Granmoun Christmas Feeding 2017

This past week we handed out 200 cards to the elderly in our community. Typically we do a Christmas Eve Feeding…but since Christmas Eve is on a Sunday – we decided to host the meal today. We have plans to pass out 1000 peanut butter sandwiches on Sunday!

We scheduled the lunch for 1pm. Some arrived as early as 11am and some didn’t show up until 3pm!  We gathered them in groups of 20-30…as they trickled in.

With each group – I shared a little of my heart, Pierre shared a little of his heart, and then we prayed together. We played some music – we danced a little – and they received a LARGE portion of food…with meat, vegetables, salads, and pastas!

This is one of my favorite things we do each Christmas….I love  – loving these sweet people! They are always so appreciative!

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