Walking In A Winter Wonderland…

On Tuesday, over 10,000 people came to the Mole for it’s annual celebration! We may not have had snow or mistletoe.. but we did have thousands of lights to greet them! Every year we try to add a little more….and this is our biggest display yet!


Friday night will be the start of our 10 Nights Of Christmas Movies!  Each night we will show a Christmas movie and pass out popcorn. On random nights we will also surprise them with rice, beans, and clothes.

On Christmas Eve we’ll pass out hot chocolate & PB sandwiches while we watch the Nativity Story.

On Christmas Eve  – we will host a special lunch where we feed 200 of the poorest elderly folks in our community.

On New Year’s Eve – we will host a special dance competition in the town square! We have invited Jean Rebel and Mare Rouge to compete alongside those from the Mole too! Teams are already registering and we are expecting a full roster! Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners!

We will also host an all night New Year’s Eve Service with fireworks!! It will end around 5am with the traditional Pumpkin Soup! We will be serving pumpkin soup to a thousand people from our community and the surrounding fishing villages!

It really is ….the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! 


Below are some pictures of our Christmas lights. A lot of our displays have “moving lights” which makes taking good pictures almost impossible. Some of these are blurry but you get the idea! We tried to take several photos of the same area… that way some of the blurry spots are a little clearer depending the angle.

Our walkways are gorgeous this year! Absolutely beautiful to walk through! The camera simply cannot capture how incredible it has been to sit outside with our Haitian friends….one of our favorite things to do at night.

Every night this week families have gathered outside the gates….staring at the lights.  Seeing the joy on their faces and the sparkle in their eyes….this is why we do what we do!  Jose assembled an incredible team that has worked tirelessly for days on end. The upkeep is just as much work as the initial display. As soon as a strand goes out – they’re right there trying to replace fuses or burnt out bulbs. #nolightbulbleftbehind


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