Bowling Green Day 5 AND Northwest Day 1& 2…

From Northwest

Yesterday on 6/13, we arrived in Haiti, spent the night in Port Au Prince. Swam in the pool and had a great evening of rest and relaxation.

Today, we got up early – took a small plane to Mole, St Nicolas. Got familiar with the campus, went swimming at the ocean, played with the kids on campus, and are looking forward to starting our activities tomorrow. We are loving being here.


Haiti Day Five Bowling Green

Today we started off the day with our first day of pre-teen bible study! Charie chose to go work in her heaven again, the medical clinic instead of bible study. She worked on organizing and sorting in the lab. At the Bible study there were 20 girls invited, but a few told us they had school today and would come the other days. Well, one little girl showed up today. Her name was Lancy and she was very sweet, we went ahead with our lesson plan anyway. At first thought it was a little saddening but seeing her excitement and happiness made it all better. Last night we had even discussed trying to make a more personal connection with some kids, even just one! So we know God had a reason for Lancy to get all of the attention and love today. She said she will come back tomorrow and bring her friends. We played a few name games, made faith necklaces, did a short lesson on the gospel, played musical chairs and hot potato.

We headed to lunch, right after lunch Jody gave her Voodoo and Abuse speech. Mom and I have heard it before but it hits just as hard hearing it the second time. It was very eye-opening for Liz and Charie who heard it for the first time.

We then gave away the goats to two families that pastor chose. Thanks to pop who donated the money to give two families goats, they each got a pair and we prayed with them. Next was time to bake cookies for tomorrow’s pre-teen bible study. Malaya, Kelilah, Rosie, Lydia, and Liz baked the cookies together. They will get to decorate them with icing and sprinkles tomorrow. Leigh Anne met with Lauren about planning for Haiti trips, she got all the tricks from Lauren who loves organization as much as mom! We all went to special needs class today and worked with the same kids from yesterday. Claude had a much better day today and has decided I (Liz) am his new best friend and snuggle buddy. We slow danced for about 20 minutes straight while he learned my face through rubbing my face repeatedly.


Liz Peterson

Lydia Armstrong


The Helms and Michelle didn’t blog tonight but everyone is here safe and sound! Please feel free to leave a comment. Comments will be read at dinner. The teams LOVE to hear from you!


  1. I don’t know you, but I’ll be praying for y’all and that Lancy brings lots of friends to bible study tomorrow!

    Can Jody share her voodoo and abuse speech with those of us going to St.Louis later this summer? Our team would love to learn more about this.

  2. So glad to see all of your shining faces from NWCC there in Haiti. Know that we are praying for all of you daily. John and Jay Jay Bekas and I miss you each day and look forward to you posts on the website. All my love Tina
    PS I know mama Mechelle is keeping everyone in line, live you girl!

  3. Enjoyed reading about day 5. The kids and I went to see Charie’s Dad in his inpatient rehab facility where he is recovering from a stroke. I read the blogs to him from each day and he really enjoyed hearing about everyone’s “adventures” and laughed at Charie being at home in the pharmacy. He is doing well and getting stronger and planning to be home for his birthday(July 4th). He had all his kids convinced when they were little that all the fireworks on the Fourth of July were for his birthday. He is praying, as we all are, for continued safety and blessings on you all.

  4. Love hearing all about your trip! Each time makes me feel what you all talk about on your trips. You are a blessing to these people.
    Love you all

  5. Glad to know everyone arrived safe. Looks like the team is enjoying themselves. I am looking forward to hearing the stories from the trip and all the great things that took place. This is a great opportunity to see another culture and appreciate what you have been given while helping others. Enjoy your time. Can’t wait to see you again.

    Tom Fitzgerald

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