Youth Christmas Party…

On Tuesday night we invited our campus youth over for a Christmas Party! If you’ve read about the Our Generation Party that we hosted Saturday night… then this is going to feel like Déjà vu!  We basically did the same thing except for the Secret Santa. 

We started the party off with a feast! Their plates were overflowing with food! We also had a candy buffet… everyone left with a treat bag of suckers, chocolate, gum, and jelly beans – about 4 pounds of candy in each bag!


We then split the kids into two teams where they competed in a series of games. Kendy and Benson were the team captains. Kendy’s team won 19 to 17.

Game 1: We colored 3 popcorn kernels. They had to dig through a bowl of popcorn and find the 3 kernels! First one wins.



Game 2: Stacking plates/cups….3 cups, 1 plate, then 1 cup – repeat. First to complete this combo twice AND their stack not fall for 5 seconds… wins.

Game 3: Stacking cups – You had to move the first cup which said START from the bottom of the stack to the top of the stack by placing one cup after another from top to bottom. First one to complete it wins.

Game 4: Rolling dice – first one to roll doubles wins.

Game 5: Drawing circles on paper plate: Person who draws the most circles on the plate which is on their head wins (circles much touch – each round is 30 seconds).


The night ended with my famous Santa Hat Walk! We placed Santa Hats with numbers on the ground. When the music stopped I drew a number. If you were standing on the number you got to select which Santa Box you wanted. In each box Santa Box was a cash prize.

You didn’t know how much was in each box. A heavier box might be a bunch of smaller bills and a lighter box might have a bigger bill. No way to know! Each box weighed differently. You could shake the box – but no peeking inside!

The youth often feel overlooked and I wanted them to know that they are loved and appreciated!  It is my hope and prayer that everyone has a Merry Christmas this year – by having funds to purchase needed food and/or gifts for their family! Tonight we laughed till we cried.  For 3 hours we forgot how hard our lives were…. we simply got to enjoy each other’s company! It was a wonderful evening of fun and fellowship! 



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