10 Nights of Christmas Movies – Nights 2-6

On Night 2 we moved our Mole Cinema to the basketball court! By moving everyone outside  – we were able to double the space! We have benches all along the back, then several rows of chairs, and then several large tarps. We can fit about 400+ children on the tarps and we saved the benches/chairs for the adults.

Pierre, Smith, and several other staff members have been lining the children up outside the gates. At 5:30pm – they march them in 10 at a time to receive their popcorn. They are then ushered to their seats. At 6pm Pastor Agenor shares a short devotional and prayer. Then typically around 6:20 we begin our movie.

We’ve been super organized and for the most part it’s gone really smoothly. Every night we’ve passed out popcorn…but on Nights 3 & 6 –  we also handed out special gifts above and beyond.

On Night 3 we handed out LARGE bags of toiletries to the first 100 adults to arrive! These bags included FULL size shampoos, soaps, toothpastes, lotions, deodorants, combs, towels, clothes, underwear, Kleenex, toothbrushes, ponchos, toys, etc. (They had a variety of full-size items)

On Night 6 we handed out rice & beans to the first 220 people to arrive!

We’ve got 4 nights left…leading up to the Nativity Movie December 24th. We LOVE what we do…but we are also very tired! Pray that we finish strong! Pray that everything we do here will ultimately plant seeds!

The internet has been pretty slow….but here are some highlights from our past few movie nights below….



NIGHT 3… (Toiletry Bag GiveAway)


Night 4… (This night it started to rain and we had to run inside the church!!)


Night 5…


NIGHT 6… (Rice & Beans Give-Away)



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