Michigan Group 2017… Day 4 & 5

Hello everyone!! Yesterday was filled with different activities that kept us busy all day. We had church in the morning which was beautiful to watch as always. After church I helped lead the youth group where we had a devotion and then played bingo.

The evening celebration started last night around 6pm. We set up a photo booth where anyone could come and get their picture taken and then pick up a copy of it on Tuesday at our last night of the evening celebration. It was so fun to watch families and different groups of friends come and get their pictures taken! Our group performed a skit to the song Oceans and it went really well.

This morning we had the first women’s ministry event and over 100 women came!! Shenika and I helped organize the snacks and drinks for all the women and then we got to sit and listen to some of the small group conversations. It is so hard to believe that we are on day 5 of this journey already!! I can’t wait for the next few days to come and see what God has planned for all of us.

~ Chloe

Side note- FAMILY!!! Hello! I love and miss you all so so much! I cannot wait to see you all and share all of my stories from this trip with you! Also, our whole group is loving your very detailed comments mom haha! Just so you know, in your comment where you later said “I can hear you saying ‘stop mom!’” I had just said that, so that proves you know me all too well. I can’t wait to see you! Love, Chloe

p.s. Abbey is a little bit upset that you didn’t mention her in your comments even though she is your second daughter and my guardian on this trip.


Shenika- Hi Dad! For drops and adds all the info is with my schedule on how to sign up and you can just use my school email. Miss you and love you!

Emma- We miss you dad!!!!!


We are having technical difficulties… I’ve been trying to upload pictures to the blog since noon. SO…I’m going to go ahead and post what I have and hopefully tomorrow I’ll have even more! FYI – It’s 10:50pm and the revival and prayer tent just finished about 15 minutes ago! It’s been an incredible 2 nights already!


  1. This mom’s heart is full as I couldn’t wait to look at the blog this morning. How amazing these pictures are and I am not sure if my beautiful girl has ever looked more inspired. Love and hugs to all and keep making a difference by spreading the Lords word. Jenean Coughlin – Carlee Jo’s Mom ❤️❤️

  2. HI Chloe,
    It sounds like you’re having a great time. I saw the picture of you playing the viola, I’m sure it went well and I’m sure you sounded great!! I can’t wait to see you in a few days.
    Have you showed the team the Interpretive Dance you’ve been working on for the past couple months? I’m sure they would love to see it. Please don’t back out by saying you have no idea what I’m talking about, your many hours of hard work should pay off.

  3. Hi Shenika,

    We got you signed-up for drops/adds, no worries. It sounds like you guys are having a great time and hope the revival night went well with the string instruments. I am sure the photo booth must be great fun for everyone. We look forward to hearing about this experience. I saw my buddy (Markendy) in a picture with Paige and he looks great!! Please give him a big hug for me. Hugs from all of us, we love you!! Mom, Ederick, Kobe and Dad.

  4. Hi Paige,

    Great to see the update that Chloe wrote! So happy to see all your smiling faces in the photos. Not sure who is smiling bigger, all of you or the kids? God is surely working through each of you.

    On a side note, Paige we miss you sooooo much! The puppies are growing. Moose hit the bell today on his own. And they both. have 2 or 3 new tricks to show you when you get home – Boss Dog!


    Mom and Dad

  5. Well, things are definitely not as exciting here as they are there in the Mole! Gabe left for Camp Barakel today and I have been working for Coast to Coast because my dad is off gallivanting again in Marquette. (Don’t tell him I said that – he claims he is packing boxes and moving furniture).

    Oh how I wish I was there dancing and sweating with you all! Did Mr. Fowler make you all carry a cross ten miles uphill for the evening celebration? It really wouldn’t be the same without it! (Just kidding, Mr. Fowler!). I so enjoyed reading your blog/comments, Chloe! It is crazy not getting to talk to you whenever I feel like it. I miss you like crazy. I hope you don’t think this means you won’t have to do your chores when you get home though. I have been doing the cat litter and it is not fun. I am teaching Daniel how to do it now though, so… you’re welcome. 🙂
    ABBEY CADABEY SAMBAER!!! I have not forgotten you my sweet dear! I am offended however that you think of me as a mother and not a sister, though as we figured out on our first trip, I am actually technically old enough to be just that. That said, I really think it counts that I don’t act my age! 🙂
    Ok, well, if you all have a karaoke night, Chloe really likes to go first and she told me she wanted to do a duet with Abbey.

    Love and miss you all!

  6. Hi Telly, Emma and Lily! Looks and sounds like you and your team are doing amazing work to advance the Gospel there! Awesome! We miss you so much and can’t wait to see you this weekend. The boys are doing well. They’re eating their fruits and vegetables and loving every minute of it. We’ve been riding the dirt bike and playing Legos. Today we got the supplies for the sandbox.

    Can’t wait to hug each of you when you get home. Love you all dearly!


  7. Mom and Dad (Tom and Sharon). We are loving the updates. Taft is really enjoying seeing the pictures of you guys. At his dentist appt today he made sure to tell Dr. Brown that you guys are “in Haiti telling people about Jesus”. I’d say he’s proud! Praying for your group. Love you.

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