Unfortunately the group was unable to blog the past two days. But the good news is I do have pictures! 


Yesterday the mobile medical team went to Mare Rouge which is about 1.5 hours away. The place was packed before they even arrived. They left at 9am and didn’t get back until after 6pm. Part of that was simply because they wanted to see as many people as they could! Dr. Ryan has become one of our staff’s favorite physician! His heart can be seen and felt by all. He constantly found ways to pour into us and encourage us.

Today the Mobile Clinic became the Local Clinic. They have traveled the past two days but we wanted to switch it up so everyone got a chance to experience the mobile clinic. So today I got the chance to work with them on site. Again – their work ethic is incredible. I have never met a team so organized and ready to serve.

The local clinic served 97 people yesterday – and that medical team worked tirelessly all day as well. I worked alongside this group and I was so impressed by their energy and for the way they reflected the face of Jesus – even in the midst of chaos! Dr. Jody made every mother feel like their child was the most important person in the room. She was so patient and loving toward the families.

Then today the local clinic served in Savane Mole which is about 30 minutes away. The patients were waiting for them when they arrived around 9:30am. They quickly unloaded and got set-up and continued to see patients until 3pm.

All of the medical crew….each one….were incredible to work alongside – never complaining – constantly asking what they can do to help out.

The construction crew has been a HUGE blessing – digging the footers and fixing some of the errors we had for our Lab/Pharmacy building. The Haitian men were so encouraged by them and how hard they worked in the blazing sun. They were so thankful that they got to engage with the Americans too. This doesn’t happen often.

But this wasn’t just any regular construction crew. No….they visited special needs children – spending time loving on them and other children in the neighborhood.

They played, colored, danced, and hugged on our orphans. Our children have a lot of mommas that care for them….but there’s not a lot of men around for them to look up to. How are the boys supposed to know what a daddy does if they don’t have any role models around? How are the girls supposed to know how men are to treat them – if there’s not any examples to glean from? They’re desperate to play with the men that come to our campus. And they got to do that this week!


My children and the Epstein children have truly bonded with this family. Missionary kids don’t always fit in. They aren’t really sure if their friends here are really their friends – or if they want something. AND many times they can’t relate to the children in the states. Growing up as a missionary child…. I understand how difficult it can be to know your place.

Hearing my children talk about having “REAL FRIENDS” – I can’t tell you what it does for this momma’s heart. That alone is priceless for me.

But this family really bonded with many. Much like our own children – the orphans loved playing with kids their own age. The patients who came to clinic were thankful to have them love on their kids as well – painting nails, jump roping, etc.  Many of the patients arrived by 6am waiting for us to open…. and some were there until 4pm. Having us distract their little ones while they wait – it’s a huge blessing as you can imagine.

This family also went to the Preskul Fishing Village yesterday and loved on the villagers there. They helped us host our first ever Orphanage Worker Bingo. The workers were able to invite 2 friends with them to play – and we had 90 people there! They provided many of the supplies on our Prize Table too. Then they finished the night off by showing a movie with the orphans!


Tonight we closed our time out together by having a bonfire on the beach. We roasted hot dogs….worshipped & shared devotions. The Rollins family will leave tomorrow by plane.

MOH loaded True North a little late but they’re all safely aboard. I’m not sure if our paths will cross again…..but I’m certainly blessed for having known them.




  1. Love the serving compassionate love shared by these beautiful people. Glad to read about the posi male role models to show others how Christ wants us to love one another. God bless you all and your ministry. ❤️🙏

  2. Pictures are awesome. It’s so great to see what you’ve been doing! I’m sure the Haitian people have loved having you there!! Enjoy your last days there!
    Safe travels home…🙏

  3. Kelli, Staci,
    Forgot to say…The kids are all doing great! You are soo blessed with amazing hubbies! So no worries here.
    (I think they do miss u)😉
    Love you both! Proud of you too!

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