Wolfforth Day 4…

We’ve had issues uploading the blog….this is from yesterday.


Howdy Friends and Family,

This is Mikaela and Kayti. I, Mikaela will be writing in bold, and I Kayti will be writing in italics. 

Today was the hump day of our trip but our amazing team is still powering through with the same hope, love, and energy we had on the very first day. For my group we had VBS for the town children and we had a blast. We sang silly songs, danced, colored, and indulged in Gods word… Stephanie and Justin led an impactful message over identity by using Zacheaus as an example. 

My group did construction on a new building that is going in next to the clinic and the girls dorm. It is going to be a part of the clinic and Pharmacy. We worked along side the Haitian workers which was cool. Our job was to dig 4, 4 foot trenches to be the base of the building. One person would pick axe the ground to get the dirt loose and then we would shovel it out and repeat the process till it was 4 feet deep. The whole team worked really hard and we did great. We really bonded over this experience through the sweat and dirt. 

Susan has a special needs ministry that she does here on the mission. One of the little boys that comes to it is named Mack Evens. He is 4 years old and fits into 18 month clothing. He is super cute and adorable. Susan picks him up early on the days that she does her class. I got to hold him for a little while this morning and it melted my heart. He just looked up at me with his big eyes and it was the best thing ever. 

Later in the day we had sports camp downtown with more of the town children and played basketball and soccer. While half of the team played games with the children, some of us stayed with the younger kids and painted nails and colored. I got my nails painted by the kiddos for the third time this week (thank goodness, what would I do without a good manicure?).

Overall, it was an amazing day with the kids. As we continue our week we have all come to the realization that no matter what activity we partake with the kids, it’s all a big deal to them. Being with these wonderful children whether they are the orphans or locals brings so much joy to my heart and I can’t help but feeling extremely thankful to be here. With that said, please keep not only the teams health in your prayers but also the lives of all the people in Haiti.  Taylor has had a bit of traveler’s tummy and could use some extra prayers. Her fever broke early today and she is feeling better. 

Currently as we are typing this blog some of the team members are getting their hair done by some of the staff here. The girls have cornrows and the guys also got some braids put in. 

While getting my hair braided, I felt as if my hair was getting ripped out but it was worth it since the end result looks sick. Braeden’s hair is hands down the best one while Kade’s is the most interesting. Pictures to follow… 

Additionally, watching my teammates grow over this week has been such a blessing. Now onto the shout out portion of our blog. First I would like to shoutout my mom and dad, Lorenzo and Liliana Aleman, the Kevil family, and the Lawrence family… and pretty much any one who helped getting me here. Thanks a bunch. P.S Jaden, have you ever had a machete from Haiti? NO? Okay I got you… 

Shoutout to Jodie and Al Martin from Maddi. Love and miss y’all. It’s going great this week. Um… I may or may not come back with a boyfriend. IDK. He almost kissed me and yeah. So I’m not single! YAY! Love yall and hope you like him! Still single but very stressed. Love you all!

Now its Stephanie’s time to talk… Hey family and friends (Kennard’s, Boston’s, and Ward’s) I miss you all and today was a great day! I got to teach VBS and tell them about Zaccheus! It went super well and it was fun getting to work with the translator! I can’t wait to see you guys! I love you all so much and can’t thank you enough for making this trip possible! Lots of stories to come! Peyten I’m still waiting for some comments!!!!

XOXO Stephanie

Shout out to all our friends and family! Love and miss you guys-Kayti,Caleb ,and Regina Girdner

Stay Lovely,

Mikaela Aleman and Kayti Girdner  

“I Bullett did not grant them permission to copy my idea, I will be suing.” – Bullett Manale  

 “I bULLeT DiD nOt GRaNt thEM pErMissIoN tO cOpy mY IDeA, I wILL Be Suing.” – bUllEtt MaNaLE  

The twins want to say that they love and miss all their family and friends!!!


Please leave a comment…they absolutely LOVE hearing from everyone. It’s the highlight of their evening!


  1. Kade,
    WOW is all I have to say about the hair!! Love you A LOT and miss you like crazy. Ari and I have decided that 4 weeks in a row is enough! Ready to have you home for a while. Super proud of you and your smile says it all. Praying healing over the whole team. I know the heat makes you weary but hang in there. Love and grace,
    Susan McMahan

  2. Twinsies- “we love and miss y’all! I’m waiting for a post from YALL! can’t wait to hear all about it from y’alls perspective! Love y’all! Can’t wait to see y’all in 4 sleeps!” – your favorite person aka Lindsey
    “I love y’all a lot and I’m ready for y’all to come home” -Dad

  3. Alrighty Stephanie here’s you a comment😂😂 I miss you like crazy and can’t wait to hear all of your stories. I love reading the blogs every day and seeing what you have to say!!! I’m glade you are having a good time and serving the lord in a wonderful way… I miss you and can’t wait to see you!!!! Btw we made it to Farmington safely and everything is going well..

  4. First off-I hope Maddi’s new potential boyfriend is a 5 year old Haitian, or somebody might be in trouble! Love all the new ‘dos on everyone! I’m sure at this point y’all are growing a bit weary from the heat and physical labor. But hang in there! God’s got ya! Hydrate and rest when needed. Prayers for good health and total healing for Taylor. You’re on the downhill slide, so make the most of every moment.
    I just wanna pinch everyone of those adorable cheeks in the pictures. (No, not y’all-those kiddos!). Enjoy loving on them because I know they thrive from being loved on.
    Y’all have a restful night!

  5. Great update. Maddi…you have a boyfriend?? Wow! Don’t know what to think about that. One of my favorites things to do when I’m in Haiti is getting my hair braided and look what happened to me…all you guys watch out. Bald town is coming for you.

    Glad y’all are having a blast. Stay healthy…drink water. Lubbock is still Lubbock.



  6. We love reading the blogs each day! Thanks for sharing. Prayers for health and strength as you finish out the week!

    Trey, we love and miss you!!!

    Much love, hugs and prayers!
    Tracy, Amy and Sam

  7. Love seeing the pictures and hearing about your days! Everyone’s hair looks interesting – can’t wait to see it in person! Eric, the pictures of you with the kids are just precious. To all the leaders – thank you for what you are doing – we all appreciate you so much and are so thankful for all of you! Taylor, I hope you are feeling better! Eric, Jacob and Caleb – Emili is going crazy without you at home and so am I! I love you all and miss you! Continued prayers that you all stay healthy!

  8. Hello from Lubbock,
    Mikaela and Katie, your girls did an awesome job summing up the day. Katie we will be praying that you feel better soon. Mikaela we miss you so much but we are also so proud of you.

  9. Love seeing the work you all are doing! Prayers for health and safety for the team!

    ~The Merritts

  10. Glad you’re all having fun and making sweet memories. Enjoy the time you have left and have a SAFE trip home. May God bless all the lives you’ve touched 💞

  11. Hola from Burkburnett , Tx

    I’m so glad Taylor is feeling better.

    Love seeing all the pics and reading about all the great work being done in Haiti. Can’t wait to hear all about it when the group gets back.

    Love and prayers

  12. My daughter, being about the Father’s business. So proud of you Mikaela! Looks like you guys are working hard, praying hard, and playing hard….truly a blessing. Sweetie, I send you my love from North Carolina and can’t wait to see you.

  13. We love hearing about all of God’s work that you all are doing! Keep going and keep smiling Trey,
    Kayti, Caleb, and Regina!!

    Wes, Susan, Anna, And Allie

  14. Stephanie,
    Thinking of you constantly! Looking forward to hearing all about your trip. Smiles on your face in pictures are so bright and cheerful.

    Love you,

  15. enjoy reading your daily blog proud from our team sent to mission field. God your are helping with building / expanding physical structures to further provide aid the locals whom travel to this village long after you return home. Know members of church whom may not be reading the blog – would be excited to hear your witness following your return home on Sunday evening. Love is giving…

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