Bowling Green Day 6… Northwest Day 3…

Bowling Green Day 6

We are halfway through our trip and we are doing great! God is revealing His plans for each of us. It feels like a big puzzle. Through each activity and each time we spend time with the people here, we are getting another piece. It is nice to see everything coming together as we “collect” a piece at the close of each activity and day.

This morning Lydia and Liz led day two of the preteen Bible Study for girls. Nine girls came and seemed to have a lot of fun! They were able to play games, have a lesson, do a craft and eat a cookie. We expect more to come tomorrow as the word spreads through the Mole. It is amazing to see the smiles on their faces as they play the games and get the attention and love while they are with us. The culture is very different here and it’s difficult for us to understand these young girls walking to the church for these activities. One of them brought her one year old baby brother! They have so much responsibility at such an early age.

After lunch, Charie used her lymphedema pump. (She is feeling better now) Liz and Lydia helped the other group with sports camp. They played soccer and basketball with the kids from town who came. Some of the girls from the morning Bible study came back for the sports camp. They are able to get to know them better this way and they get so excited to see each other again each time. After the camp, they walked them back home and got to meet some of their parents.

Lydia and I have also been able to see others we remember from our last trip. It is exciting to see them again. The kids in the orphanage have grown and Lydia is sad because they aren’t little any more! They are growing up.

Leigh Anne Armstrong


In Other News….

Northwest was SO busy today they did not get a chance to blog. But here’s a recap…

Half of their team worked in the clinic this morning. Patrick took vital signs, JJ worked the waiting room, and Courtney worked the pharmacy. It was pretty much the typical day …. I saw about 75 patients.

Mechelle had the privilege of cleaning ears…. now this is not a job for the faint of heart as you never know what you’ll find. And today proved to be quite fruitful. There were several patients where a q-tip simply couldn’t be entered because the wax was too thick. That’s always interesting for Americans to see.

But the BIG show for the day –  there was a cockroach in an ear – it was HUGE. Mechelle dug and got a few “legs” out but for the most part – it’s STILL as a snug as a bug in an ear canal! I’m not going to lie…we’ve all been a little traumatized by it! I may or may not be sleeping with ear plugs…just to be safe! 🙂

The other 4 members of their team went to Savane Mole to do Hut to Hut Evangelism!

This afternoon we held a sports camp. We started our time off with a few dances… the Macarena, Hokey Pokey, & the chicken dance to be exact! 🙂 Then the kids divided up into 3 rotating groups – soccer, basketball, & gaga ball.

After the kids played – the team walked them home so they could brag to the parents about how awesome their children are! Then they prayed with them in their homes!

The Helms have been wiring our granmoun home as well as the Epstein Home! Michelle – known as the “sewing lady” has been meeting with our class! They are planning on a fashion show next week which will totally be FANTABULOUS!

And that’s the news for the day!


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FYI – Northwest is headed to KAPAFU to spend the night! Prayers for safe boating at 6:30am & a wonderful day/evening/experience with our Haitian friends there! 



  1. Thanks for sharing about your days and the pictures. It is so neat to hear how God is using everyone’s unique giftings to serve the people there. We continue to pray for health, safety, and that you can shine your light (light of Christ) to all you who see you!

  2. We really appreciate all the updates! We want to wish Liz a Happy Birthday- turning 18 in a foreign country- We are so blessed that God chose us to be your parents!!!
    Love you,
    Mom and Dad

  3. From all of us,
    Hey Guys we miss you, and we hope you are having fun. We are all okay, and also having lots of fun too.

    From David,
    Hey Mom and Tommy I miss you. I wish you could see all the fun we are having. Hope that you are making kids happy.

    From Michael
    Hey mom, how are you. I’m doing great. we’ve done awesome stuff like going to the mall and Petland. I hope you are having fun. I’m really excited for you to come back, and also that your spreading the word of god. Clara is doing great. She says hi. Tell Tommy I said hi, and I hope he’s having fun playing with the kids. I hope you guys take more pictures. Hope you’re having a great trip to Haiti. Expect more messages in the future,

    From Joe,
    Hey guys. I hope that this trip is really fun, but also life changing. It may not seem like it, but you guys are changing these kids’ lives by allowing them to see Jesus though you. Everyone is having fun, and is doing great here. We’ve gone to the arcade, Petland, and the mall. We are going to jumping world today. All of the animals are doing great. I’ve had fun playing with sly and he’s doing great. We love you all so much and I’m so proud of all of you. We all miss you so much, and can’t wait for your return, but we also are really happy that you get to be with these kids.
    I hope its an amazing experience,

    Hi sweetheart we miss you and anxious for you to return. How are you doing?
    today we are going to trampoline -park the movies tomorrow. We went to the mall yesterday
    love you

  4. Glad to hear things going well. Also happy to hear Charie better after using her pump. Hope none of the kids saw her using it, though- given it’s a big, blue, inflatable sleeve going from her hand to her armpit w tubes coming out. Might have scared them or made them cry. Hopefully squeezed some of her sunburn out, too.
    Love from Chris the Boys.

  5. Good to hear your voice today Leigh. Praying for all of you to stay strengthtened and continue to spread God’s love and light each day fresh. You are doing a beautiful work in His name. Love you all so much and hope you can feel my hugs 🙂 Laura

  6. We are reading the blogs daily while you are gone. Sounds like you all had a very busy day. Mechelle way to step up in the clinic. You definitely get a volunt-ears award! Keep allowing yourselves to be HIS hands and feet while you are there. All our love Tina and Beka

  7. Thanks for sharing the stories. I really enjoyed the part about the roach. Knowing how Mechelle feels about roaches I can just picture her face… Mechelle and Tommy- I miss talking with you. It is strange not being able to have our daily chats. Enjoy your time and know what you are doing there makes a difference in other peoples lives. It is an amazing opportunity.

    Tom Fitzgerald

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