Tarp Give-Away

Last year Hurricane Matthew tore through the Mole. It was followed by torrential downpours….flooding our village time and time again. It seemed as though it was one disaster after another with little relief in-between.

So as you can imagine – we began this hurricane season with fear and trembling. Though this has been a horrific hurricane season for so many islands – for several parts of the USA as well…. Haiti has been spared.

It IS rainy season – it HAS rained hard – and it HAS rained consistently. But it is NOTHING like last year.

The crates we packed back in September arrived safely in Haiti but the roads are still too bad for them to be delivered. They’re 5 hours away. Please pray for drier days – not just for our crates to arrive – but so the town’s regular supply trucks can also pass through the mud-filled streets.

Though this season has been much nicer to us than last- there’s still so many of our Haitian brothers & sisters who spend their nights wet… with leaky holes in their tin & thatch roofs.

So today we passed out 50 TARPS in hopes of bringing some relief to those super long nights… nights where they have to hold up their little crying babies because their dirt floors are now nothing but mud pits.

With SO many in need – we know this is just a small dent. I have to constantly remind myself of what we’re able to do – instead of what the need is. There is peace in knowing tonight that 50 more families will have protection from the elements….that their nights might not feel quite so long.


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