10 Nights of Christmas Movies – Night 1!

Tonight’s Feature Film: Snow Dogs!

Wow! We had quite the crowd tonight! We’ve been doing 10 Nights of Christmas Movies here in the Mole since 2011. We typically have less than 100 people for Night 1.  BUT tonight we had right around 400… and that’s before we started turning people away.

I had the idea to do 10 Nights of Christmas Movies back when I lived in St. Louis du Nord. I wanted to bring people together – just to laugh  – to forget about their worries if even for just a few hours. I would decorate the mission’s main courtyard (just like I do here). We’d serve popcorn and hot chocolate every night. I wanted to see the smiles on their faces and the twinkle in their eyes. And nothing sounds sweeter than listening to a crowd of children laughing out loud!

Tonight as I stood on the porch and heard the crowd laughing – I was reminded of those times back in St. Louis when we first started the tradition. And because I think it’s important to offer as many people as we can the opportunity to laugh and just be kids….I was bothered by the crowd of people standing outside the gates – locked out because we had no more room in the church.

Last year we crowded as many as 600 people in the church… but it was complete chaos. If they had fire codes here – we definitely broke them.

Tonight while I was standing outside looking at the basketball court – I had the idea to move the screen there. We could move the chairs and benches to the court. We could also lay tarps down for kids to sit on. I think we could easily accommodate everyone.  If not – those standing outside the chainlink fence could still see the screen and hear the movie if it was on the court.

THE BIGGEST ISSUE – IT JUST CAN’T RAIN!  SO – that’s the plan for tomorrow! PLEASE pray for a dry day and night!

Here are pictures from tonight’s movie theater! Pastor Agenor shared a short devotional before we started our movie and we passed out popcorn as they entered the church. 



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