Agapetos Group Day 4…

We had another amazing day today. We visited the nearby village of Preskul in the morning. We took a 30 minute boat ride across the bay and were able to play with the children in the village. The children loved playing soccer, bubbles, and duck duck goose with us.

We were also able to tell the children the story of David and Goliath. The highlight of the day was when Mason and David acted out the story as Brian was telling it to the children. The children laughed when David won the battle and Goliath fell to his back.

In the afternoon we were back at the Mole campus. We played soccer games and painted with the children. They really enjoyed painting their pictures and playing catch the tail. Afterwards we brought out bubbles and chalk for some more fun.

David shared the devotion tonight after dinner. We are going to play cards before the night is over and rest up for tomorrow. Thank you again for all of your comments and prayers. We will see you all very soon. – Anthony

Amy and girls, I can’t wait to show you pictures and videos of all of our adventures.


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