Texas Tech 2018 – Day 1

Hey y’all it’s Tori Ford! Today was kinda a hard day. A lot of us definitely felt satan trying to intervene with this awesome experience.  Not much of us got sleep last night in the Florda airport… plus being up early.. it was tough! Then once we got to Port Au Prince it was sooooo hot and we were in the airport forever it felt like. Then we had to wait for the smaller planes.

We were in the tiny airport for 4 hours and some of us longer. Our patience was running out.  The small plane ride was actually fun.. my group all fell asleep… we were so tired. Once we got to the mole we all took a long nap which felt so great to actually lay in a bed and not on an airport floor!

Jody is going to be nice to us and let us sleep in a little bit in the morning so we are all looking forward to that!! So excited to finally be here and excited for our lock-in with all the kids tomorrow!! Shout out to my family, love and miss y’all already!!

Hi family and theo and noble- from Bullett and Hayley.

Jodi- Maddison says hello and also wants to know if you have filled out her scholarship!:)


Hey it’s Taylor Head! Today was SO long but such a blessing.  We played and sang in the airport, which made catching 4 flights in 24 hours a great opportunity to witness to strangers. We are currently making rubber band bracelets with Rosie and she is making a killing off of all of us ($1 each) !!!!!! The mosquito nets are up and we are all looking forward to a good night’s sleep.  Love you all!!!!


The team flew in groups of 5 to the mission today! They’ve had great attitudes even though they spent the night at the airport.

This is a team that ALL of the Mole looks forward to! The relationships they have built since the beginning of this campus plant – it’s unmatched! Can’t wait to see how God uses them this week.

Tomorrow begins our FIRST EVER –  Youth Lock-in. We have 100 teens from 5pm-7am! Please pray for God to show-up in such an incredible way that His presence cannot be denied by even the most stubborn unbeliever.


Please feel free to leave a comment – comments will be read at dinner each night.


  1. I’m so thrilled that you all made it in one piece! I knew God would deliver what he put together, He is good. A shout out to my girl Katiebug, i already miss you so much… I was so happy to see your bright shining face when I opened the blog! Love you to the moon and Back Peapocket! Many prayers and God’s love sent to all of you! I recognized the beautiful Avery also! Just continue showing them God through all of you guys wonderful smiles and tender Jesus Lovin’ hearts!

    My love can find you anywhere!
    Mom(Kellie Wash)

    1. So glad you finally made it! Continued prayers for all of you! Oh, Tori, Bransen wants a bottled coke like you were drinking in the picture! LOL. Love you ToTo!

  2. Hey Bullett and Hayley we are so glad you made it! Hope you have a great week! Theo is having fun at grandma’s! I may steal him! Lol

  3. Hi Tori from the whole family! So glad y’all made it! So good to see pictures of you all!!!!! Praying for a good nights sleep! Can’t wait to see God at work this week! Love you to the moon and back!!!!!!😘 Let that light shine Girl!!!!
    Love Mom and Dad!!
    Meme, Bransen, Briley , Braxtyn, Sugar, Daddo, Taylor, Garrett, and of course Deklyn and Gunner!!!!

  4. So happy that all of you made it safely! Averie you are already shining!! I am so excited to see what God will do!! Love you BIG!!

  5. Kayla,
    You did it!! You are on a mission trip. I am beyond proud of you for going to Haiti to be the hands and feet of God. Can’t wait to hear all the stories when you get back. May you all be well fed and well rested for what the Lord has planned for you throughout the week.

    Always in my prayers,

  6. I am so so glad y’all made it! Can’t wait to see what all God has in His plan for this trip! Love you, Tori! Praying for the Holy Spirit to fill the atmosphere!!

  7. WOO HOO! Ya’ll made it! So thankful and grateful for safe travel for you all. Thanks for choosing to be the hands and feet of Jesus during your spring break! Ya’ll rock!
    To Gaeron….I hope you did well on your first airplane ride, you should definately be a pro by now! I hope you got through with your passport okay and your first mission trip is all you expect it to be and more!
    Al, Brad and Averie…thanks for your great leadership for the team!
    Remember….God has gone before you….he has laid out your path and prepared your steps in Haiti. May your journey this week be fiiled with God’s love and his holy spirit rain down upon you and the haitian people.
    Deuteronomy 31:8 “The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”
    Love you all,

    1. Yes, so thankful Gaeron/Gueron made it with his passport. 😬 it’s the getting back that this mom is nervous about! But “God’s will” as Gaeron says. God bless you all!

  8. Tori, so happy to see y’all made it there safe! I’m praying hard for you & your team. LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE! Love you!!

    – Chlo 🙂

  9. Prayers for all of you to get good rest and to be awaken with a peace in your heart to be the hands and feet of Jesus. I am so proud of you Gaeron for stepping out and doing what God called you to do!

  10. Katie W,
    I’m not a fan of the dress, but it looks good on you.
    Love you – Bubba(Your coolest brother)

  11. Kendall bunnies you made it!!! We are so proud of you!! I am sure you are so excited about what God has planned for y’all this week. I made it to San Angelo with tucker. Tucker ate some of my students homework in the car. 😬 I will go to Emily’s b day party tomorrow. I love the pictures!! Keep sending them. Get some sleep!! Don’t forget!! You may not smuggle any kids home with you!! 😉 Make Jesus shine through you!! We love you and already miss you!! 😘😘😘

  12. Hi Cole, I’m happy to hear you are there after such a long trip! We can’t wait to hear about the lock in and the “game”! We love you! Mom, Michelle, and Lora

  13. Hey!!! So excited y’all are there and know the lord will do great work though you and In you on this trip. It changed my life and I’m forever thankful. Christian and Darbey I want to say I’m proud of y’all and am praying for yalls team. Have fun!!

  14. Yay! I’m so happy you’re all there safely! The challenges that you faced as you travelled have made you stronger individually and as a group. I was so happy to see your smiling face and thumbs up Alyssa! You’ve got this! I hope everyone gets good rest tonight. You’ve got an exciting day in front of you! Praying for you all! Love you much Munchkin!

  15. Hi, Brad!

    So thankful you all made it safely. Continued prayers throughout your mission – God’s plan for this trip is awesome beyond measure.

    Love you, little buddy!

  16. What’s up fam! This is Randy, aka Brandy, aka RJ, aka Brady. Wow it feels so weird not being there after seeing the photos! I also noticed that everyone was wearing their team shirt except Al😬😂 (Jody, let Al know that I am giving him a hard time)
    You are going to feel tired and overwhelmed at times this week, but know that God is going to supply you with everything you need! God is going to do huge things this week!

    Brad- I expect big things from you man! The blog should be so funny that I get rushed to the hospital for uncontrollable laughter! Also, make sure you continue the tradition of “99 bottles of beer on the wall” on the bus back, as it is a team building excersice. I expect you to have photographed all rare and extinct bird species! I’m excited to see how the Lord uses you this week man! I’m so glad I can call you a brother!

    Al- Make sure you continue the “Hokey Pokie” and “Duck, Duck, Goose”

    Bullet- Continue the tradition of the last years wacky games with Al, such as “How many times can we kiss Al’s head”?

    Maddux- What’s up son!

    Averie- I expect your dance to be on fleek!

    Love ya fam!

  17. My sweet sweet people! My heart is exploding knowing you guys have arrived safely! Praying against all spiritual warfare and for y’all to walk boldly on the path set for you this trip! I wish I could be there with all y’all, but Baby Lou and I are there in spirit! I’ll be reading every single word of this blog this week!

    Someone PLEASE hug Sondley and KiKi for me!

    Hi Jody and Beth and all the kiddos! Miss y’all!

  18. Hey what’s up hello!
    So glad you guys made it to the Mole! I loved seeing all the pics!
    Olivia and Amber, I’m so happy that you are on this amazing trip! Hug lots of babies and drink lots of coke on my behalf!

    1. This is for Madeline Strickland 😍
      Wasn’t sure how to navigate the website to send a message so just picked Reply under a sweet name and used her name to send a message to my precious granddaughter 💞
      Hi Madeline! Found some pictures of you and friends by the plane! You are GLOWING 💥💥 the spirit of the Lord shining through 😇 You finally arrived at the destination your heart has been longing to be. I will hold you close in prayer as you go SPREAD THE LOVE 🙏🏻❤️
      Love and miss you. Sadie 😘❤️
      Poppie says Be Careful 😍

  19. Praise the Lord for your safe travels. May God multiply your hours of rest, so y’all will be 100% as you enter into your daily routine. How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news. Isaiah 52:7
    Love ya and proud of you TY.

  20. Hi Hayley and Bullett! Glad you made it safe! What a long day! Enjoy the week and the experience your having. Love Dad, Mom and Maddy

  21. Love seeing your smiling face and knowing you made it safe and sound. Love from all the family and have a wonderful mission trip. Bill has a new cast for 4 more weeks and mamaw is doing really good with new pt. Dixie and Buddy send love and kisses to you and are having a ball with Scout. Love you bunches GIG and Bill

  22. Hey Jake!! Love seeing this pics and so glad you made it safe! Not gonna lie, that little plane made my stomach drop a little but just putting my fears in Gods Hand! So happy to see you smiling face and your new headband! 😜 we love you so much and are excited to see all the God has in store for you over the next several days!! Blog is back!!
    We love you- Mom, Dad, Darby, Kramer, Polly and Caesar! ❤️🐾

  23. So happy y’all made it! I was amazed as I delivered my crew to the airport. It was like the SWAT team from the Wesley! Doors and hatches flying open, luggage being tossed, pillows, college kids and Chacos to the rescue! As I drove off I saw the bright shinning faces ready to share the love of Jesus with others. So proud of you all! Praying continually! Share God’s word with every Chaco step! Love you mucho Ty and Tay

    1. Katie W…this is your Little Gran. I can’t express how excited I am for you and your team. You will make bonds that will last a lifetime! Nothing like it. i was thinking of you all as when reading the initial post. Already facing challenges! “And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” James 1:4 (NASB) Even better, verse 2 begins with “Count it all joy…” Can hardly wait for the next post from your group and your “lock in!” Sent with loads and loads of love and hugs! Pass it on…the JOY!

  24. Hey Matt! Like everyone else is saying, we too are relieved to hear you all made it. Guess y’all can sleep when you get home lol! We’re praying for safety wherever you all go. I know God is going to use you all for his glory this week! May the seeds your team plants fall in fertile soil, and bring you joy knowing you are serving the kingdom. Love you!

  25. HAITI TEAM YALL MADE IT!!!!! My heart is so full seeing all of these photos!! Get ready for the BEST WEEK OF YOUR LIFE!!!! I am so excited to follow along yalls journey on the blog (feels weird being on this side of the blog as a fellow commenter)!
    Know full heartedly that each of you were called to Haiti and that is why you are there- don’t question it or second guess yourself. This trip is truly life changing so let it change you/grow you/mold you. Sending love and prayers all the way from Texas!!

    Erika/Abby/Tyann/Alyssa/Averie/ Hayden- GAL PALS!! So happy y’all are back in haiti!! Much love!!
    Ps if erika gets cornrows again we need pics.

    Bullett/Maddux/Brad/Cole- haiti homeboys what’s up?! Ps I agree w Randy that y’all need to add some of yalls hilarious humor to the blog again this year.

    Al- HEY AL!!!!!

    Jody & Beth- hi!!! (Sending you both a big hug)


    Okay I’m done typing now. But seriously y’all I am SO excited to follow along this week! LOVE ALL OF YALL!


    1. Darbey – me, mom, dad, and Haley miss you already soooooo much!!! So glad that you all made it safely. We love you so much and are so proud of you. Baylor and Christian, too! Have so much fun and know that we miss you bug!!!! 🙂

  26. Hey Abby! So excited to see your sweet smiling face. I hope you have as many wonderful moments this trip as you did last year. What a blessing you all are. Buddy is becoming Scout’s friend. For real…. maybe y’all need three dogs. Hope you had a God filled day. Hugs and prayers to all of you. Hope your mosquito net works this year. Sleep in the middle . Lots of love, Mom

  27. Averie,
    I’m sure God is going to use you in so many ways this week! I can already tell because of the kind of person you are. you have such an amazing heart. I’m excited to hear about your week when you get back. Keep your chin up and have fun! I love you so much

    Love, maddie

  28. Darbey, Baylor, and Christian,

    So glad y’all made it safe. I will continue praying for you and your team. May God continue to bless you.
    Love you and am so proud of you!!!!

  29. Katie, Checking in to remind you that you are in mine and your Grandpa’s hearts and most of all prayers to the One that matters …frequently. want each member of your team to be blessed beyond measure!

  30. Erika! We love you and miss you and are oh so proud of you! Can’t wait to hear all about the good work you all are doing. Hugs from all of us.
    Love, Mom, Dad, Travis, Kendall and Pudge 🙂

  31. Hi DarbeyGirl. So good to
    see your sweet faces and know you made it . We are so proud of all of your mission team as you bring the love of Jesus to the
    Haitian people. We are praying for you all each day.
    Telll Bay and Christian hi.
    We love you all so very much.💞

  32. Hey Abby Marie!! It’s so good to see your smile!! I’m Happy that you all made it safe, and I can’t wait to follow the blog and keep up with everything y’all will be doing! The family and I send our love and prayers out to you and your team! May God bless you all and keep you safe and full of energy as you share the Love of Christ!!! Miss you bunches and can’t wait to hear about everything you have been doing!! Proud of you!
    ❤️-Your Guitar Boy 😉

  33. Hi Hayley and Bullett! Loving the pics! So glad you are having fun and enjoying it all! Love mom and dad!

  34. Hi Baylor……
    We are praying for you and the entire team this week. We are so happy to see you allowing God to lead you in being used by Him. Tim Cooper said to tell you if you meet a young Haitian boy named Presley there, to tell him hello from Tim from Texas. We look forward to seeing all God is going to do this week! Tell sweet Darbey she is in our prayers too and hello to Tyann. What’s the chance that all three of you had parents raised in Lockney!!
    So proud of you and thankful that you are doing work for the Kingdom.
    Love, Gigi and Pawpaw

  35. Alyssa,
    I hope your are having a great time and enjoying every moment of this awesome experience. I miss you so much and it’s way too quiet here 😬 If you haven’t heard, Tech lost in the semi-final of the conference tournament to WVU. We got a 3 seed however and are playing Stephen F Austin in Dallas. I will be going and staying with Hayden. I will keep you updated on those games as well. Keep having fun and doing great things, I love you!


  36. Romans 10:15. And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”
    Darbey, Christian, Baylor and all the Wesley Group from TTU. May God continue to bless you and strengthen you all as you are sharing His blessings with others! We love you Darbey!!!

  37. Erika,
    You make us so PROUD with all the great work being done there. Take in the whole experience and know that you and the whole team are in our prayers. Love, Dad, Mom, Travis, Kendall and Pudge.

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