Michigan Group 2017… Day 3

Today has been a very eventful day! We started by going over to a new place in Savane Mole – a place where no one from NWHCM has ever been. We did a little service for those who live there. We had an amazing turnout!

Soon after, Emma and I led dance camp for the orphanage kids. The girls and boys are dancing this year, and it has been AMAZING so far! All of them are super into the dance, and they truly care about it…so they even know it without Emma and I dancing! They rock!

We then went to the beach with the children in Susan’s special needs class and their siblings. They love the beach, and it was so great to see them having fun! Haiti truly blesses you everywhere you look. It has been a fantastic trip so far, and I cannot wait to see what the rest has in store for us!

Katie <3


Shout out to my awesome mom Julie Wetzel. Love you! You too dad!


Today in the morning, the whole team was able to take a 40 minute tap tap ride to a neighboring village called Savane Mole.  We were able to talk, with the help of translators, to many Haitian people to invite them to our service.  Our favorite part of the visit was playing soccer with the Haitian boys.  It was fun to see the joy that the game brought them.

After we came back and had lunch, we joined Susan’s special needs group at the beach.  Not only was the view beautiful, it was so fun to see the joy that it brought to the kids.

Lily and Paige


Today, We traveled an hour out into the country, passing thatch roof to concrete huts.  Goats, cycles and taptaps, all the kids loved being waved at.  They scream out to us, chase us…The love is so needed.  The community gathering was awe inspiring.  Folks came in their true bes clothes.  The singing was straight to the heart.  Beautiful voices blew the Americans out.  God’s love was full and present.

Taking Susan’s Special Needs kids to ocean was a hoot.  Gigi and Fedna were thrilled. Everyone had a blast!  To see our kids hanging out in the water was refreshing to see youth fellowship with love, not tats and electronics and materialism.  They found fun with simplicity.  These young people have a purpose and no inhibitions.  I love to see their strength and spirit outpour.

Family, we’re having fun and doing a great work.  Mosquitos are vicious, fighting our way thru it tho.

Love you all.

Kevin E.


Hey Friends…tomorrow begins our 3-day revival….we may not have a chance to blog tomorrow night – but DO NOT WORRY! It’s a great thing when we’re so busy doing ministry that there’s just no time to sit and talk! I call it LIFE SERVICE over LIP SERVICE!

Please feel free to leave comments. They love hearing from you all!


  1. I love you too, Michael! I hope and pray that you’re having a good time. I pray for you continually that God will give you energy to share his joy with everyone around you. I miss you , but I’m so thankful that you have this opportunity to be there.

  2. Thanks for the detailed report on how you’re doing, Michael. 🙂 Maggie is having a great time without you, especially cleaning the cat’s litter boxes all by herself. We’re praying for all of your actions, that Jesus is seen clearly in them. Love you, bud.

    1. I miss you Chlosaphina twinkletoes!! Chloster Chloster my little roller coaster! It looks/sounds like things are going well. PLEASE make sure you give all the children hugs from me and please tell Jenny I said hello and please play with Elveson and tell Marilia I am so sorry I could not be there this time. Please hug all of the ladies who work in the kitchen and tell them I love them so much and they are amazing. Hug Jody and Jose and all of their kids. Tell Malaya I am so sad I cannot be there to play games with her. Drink a coke for me.
      OH and don’t forget to perform “Defying Gravity” for everyone. Tell Jody you have been practicing in the car with me so that you can sing for everyone at dinner sometime. HA HA!!! Maybe I will just send Jody a message on facebook and let her know that you would like to sing for the group. Boy it is a good thing you are really far away right now. You haven’t even read this yet and I can hear you saying “MOM!! STOP!!” 🙂
      I love you so much sweetheart. Drink your water and take care of yourself.
      Glinda or Elfaba – whichever you want me to be for our duet 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing some updates on your time so far!! I’m currently sitting in my hotel room at Disney World and even though I should be enjoying the luxuries of my air conditioning and a warm shower, I’m crying just a few tears (okay, maybe a lot of tears) wishing I was in the Mole with you all. I think I’d trade in my bed for a Sansbug and a cot 10/10 times. I may not miss embarrassing myself dancing next to World Dance Champ, Emma Fowler, or having to ask Susan to pop unmentionable boils, but I sure do miss loving on those kids with Abbey and Katie, and learning about God’s faithfulness in Haiti from Jody and Miss Beth. I hope you all enjoy this week and give the kiddos a little extra love from me! God is using you this week to be the hands, feet and face of Jesus to the Haitian people, but He is also using the Haitians and their beautiful country to change your heart forever! Be open to let Him work in you and through you and I promise you will leave a whole new person. God has something to teach you whether it’s your first trip or your fifteenth. Keep the updates coming! I’ll be praying for your daily missions and for the 3-day revival!

    So much love (and envy) it hurts, Taylor

  4. Kevin I’m happy to hear all is well. Glad to see you are protecting yourself from the sun with hat and shirt in the water. Would not be much good if you were burned crispy.
    Much love, Kristi and girls.

  5. Hi Paige,

    Loved the pictures of you playing soccer with the Haitian boys. I’m sure you had fun! Hope the mosquitoes aren’t getting you and you are keeping big spray on.



  6. Hi, Katie and all! Love it that the boys are dancing too! You and Emma bring so much joy to those kids through dance.

    Praying for all of you and wishing you a great rest of your week. Love you, Katie Lyon!!!!

    Mom and Dad

  7. Praying for an amazing time! Proud of Tom and Sharon for the work and commitment you give to Haiti! Oh and Gideon keeps asking where you are!

  8. Hi Mom & Dad (Tom and Sharon). Hoping and praying that your time is off to a great start. Praying that Jesus would sustain your Group this next week and serve. We love you! Taft has been praying for his Nana and Dap every night.

  9. Hi Telly, Emma and Lily! Great seeing pictures of you guys in action. Praying for you guys. Miss you tons! Love you all. – Dad and the boys

  10. Hi Shenika,
    We love reading the story about the new place you guys visited “Savana Mole”. What an amazing opportunity to share and learn from the people there for the 1st time and of course, Soccer is always a great hit with the kids in Haiti.Great pictures at the beach with the kids and from dance camp.

    Stay safe and keep sharing and receiving God’s love with your Haitian brothers and sisters.

    FYI, Ederick’s Lax team won the Great Lansing Area Lacrosse tournament this weekend. We were busy driving back and forth, but it was very fun to see all the boys celebrating the Championship Win!!

    We missed you and send you our love….Mom, Ederick, Kobe and Dad.

  11. Hi Colleen! Hope all is well with you. Looks like you and your group are very busy. We love to see the pics. Love and miss you. Mom & Dad

  12. Love seeing all of the pictures, makes this mom feel so much better! The faces of the kids are priceless, keep spreading God’s word and love!! And Carlee Jo, know how so very proud we all are of you and the entire group! Lots of love from Michigan…..Mom

  13. Hi Carlee,
    Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos. Brings such joy to our hearts to see your infectious smile and the love you all are giving to all the people in Haiti. Keep spreading God’s awesome word. We can’t wait to hear your stories. Love and miss you bunches. God Bless all of you!
    Seidenzahl Family❤️

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