Texas Tech 2018 – – Day 4

Hey, what’s up, hello world, it’s Abby. I’m mosquito bitten, probably sun-burned, and bruised but hey, we’re in Haiti so all is well.

Coming into this trip, I was in a very different place than last year. The two weeks leading up to the trip, I honestly didn’t even want to come. I had just lost my grandfather and my grandma was back in the hospital with a broken hip and other medical conditions. Just starting the grieving process, I was angry, confused, and hurt. I had no idea how I was going to pour into these beautiful people when my cup was so empty and felt so broken.

But immediately on night 1, God showed me exactly who He was. He really and truly is a God who meets us exactly where we are and can use us even when we feel so useless. As long as we just trust in Him, He will find ways to shine through us. And that, was so encouraging. As soon as we got to Haiti, I was content. Sure, I miss home (and of course my dogs) but there’s just something about this place that is so special that makes me feel so at peace. Seeing the orphans completely light up as we walked through the gates, reminded me exactly why I’m here. Their smiles are so genuine and so pure.

Today we split up into our groups and my group had construction for the first part of the day. We helped pour cement to finish up laying a foundation. Construction is not only physically challenging, but it’s mentally challenging as well. Not being able to see instant results can be frustrating at times. But as I found myself getting a little frustrated, I just kept thinking that this is teaching us to look at the big picture. We might not feel like we’re doing much, but one day when the building is finished, it will house elderly people who need to escape for the night because they don’t feel safe in their homes. It puts into perspective how God works in our lives. We don’t always understand why certain things happen (sometimes there’s simply no explanation) and we question what God is doing in our lives, but that’s because we are so focused on the here and now. We need to just step back, take a deep breath, and realize the picture is so much bigger than the time of struggle we are going through. God is so much bigger than the hurt and the pain that we feel.

God truly uses this trip to break our hearts for what breaks His. As we played with kids today at VBS, they quickly attached to us. All they wanted was a hand to hold, someone to hug, and just someone to love on them. So many of these kids don’t have that. They don’t have someone to go home to and tell them how loved they are or how much they matter. So just a simple hug and a simple smile means the world to them and that is something we so often take for granted in America.

God is doing big, big things in Haiti. The way God can move even in the midst of so much darkness in so inspiring and breath-taking. I am so incredibly proud of my team and the way they are shining Christ’s light. I’m so thankful to be able to serve aside such wonderful people.

Much love,


P.s. Dixie and Buddy, I miss you. IF KARA OR VERONICA ARE READING THIS, PLEASE COMMENT AND TELL ME IF VERONICA GETS ENGAGED. Logan, enjoy all of your shows, super proud of ya. Gigi and Bill, thanks for all the comments and support. I love y’all lots. Mom & Dad, love you and I’m so thankful to call you my parents and have you as role models. I love y’all so so much, my dudes.  See you soon!!!

P.S.S Tori’s parents: is Brexley okay?? Is she alive?? Thanks

P.S.S.S Lex’s parents, – this is lex, are you reading this?? Lemme know cause I haven’t heard from you


  1. Hey Abby! What a great way to wake up this morning—to your sweet face and beautiful words. I checked for the blog all night and around 6:45 am it dropped in and there you were. The very first picture I saw. Want a great day in Haiti. Everyone looks so alive and full of love and God in the pictures. What a blessing both groups are to each other. The construction looked like hard work. Can’t wait to show dad— he will be proud of your skills 😉 mamaw is getting stronger. Enjoy today and the rest of the week. Dogs are calmer—no more visiting at the neighbor’s house.
    Love to this whole team. Prayers for all of you,
    Abby’s Mom

  2. Hey Matt Clark! I spied you in some of these photos! I know those long legs and arms and big ole smile anywhere. Love seeing snips of the activity and hearing about works you all are involved with through the words being shared. May God continue to bless every heart and mind there, and renew the energy each morning that you all need to fulfill his plan for that day. Love you Mattie!

  3. Oh Abby you made my day. Just got to work and tears all over my face seeing your beautiful face and hearing your wonderful story. God is good and his light truly shines in you. I am so glad you found what you needed again in Haiti and that you were able to give so much of your heart when it was broken. Love to you and to your team as you continue to change lives with your love and caring. And as you share Christ with the children may he give you strength and comfort in return.
    Love you bunches
    GIGI and Bill

  4. I also like Abby’s Mom checked the blog several times last night and then to see all of your faces with these sweet children made my heart so happy this morning!!! Abby your words were what this mommma needed to hear. So missing Tori but your words calmed my heart!!!! You can see on everyone’s faces that God is doing big things.

    Tori Brexley is doing great!!!! She loves being with all the other dogs! We have not taken her to the water yet, but has taken some walks and is being good!!! Was so good to see your smiling face and the love you are pouring out to the Precious children! We are so proud of you!!! Keep on being those hands and feet of Jesus!!! Miss you and love you so much!

    Continued prayers for everyone, we love you all and so proud of the difference you all are making!!

    Love you Tori!!!!
    You are my sunshine! Mom😘😘

  5. Katie W-I waited up last night for the update and feel asleep 🙁 but then BAM it was up when I got up this morning. I think I saw you in the distance and you were still smiling. I know being with those precious little babies was something you were so looking forward too. I know you are spreading Gods love as well as seeing His love and filling your heart as well. I’m going to Lubbock today to see Lily and the puppies, I can’t wait to see them. I’ll update you on how they’re doing when I get there. Not much going on here except baseball. Cade has a game today in Pecos 😮 Dad and Clint are going so I can head to Lubbock, I’ll just have to watch on GameChanger,lol…you’re favorite! Oh yea, since Clint was here me, Clint, Little Gran and Grandpa played 42 yesterday and Grandpa was so happy…you know he wants to play games, until he just gave out and couldn’t sit in that chair anymore, but we got a game and a half in. Miss you so much! Mucho love for you and your team!

    My love will find you anywhere,

  6. Sweet Abby! You’re face is more full of joy and peace than I’ve seen in awhile. Makes my heart happy. Praying for continued healing for your heart. Over your words-such great insight. Love you!
    Brad-are you putting sunscreen on your head? Please do.
    Maddi-love your smile. You are such a beautiful young lady, inside and out. Made my heart happy when Jody told me you left early this morning for Kapafu. I know you were hoping to go. Love seeing how much fun the kiddos (and all you guys) had with the foam stickers all over your faces. Super cute!
    Maddux and Lex: Zuko is well. Couldn’t find Lex in today’s pics….how are you doing? Your mom has commented on my posts, so I know she’s seeing them!
    Al-I love you! Mason and I are on the way to Denver! Pray for us….he’s driving! Lol.
    Praying for the team as you approach mid-week. Prayers for stamina, strength, health, peace, energy, and an abundance of love to pour out.
    Love you all!

  7. Lex – You better believe I am reading this blog!!! I check to see if it is updated probably a few hundred times a day;) I scour the pictures to see get a glimpse of your beautiful face. Praying for you and the whole team:) Love you pretty girl!! Oh, and I did leave a comment on day 1:)

    Also Hello! this is Anna! I miss you so much I feel like its been years since I’ve seen you. I may still be in town when you get home I hope I get to see you!

  8. Abby I’m so glad to see you’re doing great! I love and miss you lots, but am so incredibly proud of you and your group. Sending lots of big Jorden hugs your way <3


  9. Howdy to the Texas Tech Chaco tribe! We actually had something called rain or sprinkles falling from the sky after 161 days with no moisture. Wasn’t much but it gives us HOPE! Just like the hope and the light that y’all are spreading sharing God’s love in Haiti. I love seeing the Haitian kiddos with their bright shinning faces! Continuing to pray for your mission, stamina and good health! Love you mucho Ty and Tay

  10. Hi Jake!!!! oh my goodness! Love seeing all these beautiful pictures of y’all and the beautiful Haitian people!! It makes my heart melt to see you all holding the sweet babies and kids!! I don’t know how you all don’t come home with 3 adopted kids a piece!! 🙂 Y’all’s work for the Lord makes me want to go on the next trip!! Can’t wait to see more everyday! You guys are doing the best work!! Jake Lester NEEDS to blog so his mama doesn’t get all upset! We love you Bud!! Mom and Dad and Darby and All the Dogs (I mean fur-brothers and sister)

  11. Yayyyyyy!!! I got to see a pic of my sweet Hannah!!!! Love seeing all of your beautiful faces and big bright smiles! God is sooooo good! My heart is full reading these blogs and all the comments. I know you are all having fun and filled with the Spirit!
    P.S. Sable is visiting us and misses you! We miss you too but so excited for you!
    Love, Hannah G.s mom❤️

  12. Jake, so proud of you doing the Lord’s work. I am with your mom. It would be hard not to want to bring them all home. Love you much.

  13. Hayden – it looks like you got your boat ride 8n for this year! Hope it went well & you were able to enjoy the ride along with all you are doing there!!

    We’re proud of you!!

    Miss you, I know you are where God wants you!!

    You’ll be home, back in school & playing soccer in a blink of an eye!!

    Enjoy the rest of the time there this year & continue to let God work through you!!

    Prayers for all 🙏!!

    Love, Dad

  14. HIIII! The pics are amazing keep them coming!!

    Abby- what beautiful reflections on our God. He does use us and meets us exactly where we’re at no matter what. And there is just something extra special about Haiti that brings an overwhelming sense of peace. Love you!

    Loving on all of those kids is AMAZING. Keep loving on them, playing with them, and just being a friend to them. It means so much to each of them!!

    Prayers for walls to be broken down, healing hearts, energy, and an overflowing sense of love.



  15. Christian!!! That pic of the little girl putting stickers on your face is the cutest thing ever! Love reading the daily posts and seeing the pictures. All is well in Abernathy. We love you and can’t wait to hear all about your adventures!

  16. Hi Cole and Kayla! I am so excited to see the pictures and I am so happy for you to see all you are doing this week! Kayla, I found a great picture of you! Cole, I can’t wait to see more than your back and possibly your shoulder in a pic..! Michelle is in her way home from Mississippi today and Lora has a little virus. Psalm 95:6-7 “Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker; for he is our God and we are the people of his pasture, the flock under his care.” I love you! Mom

  17. Hi Averie, so fun to see all your pics! Looks like you are having a great time! You are showing God’s love and making a difference in the world. So proud of you!

    I love you!
    Aunt Tara

  18. Hi Ty and Tay!!! Yes, I am actually reading all of these posts (I have not become a beach bum, yet) and loving all of them!! There’s so much love being passed around Haiti and I love it!! I just wanted to wish y’all the best time and say that I’ve been thinking about all of you!

    PS the bath tub in my room is bigger than my room at home

    PPS I LOVE YALL (hope you aren’t getting too sunburnt)

  19. Lex!! Hey! It’s austin, and mom just sent me the link to this, like you were supposed too!! Haha, I’m so glad you and Maddux get to have the experience y’all are, I’m so jealous. I’ve read the different posts so far and it’s sounds like y’all are having an amazing time!(: I can’t wait to see y’all when you get back, feels like it’s been forevverrrr! Love you lex!!

    P.S. Love you too Maddux!!

    P.S.S. Remember the earth is flat, and don’t feed the bears

  20. Hi Sis!!!!!! (Katie)
    I miss you so so much, but it looks like you are having so much fun! Lily and the pups are doing great, their eyes are opening and one of them already has blue eyes just like Bailey! I’ve had to work Monday and today, but I’m heading to the river tomorrow and then to San Antonio with Reed for the weekend. I got a internship offer with Ryan today, so looks like we will both be having new and fun experiences this summer. I love you more than you could ever know, I am so proud of the woman you are becoming in His image. Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back.
    Want to say hi to the other Kappa girlies too; Alyssa, Averie and Hannah! All of you are an awesome example and bright light in our chapter, I am blessed to be able to share a sisterhood with each one of you! Go Kappa 🙂
    MUCH LOVE FROM THE 806!!!!!!!!

  21. Waiting for your updates is the most exciting thing ever!!! I can’t wait to read what everyone has to say and keep up with what y’all are doing! Your faces speak volumes!! The love of God is obvious!! Those Haitian babies are the cutest gifts of God I have ever seen. I am so proud of each one of you. You are all making a huge difference in the lives of those children. Tell kendall I am home from Boerne and the Mickey Mouse b day party was a blast. Nothing new here!! Dad is working, I am crocheting and tucker is trying to stay out of time out. Until the next post! ❤️, mom

  22. Surprise Madi Pie!!! Sadie just showed me how to message you! I am so very proud of you & am continually praying for you and your group…I know you are touching lives while having an awesome experience in Haiti. It sure has been fun looking at all the pictures-I cannot wait to hear all about it!!! I love you so much!!!

  23. Hi Averie,
    I love looking at the pictures. It’s obvious y’all are making a big difference in Haiti. I show my steer tomorrow (Wednesday) and will let you know how I do as soon as I can. I’m proud of you and thankful to call you my aunt.
    Love, Graden
    Oh yea! I’m 13 now!

  24. Hi Amber! It’s so good to see your beautiful face in these photos . I can’t wait to hear how God is working through you! Keep being a blessing and let His light shine through you!
    Mom 😘

  25. Hey G…Gaeron, it sounds like all is going well. Would love to hear a little from you and see your sweet face a little more in the pics but I know how you usually find a way to hide from the camera. Love seeing the pictures of the interaction with the orphanes, they do look as if y’all make them smile! Prayers for you all for the continued success in the mission and for a safe return home. I’m so excited to hear all about the work you are all doing and all the fun stories! Love you G and can’t wait to see you! So proud of you!

  26. Hi Madeline,

    Love you so so much sweet bestie of mine!!! Keep doing amazing things & I can’t wait until we’re back in Lubbock so I can hear EVERYTHING!!!!! You’ve got one heck of a heart!!!!


  27. I love all the pictures and the blog posts! I would love for each of you to bring me home a child! God is working in each of you I can see it! March madness starts tomorrow, will let you know how tech does. We play Stephen F Austin since y’all may not know that! Keep shining for Jesus and know we are all praying for you!! Love you Averie E! ❤️❤️

  28. Hi Averie – I’m praying for you and your team! I love seeing the pictures and hearing about all that y’all are doing. I can’t wait to talk to you and hear all about it! P.S. I find out my results tomorrow! I love you so much!

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