Wolfforth Day 3…



Please read in a southern accent


Its your two cowboys James Bullett and Nathan Kade here about to tell you a story. Now when I (Bullett) types I will be using bold letters so you know its me. When Kade talks he will be italicized. Anyways the story shall begin.

It was a warm.. hot.. blazin day this morning when we woke up. Quite the scorcher. Yee yee. I woke up late as per usual while everyone else was at the morning devo so I didn’t quite catch that. But breakfast was sooooo good. We had pancakes and coffee. Mmmm mmm mmmm. I was late so I didn’t get any syrup. But its all good. After bfast we split up into groups and went hut to hut. We talked to a lot of pretty amazing people. Instead going into town we walked towards the mountain area and talked with those cool cats. My group was Braeden, Abby, Faith, Emma (the intern), Hans (our translator) and obviously myself. The most memorable moment I had was getting to see my friend John Marc, I met him last March and he took us to his house to meet all 6 of his siblings and his mother. They were the coolest kids. I also finally after two trips WON a game of dominos. You could say I am a professional. Anyways passing the torch off to Kade to tell you about his morning.

As Bullett said, the morning was quite a doozy with the heat. Almost heat stroke level. I woke up on time like usual. The pancakes were real good but not enough, so my snacks are greatly appreciated. The morning devo was good, Trey spoke and did a great job. Be proud Amy! I also went to hut to hut and that was real rewarding. My group was Kayti, Kelly, myself, Matt (an intern), and Almy (our translator). We got asked to go inside someone house which I was really humbled to get to do that. My morning was a quite good one. Swinging this back into the hands of cowboy Bullett.

Boy oh boy after all our morning activities we had a sports camp. As most of you know I am quite the athlete so I took on lead on every sport… lol jk. Eric was in charge of most of it with the help of the varsity athletes and Kade. Not me at all. My favorite part of sports camp was coloring my horse with the kids. All of them were really really good artist. They has such sweet smiling smiles (say that fast five times) you couldn’t help but see the JWA on their faces. Also I learned some phrases in creole I don’t know how to spell them though.. so that was cool.

A lot of the girls were getting their nails painted and I couldn’t help but to be jealous of their swag. I let a couple them paint my nails red, glittery silver, and blue for the fourth of July. After my spa day Caleb did two standing back flips. I will let you guess which one did it. Oh yeah we had spaghetti and hot dogs weenies and sauce. Remember sauce is forever juice is only temporary. I took a shower and put on my most patriotic hat and shirt for tonight’s festivities. MURICA BABY. We will be sharing more soon (this portion has been written before dinner and the fourth of July party btw) I just waved at a boy and he ignored me so that’s going well. Anyways that is all I have going on this afternoon it was quite a hoot.

Well goodness gracious my lunch was the exact same as Bulletts. Literally down to noodles and wieners. The sports camp was a good one because unlike Bullett I am quite the athlete. So I lead and won every sporting event. USA for the win!!! Jk I let some Haitians win a couple times. After the sports camp we walked the kids back into town. We were a big group of white people holding hands and giving piggyback rides to all the Haitians. I didn’t have the chance to get my nails done did like Bullett because I was actually working my tail off beating all the kids in the sports. Like a man. I did not take a shower so I smell pretty rank. Sorry Ari.

Bond count: 12    Times it has helped me: 0   Shower count: 3   Smell: fair

These are my stats right now in Haiti. I have also gotten 0 compliments on my ministry mustache. I think it looks pretty dang good. So does Kade. Let me tell you folks what though, this evening has been one to remember. Our fearless leaders Susan, Emma, and Jody have planned a spectacular party for us and 30 kids.

First off we roasted some weenies over a fire. Boy howdy you think its hot without the fire? Well think about how hot it is with the fire. I was sweating while making some hot dogs, but after I lost 30 pounds of sweat I ate 30 pounds of hot dogs.

After we ate we hosted a carnival out on the basketball court, the kids had so much fun. I was in charge of the candy pong station. There were 10 cups that were filled with different types of candy. The kids would stand behind a line Kelly drew and throw a ping-pong ball into the cups. They were surprisingly super good at this game. I left with no candy. Sad day.

After we played games, we had this super awesomely cool obstacle course. It was like the Haitian version on American ninja warrior. Basically it was Haitian Young Child Ninja Warrior. They would run through and see who could get the fastest time. Asher (Jody’s Son) received first place. At this point I’d like you to clap for Asher. Thanks.

After that, we went to watch Mikayla and Malaya’s dance team. Now anyone who’s anyone knows I’m good at dancing but these guys were 10x better. We finished the show and went inside and chowed down on some cupcakes. Now I am here with Kade, we just sang the national anthem with the team. Just like all good Americans do. Omg we are going to play with sparklers right now I AM SO DARN EXCITED. I am going to let Kade take over while I go play with fire and listen to the beach boys.

Bond count: 6   Times it has helped me: 6   Shower count: 2 (about to be 3)  Smell: poor

The fourth of July festivities have been an absolute blast on this great day. The carnival games and obstacle course have been the corn on the cob. In the carnival games I was a human target and kids got to throw balls at me. So basically I had to run for my life to save my behind. The dance show was the bee’s knees. They were dippin and jivin all around the basketball court like some organized hoodlums. We sent all the kids back to bed and we just finished lighting sparklers to celebrate MERICA. We didn’t burn down Haiti. So bless up to Jesus!!

Alright alright alright alright… Name that movie.

This portion is all about shout outs. Stephanie has been bothering all day long to shout some people. I told her she could only shout out two. Here they are.

She will be typing in this font. Bullett has been messing with me this whole time. Happy Fourth of July to my family, the Kennards, and my boyfriend! I love and miss you all! Can’t wait to see you guys and hear your voices! Love the comments keep them coming all week! Our party tonight was legit and I can say it was the best fourth of July away from home! Also Peybae thank you for keeping my steaks.

I would like to shout out my mom my dad my sister and my friends. I love and miss you all. Hope Lubbock is cool, but I doubt cause I am not there. Also Bailey Shephard, Asher wanted to tell you Hi. At the Texas Tech Wesley wish yall were here again. Also the Fowler Family if yall remember me I would like to say hi. That is all I have for my shout outs. Oh yeah, Josh Craycraft would like to tell his mommy, “Hi mommy, I miss you tons. Love you. Bullett is taking great care of me, no need to worry. Perfect.”

Hello friends and family I love you and miss you guys. Mom, hope you didn’t blow away in the haboo. Hug Meme and Aunt Caryn for me. Ari I miss you and hope you aren’t dying without me. Love you guys!!! XOXOXO

Ari I miss you too sweet friend.

Okay here is our closing thesis. Haiti is a beautiful place filled with many beautiful people. The air is hot and the breeze feels good when it comes around. While we struggle with the heat and bugs, I can’t help but see how blessed we are by the people in Mole St. Nicholas and by Jody’s entire staff and kids. We are encouraged and humbled by all the joy that the Haitian people show us. Hopefully we will get the chance to blog to all you people in America again. Hope y’all have enjoyed hearing about all of our fun adventures for the day.



It was a SPECTACULAR day! For more pictures from the party you can check out this blog: http://lifeoffering.org/2017/07/04/happy-independence-day/ ‎

Also please leave comments! Comments will be read at dinner each night! 🙂



  1. Hey y’all!! Keeping up with this blog all the way from Africa (its 6:51am)! This has become my daily read and I’m so excited to hear what God is doing in Haiti and how He is moving in each of your hearts and how He is using your team to further His kingdom!! Bullett I’m so happy that God called you back to Haiti so soon!!! And Kade, I had no idea you were going!! So excited for you to be there!! Also, hi Maddi! Praying for open hearts, open eyes, and open ears. Be vulnerable and fully rely on God because He does pretty amazing things in Haiti!! Sending much love to you all!

  2. Based on all the smiles in the photos, God must be pleased with your work! Praying for your continued success and a sufficient number of showers for Bullet. 🙂

  3. So glad you are having a great time! Love and miss you Bullett! Loved yours and Kades blog😍

  4. Love reading the updates!!! You guys keep up the hard work!!!

    Trey, we are proud of you!!! Don’t forget we want you to blog too!!

    Much love, hugs and prayers to all of you!!!

    Tracy, Amy & Sam

  5. My friends!!! I love you so much! I love reading this!! You are all studs!

    I was praying for you all this morning and I feel like the Lord gave me a word and a picture to share with you, so I will put it here:
    Okay, the first thing I felt the Lord saying with Romans 8:28 – ” And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.” When I asked God why He wanted to speak this verse over you I felt Him say “their love for me is true, I am on their team. I am fighting for them and working with them in every move and every step.”
    Then I felt like I saw a picture of Jesus jumping up and down and cheering you on because He is so proud of you! He is so confident in the things you are doing because His Holy Spirit is with you and because he knows your love for Him is true and deep!

    Taylor – You’re a good leader. I love you.

    I love you all and I am so proud to call you friends. You helping Jesus gather His inheritance 🙂

    -Hannah Solomon

  6. Kade,
    It does your mom good to hear so much joy in your post and see the joy in the pictures. We are so blessed that you got to go back to the land and people that you love. Everyone here is doing good and we cannot wait to see you. Soak it all in and continue to share God’s blessings. Look for Dad while you are there because I am sure he is with you, making sure your are drinking enough! . Love you so much and I are so proud of you.
    Taylor, thanks for leading so well, for pouring into our kids and for loving this mission. Love you bunches
    See you both soon,
    P.S. Bullet I love and miss you too!

  7. Great to hear from y’all. Kade, love you. Can’t wait to hear all about the trip. Keep blessing everyone and enjoying your time there. See you soon. Love, Aunt Caryn

  8. Yo guys and gals! This is Dylan and Blake saying hey from our own mission trip (at the Navajo Reservation)! Much love and cool breezes to you all! Make sure to wash your feet @JoshieeCray

    I’m consistently encouraged by your words and actions! I love hearing how your joy overflows and how God is moving in and through you all in Haiti!

  9. Glad to hear all is well in Haiti. Keep on doing what you’re doing. Eric….no more “nose to nose”…age sanctuaries bro!

    Love my Maddi! I know God is at work in and through you. Give Susan a hug for me. Mason blew all kinds of stuff up last night with Scott….the neighborhood didn’t get burned down so that’s good. Mom and I went swimming at Gregs. They all say hi and blessings.

    Bullett, I’ve decided you can kiss Eric’s head in my stead.

    Blessings All! Hang in there Taylor.

  10. BOYYYYY howdy I tell u whut that was some mighty fine writin u boys did there Kade and Bullett. Bullett, it gives my heart so much joy that you’re really out there PUTTING IT ALL ON THE LINE and sporting the almighty mustache. Keep it up. Say no to the haters. But anyways wassup y’all much love to u all. If any of you are worried about something you should just stop. Jesus is gooood real good and ain’t no reason to be trippin ya hear. Love and miss u SISTER Maddison and love u Kade and love u Bullett and love u Taylor and u know what I kinda love the rest of you too. Peace out god bless and keep it real fambly 🙂 ALSO MS BETH I LOVE AND MISS U MUCHO

  11. Hi Haiti Team!!!
    Wow Bullett and Kade, thank you so much for that beautiful post. I read the whole thing in a Texan accent (be proud of me), and it made it even better. Trey, I’m so proud of you for doing the morning devo, I’m sure you were incredible!!! Kade, I forgive you for smelling bad, since I don’t have to currently smell you (pls shower before coming home). Bullett, I want to encourage you, because I do love your ministry mustache, even if no one there is complimenting it. Also, thank you for my shout out. Love you lots. Sounds like you guys are having a blast and working so so hard, and I am happy to hear it!!! Y’all are the bomb.
    Hi to the rest of the Haiti team – I miss you all dearly! I can’t wait to hear more in depth about all of the things you guys are experiencing. I hope y’all had the most perfect July 4th celebration! You guys aren’t missing out on a lot here except a WHOLE BUNCH of rain. The fireworks show got cancelled last night because we had ANOTHER haboob, followed by a massive thunderstorm. Trevor, Ismael and I went to the rec pool for 3 hours yesterday, and Bailey, Trevor and I are going again today. That’s about all we’re up to here! Working hard, I know.
    Taylor – thank you for all of your hard work and for being so obedient to the Lord. I am so thankful for you and for your place in making this trip possible. Love you!!!!
    Kade – I went furniture shopping with your mom and Caryn and it was so fun!!! Can’t wait for you to see what we got (p.s. if I wasn’t the favorite child before, I definitely am now). I miss you so much, but don’t worry I haven’t died without you yet (stay tuned)!!!! Hopefully by the time you get back I will have adopted at least 10 animals so you will get to cuddle with them (after you shower) and return to the U.S. I love you so much!! Behave yourself please (I give all of the youth kids permission to smack him if he is acting up).

    Sending up lots of prayers for you all! You guys amaze me and I am so humbled to know you all. Praying for rest and restored energy every day and that God is moving generously in your hearts and in Haiti. I love watching you guys be the hands and feet; you all inspire me. I miss each and every one of you, and can’t wait to see you all soon. LOVE- ARI !!!!!

  12. So happy to hear that your 4th of July party was fun! We love reading your stories and seeing your pictures! We continue to pray for you all. A special “hello” to Eric, Caleb E, and Jacob. Hope you are all doing great (love the pics!) and we LOVE you and MISS you so much! Emili says hello too – we can’t wait to see you soon!

  13. Hi Wolfforth Team!!!
    Maddie, Stephanie, Kade and Bullett, we have LOVED reading your stories!!! Makes me smile, laugh (and tear up)! So proud of y’all! And can’t wait to hear about today and see more pics!!
    Joshie – I love you and am super proud of you!!! And I’m glad to hear Bullett is taking care of you! 😜 Thanks, Bullett!!
    Everyone here says Hi and is praying for y’all!
    Love –
    Becky & Philip

  14. Loved the blog update for Day 3. Continue the awesome great work and God will use you all to touch many lives.
    Hugs to the Girdners 💓

  15. Oh my goodness this post was fantastic! I read it early this morning, and then McKenna read it aloud to our family tonight (in the requested southern accent, too!). You definitely left us smiling our “smiling eat smiles!” We are so glad y’all are doing such great work and enjoying every bit of it, too! We pray for your team daily! We look forward to hearing more!

  16. Hi Stephanie! I am so proud of all of the great work you and your team are doing. I miss you and love you!!

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