Agapetos Group Day 2 & 3….Nursing Group Last Day

Our internet has been very spotty the past few days. I’m so sorry we weren’t able to post this yesterday. 

Tuesday January 9th…

Today we got a chance to hang out with the kids of Haiti and do different fun activities like painting and building kid friendly slingshots. What a joy it was to get to meet and hang out with the amazing kids of Haiti. They’re some of the most friendly and appreciative children I have ever met in my life. After the activities we got the staff together and all the kids to play a game of soccer. Little did I know I was the least talented soccer player of the 20 kids involved.

The orphans told Susan that today was the best day because we brought so many fun things to do with us. After the games concluded we ended our day by putting a fresh coat of grey and yellow paint on the walls of the girls dorm. Evidently paint mixed with gasoline (to help it dry faster) can cause several guys to nearly pass out when painting all afternoon in the Haiti heat! Tonight we’re having dinner with all the staff who have devoted their lives to running the mole mission. I look forward to the adventures ahead.

Wednesday January 10th –

Our hosts here at the Mole are helping us to feel at home. We woke up to a great breakfast with biscuits and peanut butter and then got back to work on finishing up painting the girls’ bedroom. According to Susan, the grey and yellow colors are pretty popular in the Pinterest world so we think we hit a home run.

After we finished painting we spent time with Jody and got to learn more about the ways of Voodoo and the rituals/beliefs that many Haitians still believe. This time also helped us get a better understanding of Jody’s love for the people and how involved fighting the enemy is here. The reality of sickness, starvation, and 3rd world poverty isn’t the real problem in Haiti. It’s their fear of the evil that only God can help them overcome.

After lunch we had a free hour and got a tour of town from Malaya and Asher. They translated for us and showed us where are all of the sights are. The highlight of our tour was definitely seeing the children as we walked around town. Their smiles are precious and at the same time difficult to understand. It’s easy to look at them and see their needs and shortcomings, but yet they are truly happy and seem so excited that we just say “Bonswa” and smile back to them.

We ran short on time and had to get back for our men’s Bible study. We had about 12 to 14 guys join us including 6 to 8 Haitian men. We discussed Nehemiah 4:14 and our role as men in our families, churches, and communities. Then used the story of David and Goliath to help remind us of the courage it takes to live out God’s plan.   The men opened up and shared some of their “Goliath’s” and we got to pray together to be courageous like David to overcome these things in each of our lives. We prayed to have faith like David did against his giant to share Jesus’ love with others.

After dinner today Anthony shared a devotion with the team and staff and now we’re all enjoying some game time. Spot It, Pitch, and Nerts are big hits!

We’re so thankful for this opportunity and being able to come here to both serve others and learn how to help support this amazing group of people.

To our families at home – THANK YOU for supporting us to make this trip! We are being touched and changed in ways we would have never imagined. We miss you all and love you tons.


Nursing Group from Tuesday… THEIR LAST DAY

Since our arrival in Haiti we have daily been surprised by what God has set before us. Rain has precluded many of our plans. The first two days it rained we learned that pregnant women would not walk to the clinic when it rains. So… we went hut to hut. We were able to complete prenatal exams for eleven women in their homes as well as one woman whom we visited in her place of work. The rain continued and worsened in intensity on Sunday, so the orphans needed our room and we had to move to a different location.

Today is Tuesday, the day we were to leave for our time in St Louis. However, we are still in the Mole due to road conditions. We worked in the clinic today completing various tasks. Megan worked as a pharm tech, which she exceled at doing. Julie had the opportunity to clean ears and I (Kelly) took blood pressures before patients saw the doctor. I was also able to see one young pregnant woman.

We have learned about Voodoo, the culture of abuse in Haiti, and have been challenged daily in our faith journeys. We all desire more Jesus in our lives. While in Haiti, life is less cluttered. We are encouraged to seek the Lord’s face and serve Him. The rhythm of our days, even when we are working, is different. Megan mentioned the devotion that Julie did which talked about “Work, Worship, and Wait”.

Every day we have seen these three words reflected in our time at the Mole. We have worked, regardless of our constant change of plans. We have worshiped in many ways. As we look at the beautiful mountains, the ocean, and the precious people, we are taken to a place of worship. The waiting keeps us trusting God, knowing He has a plan. Knowing that He is in all things. Trusting that we do not have to be in control, He truly knows what we do not.

We have been loved by the staff, encouraged by the people, and have been able to laugh with the orphans. We are very grateful for our time in the Mole and the many people who have supported us. Now we look forward to heading to St Louis after breakfast tomorrow, si Bondye vle…… (God willing).

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord established his steps

Proverbs 16:9

Wednesday afternoon they arrived safely in St. Louis and will finish their trip there! We truly enjoyed working alongside these ladies. WOW! They are unforgettable to say the least! 

Thanks for encouraging us and making us laugh till we cried! You are already missed. 


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  1. Hey Daddy, it looks like you are having so much fun. We won our basketball game 46-35 against Fall Creek. I had 4 points. I love you and miss you.

  2. That little girl fits well in you arms u might just need to bring that one home and have another girl!!

  3. Oh my heart… those pictures are SO BEAUTIFUL, truly priceless, please keep them coming! Praying for God to equip you all with the energy to make it through these last few days and the end of your painting escapades HA!

    I also second the comment that encourages Brian bringing home the baby girl, and Mason I give you full permission to bring one home as well ;)))

    Mason, I am so proud of you for constantly stepping out of your comfort zone to grow your faith and for your servants heart. This week I’ve realized a lot, basically all of it concluding to the fact that you truly are my better half! I don’t know what I did to deserve you but I am so glad God gave me you. Many of our friends and family have been checking in on you and I, and I think just about everyone at my work knows about your trip and has seen the photos lol. I can’t help it that I have the most amazing fiancé ever who happens to work with the best colleagues in the world! On a side note, enjoy the warmth while you can because a snow and ice storm is supposed to hit hard tomorrow. Today is in the 60s though which is awesome, and don’t worry about my trip, I am going to have someone else drive if it’s too bad but it’ll all workout. You’ll be happy to know I finally went to the grocery and stocked the fridge with some of your favorites oh and The Good Doctor is back on! Can’t wait to see your sweet face, love and miss you much!!!

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