrong

    P.S.- the Pens won the cup 🙁

  9. Glad to see you are off to a good start! Love and miss you all, will continue praying.

  10. Glad you all made it safely and loved seeing the pictures. I know you are each making a difference there with everything you do and say at he orphanage and in the town. Looking forward to your next post and praying for all of you.

    (I wasn’t planning to mention mom. She’s doing fine and has lots of care here. I’m staying with her tonight. You all focus on the kids and families in Haiti).

    Love you,


  11. Glad you are all there safely. I enjoyed reading your first post and seeing so many smiles in the pictures. You are all making a difference in the lives of those at the orphanage and in town where you are ministering. I’m looking forward to the next post and will pray for each of you.

    (I hadn’t planned to mention mom. She’s doing okay and has lots of good care here. I’m with her tonight and she’s already much better than Saturday. Keep your focus on Haiti and everyone there.)

    Love you and miss you,


  12. So I’ve been checking in but didnt post! so I”m the slacker here 😉 So happy to see your faces and cant wait for more pics. Prayers for love and cool temperatures !
    Love you

  13. Pray all is well as the BG team continues to minister and am anxious to see more pictures and hear what has been going on since the last post. Will continue to pray for safety, good health, and especially for cool temperatures.

  14. So glad everyone arrived safely! Love the pics! Looks like everyone is having a great time. It’s the personal stories that are going to be so great to hear! Pour Jesus’ love into everyone you meet! Hugs and prayers!
    Mary S

  15. Ahhhh just now reading this Liz! This is so cool & am so proud of you! I cannot wait until you get back, but I know you are enjoying your time there. Be safe


  16. Thanks for being a willing vessel to bring joy and love to these precious orphans. Love you, Aunt Joyce (Liz’s great-aunt)

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