Bowling Green Day 3…

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you…they will not sweep over you” (Isaiah 43:2) has gotten a whole new meaning for me today! We went to the fishing village of Preskul this morning to visit with the community, and serve in whatever way we were asked. Our 20 minute boat ride turned into a 2 hour journey reminding us that we are on God’s time, not ours! The motor on our boat sputtered out and died, but thanks to some wonderful fishermen in the area, we were towed to our destination. It was a wonderful way for us to get to know each other better, Pastor Agenor, our wonderful interpreters, Emma, Matt & Kelilah.

Preskul is beautiful, but a contradiction to look at. The people live in grass huts, they walk 3 hours to get water, and yet they have electricity. A humanitarian company came in not too long ago to help out- they brought in electricity, not water. Makes sense to me…. Lydia & Liz taught a lesson on the loaves & fishes at the village, and we all helped with faith necklaces with those that were interested as well. It was nice to be able to pray with them while we were putting the necklaces together, having that one-on-one time, the language barrier didn’t seem to be that big of a deal when it came to prayer.

This afternoon Charie & Leigh Anne shared a lesson on 2 Samuel 22 & Psalm 18, it was so fun to be able to allowed to be a part of those wonderful women’s fellowship.

Lydia & Liz played with the children in the orphanage this afternoon. They are soaking up the hugs and enjoying playing games with them!

We are hoping the truck makes it here tonight, it’s on the way with our luggage! But if it doesn’t, we’ll be okay. We are learning to share and make do with a lot less.

Liz led devotions this evening, after we had dinner. She talked about the lessons we are learning from the delay of our supplies and the boat. We have to rely on God and not ourselves. That’s really the only choice we have! It’s a neat tradition they have here at the mission, everyone takes turn leading devotions every morning and evening with scripture and their thoughts.

We heard all your comments from home- it’s nice to hear your “voices” while we are away. We love you all! Since Marmee asked the question twice, we felt we should answer. Only one kid finished the race! That was the point of the lesson. We have to listen for God’s voice and there are many distractions that make that very difficult!

Charie & Leigh Ann


Please leave a comment! They love hearing from you! Also the luggage arrived!



  1. It is always good to get answers to your questions, isn’t it! So we did have a winner. Tell him/her congratulations from Kentucky. It is also good to know my comments are reaching you all. Life is good. I know you all are enjoying your new and old friends at Mole. Still praying for good things to happen to glorify God and warm your hearts. Counting the days until I can hear from your own mouths the wonderful experiences you are having. God Bless everyone there and may He shine His light through you. Love in Christ, Marmee

  2. Glad I stayed up and checked 1 more time for an update. I’m happy you all figured out how to put
    2 Sam. and Psalms together for a lesson. Also glad you didn’t have to swim. Hopefully everybody wore their sunscreen and it wasn’t all on the truck.

  3. Yay for the luggage arriving 🙂 Good lessons in learning to live with less for sure. Praying for you and somehow just now seeing days 3 and 4. Little behind over here. What an amazing thing you all are doing there. I know you are feeling the love and spreading it to others.
    Love you

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