Texas Tech 2018…Day 5

HAY HAY its Alyssa

Today was such a fun day, an early day for some, but a fun day for all. My small group was on construction day, but I was lucky enough to get to work in the medical clinic. I promise I am not just using excuses to not put in manual labor, I am going to make it up later in the week so I can show the boys what hard work looks like. The other two small groups went to Ka Pa Fu (they woke up at 5:45am…yikes) a fishing village that they had to take a boat to.

The medical clinic saw 23 patients today. We saw babies, toddlers, teens, and the elderly. I took vitals and got to spend quality time with one of our translators, Va Va. He took the time to truly understand how to take the blood pressure and O2 levels, so that he could help me out on the translation side of things.

After I saw all the patients, I went to help with the pharmacy and it is just as cool as last year. It’s so rewarding to physically help the Haitians when they are suffering from an illness. I am so glad that I got to be inside today because I hate sunscreen and my forehead is F-R-I-E-D. In the afternoon we did our usual VBS with the children in the Mole and close by fishing villages. I shared the story about when Jesus broke the bread and the fish to feed 5,000. I truly feel like this story hits home with the Haitians. I hope and pray that that story of Jesus having compassion over his people will give them hope that even when they feel like they have nothing for tomorrow and don’t know where their next meal will come from, that God will be good and faithful to those who love Him.

Yesterday I met two zamis (friends) – Wilanda and Chelnise. They walked through the gate today and immediately came running to me, and latched on. It is so special to know that despite the language barrier and them laughing every time I attempt to speak creole, they remember me. I made another friend today – Makenson. He was the sweetest 5-year-old boy. The only thing he said all day was “wei”, and he said it so soft under his breath I had to read his lips to know what he was saying. We were sitting next to each other on the bench in the church and he slowly started to lean harder against me. I pulled him into my lap and not even 2 minutes later, he was out cold asleep. I have never loved watching a child sleep more than right then. He had sweat pouring down his face and I had sweat pouring out of everywhere, and yet I felt so much peace pouring out of that kid while he got to sleep. I love that the children here don’t care about the sweat pouring down our faces or our entire bodies. They just genuinely want to be held, whether it is physically holding their bodies up, holding their hands, or letting them lean against you despite how gross it actually is because of our sweat.

To be completely honest, I didn’t expect to be hit this hard by the language barrier and what the the people of Haiti go through each and every day. This is my second year, and I genuinely thought that I was prepared for what the Lord was going to do and didn’t think that I was going to struggle with the language barrier. Apparently, I assumed I was fluent after spending 10 days here an entire year ago??? The Lord had way different plans for me than what I thought, but thank goodness for that, right?

@Mom, Dad, and Bub – I miss you guys a lot! I can’t wait to share my experience with y’all when I come home. I hope everything is good. Tell Mimi that I am doing great down here and everything is safe. @Mom and Landon, can’t wait to see Landon’s senior pics that are Sunday (I think). Look at Pinterest for good outfit ideas… wish I was (but glad I am here).

@Trev, I don’t know if you’re reading this, but I love you and miss you. Can’t wait to be back in the LBK to see ya and hug your neck!!



Hi hi hi everyone Hayden here and ready to tell y’all about my day!!! If you do not know who I am, I am the only one from Lubbock Christian University. I am the one in the team picture where everyone had their guns up, and I held up my chap. (lol PECK ‘EM)

Like Alyssa, I also was in the clinic. But unlike Alyssa I cleaned ears! You might be shocked to hear that I enjoyed this job, but you might be even more surprised that I requested it. I’m not going to lie and say it was all roses and butterflies coming out of those beautiful people’s ears, because mostly it was gobs of earwax mixed with a couple of bugs. The people squirmed in their chair, but how could you blame them, a random person is sticking something in your ear and pulling things out!!! When I was finished with ears, I started passing out color sheets EVERY person in the waiting room. Whether they are 4 or 84, they all want to color a My Little Pony coloring book page. Their faces would light up when I made eye contact walking over with the crayons.


After lunch VBS began. Somehow I got pulled into jumping rope with four or five little girls. Those girls can literally jump for an eternity, or so it felt because my arm was on the verge of falling off from swinging the rope. In the midst of nearly losing a limb a little 7-year-old named Alfonzia grabbed my hand and was stuck to my side for the rest of the day. One thing about these kids, is that once they decide that you are their American, you’re done. That’s it. They will search for you in the swarm of many humans of all sizes. They will run for you from the other side of the basketball court. And forget needing to go to the bathroom, because they will follow you and wait out side the door.

The first thing I told Alfonzia was that she was beautiful. She looked at me as though I had lost my mind, but the more I told her the more she believed it. After an entire afternoon of me constantly telling her she was beautiful and good job, it is my prayer that she begins to see she is worthy of love and respect.


I am no where near ready for this week to be half way over, but I know the Lord has such powerful things in store.

Good night/ Good morning Mom! I have no idea where you are, but I hope it is all that you have ever dreamed of!! I love you all the way from Haiti!

Dad I hate to tell ya that I kinda got slightly sunburned… but its totally fine!! I love you daddy!! Miss you!!

B, I love you and miss you bunches! (also you are allowed to leave a comment or two ;))

I love each and everyone who reads this blog. I may not know each of y’all personally, but y’all love someone here and they are becoming my family too.




Hello Manale family and McCue family. Everything is going swell. Love Bullett and Hayley

Hello Lester clan and those who belong with me, Jake. This will not be long because we have to go to bed in a few minutes. Haiti is very eye-opening. It is such a neat experience to gather with this people and despite our differences, see all the similarities we have as people. The weather here is very hot, and some of the most humid conditions I have ever been in. I’m pretty sure everyone’s ankles and fingers are swollen.  Anyways, that’s all from me. I hope everyone is doing well back in the states. I love you all and cannot wait to see everyone when I get back. Deuces. Jake.


Hi this is Kayla, a group us us got up early to take a 45 min boat ride to Kapafu. The water was beautiful, so crystal clear you could see the bottom as if it was within touching distance! When we got there we were greeted with smiles and one lady said “Averie. Dance.”  They all remembered her as the girl who brings the music and the dance moves.  We danced for a few songs in both English and Creole.  They absolutely loved it, didn’t hold back, and danced like children.  As well as when handed coloring pages and crayons, plates and stickers.

Even though they were adults, they had the simple joy of children.  It was absolutely amazing to see them light up when we were there.  It was also cool to see the women cleaning fish, something they do daily for food.  There is so much more I would love to say, but it is late.  Goodnight!  I love all of y’all.

p.s.  I love Cole’s mom’s comments.  Thank you very much!  They are soo sweet, keep them coming


Thanks for your comments – the group can’t wait to hear them every night!


  1. Hayden – it was great to hear about your day & the trip. Christi & I noticed the pink tint to your forehead in the pictures 😵! Keep lathering on the sunscreen anyway 😎.

    We love you & miss you!!

    Dad & Christi

  2. Alyssa-Time to get over your issues with sunscreen kiddo because you’re right-you’re forehead is FRIED! So glad you are getting to spend time loving on the kids you’ve met! I know that is one of the things you look forward to the most. We can’t wait to hear all about your trip. Nothing too exciting happening here! Macy and I will make sure bubba looks good for his pics! Dad’s already asleep for the night, but you’ll hear from him soon!

    Love you much!

    Ayeeeee bro miss you so much and don’t worry that streak with Trevor is better than ever! Me and mason also posted a couple things on your story but that’s beside the point! Can’t want to see you and hear about how everything went! Love you so much!


  3. It’s Alexa’s mom – Oh my goodness, I miss you. I LOVE reading all of the blog posts. All of your stories have touched my heart and make me realize how much I have and how much I take it for granted. I love seeing all of you love on those precious children. Praying that the Lord fills each and every one with all that He has for you and that each of you will continue to be the hands and feet of the Lord to the people in Haiti. Praying for ears to hear and hearts to be open to receive.
    I have a small confession – at first I thought that all of you really shaved your head!!! I was like WHAT?? LOL Austin was convinced that Maddux would not shave his head! haha
    Love you guys!!
    Aiden say hello and that he misses you:)

  4. Katie-I’m in your room listening to 10 of the cutest puppies making their puppy sounds and tears are flowing as I read the blog and see y’all’s love for Christ shine. My heart is full reading the blog, I can feel the joy that the kids are feeling just being loved and held and cared for by you guys, truly makes me wish I was there with y’all!

    Got here today and Lily was happy to see me, most of the puppies’ eyes are open, they are sooooo cute. I keep telling Lily you’ll be home soon. When I say Katie she knows who I’m talking about.. she sits up ears perked and tail wagging. They are definitely more active….they spend more time out of the bed than in it now. I’m going to sleep in your bed tonight and try to take care of them like you do, I just hope I’m not up a million times like you were… but I will take care of them through the night however I need too.

    I was proud to see you ‘beasting’ it with the shovel…someone has to show them how it’s done! Missing you soooo much and lily too, she’s got her head on the computer giving me those puppy dog eyes right now! Love and prayers continue for you and your team!

    My love will find you anywhere,

  5. MADS!!! Hi I just wanna say I love you and miss you so much sweet girl. I hope you’re having the greatest week ever & spreading lots of Gods love and letting his light shine through you as it always does. I’m thinking lots about you here in the LBK and can’t wsit to have you home!!
    XOXO – Kenz 🙂

  6. MADI REID!!!

    Hi I just wanna say I love you and miss you so much & have been praying for you continuously! I know God sweetie love is shining bright through your sweet soul. Gives those sweet kiddos lots of love for me 🙂

    Be safe & enjoy yourself, but we miss you back here in the LBK, so come home soon 🙁

    XOXO – Kenz 🙂

  7. Kayla,
    It made me so happy to read your words and to hear about your experience from you. Once again I am so thankful for this blog. It has given me the opportunity to share the some of this experience with you. I love you so very much and miss you. Your Dad is missing you too. He text me to ask about you.
    Can’t wait to hear more about this when I see you.
    I love you so very much!!

  8. Hayden Nicole! I love you so much and am so very proud to be your boyfriend. I know the Lord is using you in amazing ways and that he is using that beautiful and amazing smile of yours to give encouragement to all the people there. I know that you are having a great time and touching so many life’s. I miss you so much and am ready to hold my girl in my arms again. Please come home safe and sound and not to red😉! I LOVE you bunches!! Finish this week strong!!

    Your man, Branch Jones.

    Ps:(LCU women’s basketball made it to the elite 8.)
    Pss:(You and your whole group are so amazing!)

  9. As I sit here in the mornings drinking my coffee and reading your comments I realize the power of God. What a blessing you are to the world at such a young age. You are truly amazing! I cannot wait to get all the details from the trip.


    Kurt (dad)

  10. Hello to the Haiti team and my Abby Girl,
    I love starting my day with your stories and your smiling faces. I love knowing that there are so many amazing 20ish year olds with such giving hearts in our world. You are doing great things for your friends in Haiti, for yourselves and for all the people in your lives. You bless me daily with your stories and your experiences. I wish I knew each of you personally. I love seeing all of your sun kissed faces. Prayers and blessings for a great day.
    Abby— all 3 dogs are friends—for real. It’s a spring break miracle.
    Mamaw is getting stronger. She will be looking st the blog today. Watch out for those mosquitoes.
    I’m so glad you are on this trip. It is good for your soul, your spirit, your faith and your smile . Love you baby dude,
    Abby’s mom Julie

  11. Hey Gaeron!
    I am missing you like crazy, but know you’re having a blast loving on those sweet kiddos! I’ve been praying for you and the team this whole week! Can’t wait for you to be back in LBK so I can hear all about your time in Haiti. Finish out the week strong, and I’ll see you in 4 days!!!
    Love always,

  12. Bullett and Hayley we love seeing your pictures and hearing about all of the wonderful things you all are doing in Haiti!!! Hayley I hope this experience is all and even more than you thought it would be. Can’t wait to hear all about your trip.
    Love Mom and Dad Manale

  13. Love, love, love all of these pictures. You are all so precious! What a blessing you are to each other. I can only imagine how strong your bonds are with each other and these sweet faces I see in these pictures! God is so good.

    Whew! it looks HOT there…. everybody use your sunscreen and reapply! (especially you Hannah!)
    Love to all,
    Hannah G.’s mom

  14. Hey y’all!

    It is so wonderful to read your blogs every morning! The half way point can be difficult, but push through! Hug those kiddos, play those sports, and ask your group members those hard questions. You won’t regret giving it your all!

    Lots of love and prayers from Richardson, TX!

    Emily, Parker, & Maxwell

  15. Kayla and Cole, I have not seen any of the comments that I have left so I am trying this again. I am so proud of you both and I wake up in the middle of the night just to see the newest post. Kayla, I have loved all of the pics and reading your words was so thrilling for me last night. I miss you so very much and your Dad does as well. He text me the other night to check on you. I can not wait to hear about your incredible adventure when I see you. Again, I am so proud and I love you so very much!!

  16. Hello All!
    I know you are getting tired and weary, but know that the Lord is with you and gives you strength to see your mission in Haiti to completion.
    Galatians 6:9 says….
    And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

    I love reading the team blogs…it is so good to see what you are all doing and how you are being honest and real about the trip; the heat, the humidity, language barriers, etc…but still being soldiers for Christ to love and serve the Haitian people. I loved reading about the kids running to you and thought of how God pursues us and how we need to run to him like the little children were running to you.

    The pictures are wonderful and every time I see Brad, I think who is that guy?….looks like someone who escaped from prison….you know I love you Brad, but it is going to take awhile for me to get used to the shaved head.

    I am proud of each and everyone of you and praying for you all….for the enemy to flee from you, for strength, energy and encouragement to continue your work for the Kingdom in Haiti.

    I hope these verses of scripture will uplift you and encourage you.

    Psalm 18:32 says….
    It is God who arms me with strength, and makes my way perfect.

    Isaiah 40:29-31
    He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

    May the favor of the Lord be upon you all,

  17. Oh Katie W. I was so excited to see you in the pics today. I so look forward to seeing all that is going on with you and your team each day. I just talked with your mom. Seems she has her hands full with Lily, her 10 babies and your sister’s laundry! Your mom says the minute she mentions your name Lily’s ears perk up and her tail wags. She is anxious for you to come home.
    I was so touched by the blog reports. The simplest things bring joy…color sheets, crayons, and most important hugs and touch–even the sweaty ones. So glad you are experiencing that joy even though I know you are exhausted. You look to be handling that shovel quite well, too, right along with the others. I noticed you had to roll up your skirt. Reminded me of times in scripture when disciples had to some how tuck in their robes to work–or that is what I thought they did. I need to hunt that to see if I remember correctly.
    Much of what was mentioned today was things I have experienced in my few opportunities to go on mission…medical, VBS and construction. What sweet memories. The greatest challenge and joy is to share your personal testimony…and to see what God does with it. Praying for you … each of you.. as you share His love through action and word. 🙂 Love you, Little Gran

  18. I love waking up every day to read the blog and hear and see the amazing things God is doing through you all!!! You can truly see the love and joy you are bringing to The Haitian children and the adults!
    Today may be tough as you are midway through your journey, but we strong and courageous and persevere! God has got you!!!!

    Tori we miss you so much!!! Brexley is doing good! Gunner And Deklyn send you many hugs and kisses!!! The fish are biting we caught 31 yesterday!!! Keep up the great work! So proud to see your picture today of you standing up and sharing the word and your love for Christ, preach on sister!!!!!

    Praying and loving you all from Texas!!!!

    Love you with all my heart Tori!

  19. Alyssa! It’s so good to read your words and hear about the beautiful relationships you are cultivating this week! Your heart is evident in everything you are doing. Despite the struggle, never hesitate to give all of yourself over there. You are full of grace and strength! I’m praying for you!

    Hayden! What a flipping bada**. It’s so wonderful to hear about your clinic adventures. I can hear how much your heart is exploding for these people and I know they felt it too. Keep being you, miss you bunches!!!

    Averie- I’m so stinking proud of the leader you are and I can’t wait to hear all about your experience!! It’s so nice to know the Averie dance is alive and well in Ka Pa Fu!

    Bullet, Randy, Brad- you guys make me laugh and I miss y’all!

    Love y’all to the moon and back twice!


  20. Hey guys! Wow, y’all have been doing so many amazing things and it makes my heart so happy to get to read how the Lord is moving through you all!

    Love ya Pickett! Embrace every moment and be bold in all you do! Rockin the Haiti skirts!

    Avery, it made my heart so happy that everyone at Ka Pa Fu remembered you, that place holds such a special place in my heart!

    Brad, looks like the girls night prediction came true when it comes to Al shaving your head haha, remember not to pick up any spiders when gettin rocks for construction, proud of you brother!

    Olivia and Kayla, I love seeing pictures of y’all and hearing of all the fun you’re having!

    Well, I’m at my third coffee shop of the week writing the second of 4 papers so I know y’all are having a ton more fun than I am, praying for y’all and love all of

  21. HI ALL! It’s Beth! Or for Al, Sudden-Beth!

    Kayla – I hope you showed off your dance moves at Ka Pa Fu too because I know you’ve got it in you. In fact, I’m pretty sure I have it on video from the Wesley Lock-In. GET. IT. GIRL.
    Averie – Clearly you’re an international celebrity and I just wanna say it’s an honor to know you. But for real for real, this is why the girls in my Bathos group told stories about you last week as an example of how to love people without words! You love people so well that language barriers are irrelevant. YOU INCREDIBLE HUMAN, YOU.
    Olivia – How are you looking on point in every pic?? I can only assume it’s because you’re operating at your most powerful state, being surrounded by so much nature. I heard that’s what happens to vegetarians when they go into the wild.
    Amber – Where did your skirt go???
    Everybody else – If you’re getting homesick for Lubbock, maybe this will help. It’s been cold and windy here all week. The air smells like cow poop and swarms of birds blot out any trace of the sun. Every road is under construction and the people who haven’t fled the city are so wrecked by allergies we only speak in sneezes and moans now. SO ENJOY EVERY MOMENT IN HAITI. For real for real though, stay present. Pray that God would give you vision to see things from His perspective so that every moment, whether in worship or in sharing a meal or in playing the hokey-pokey…every moment, could become a holy moment. Pray like this so that your mind would be set on the Kingdom, so that you won’t miss a thing that God is doing in your own hearts or in those around you. BE PRESENT. Because the Lord certainly is present with you.

    Praying for y’all! BE BLESSED.

  22. Hi Abby Girl and all your wonderful team,
    I thought I sent you a note this morning but don’t see it so here It is again. Love starting my work day with all of your beautiful faces. What a great team you have and what amazing love shines through each of your faces. No wonder those kids love you all. Their little faces are adorable and full of so much happiness and love. You all are awesome. Keep up the good work and keep smiling…….love you Gigi and Bill

  23. Friends,
    I love everything about all of that.
    Alyssa and Hayden, thanks for sharing so beautifully what the Lord is doing in Haiti this week! It brings me so much joy to hear that God continues to surprise you with His goodness and love for His people.
    Kayla, that pic of you with the baby goat KILLED me. Keep doing what you’re doing, girl.
    Amber, I see you out there rocking the construction game, holy cow, you rock.
    Olivia, I’ve been tagging you in memes while you were away, so be prepared for that when you get back. Also, your boat pic was super cute.
    I love you all, and I hope that you have done Averie’s “Listen to your heart” dance at least 100 times.
    Talk to y’all later, peace out my shalomies
    With love,

  24. Hi Cole and Kayla, I’m watching every day for the blog and the pictures! I love seeing what you are doing this week and all of the smiling children! I told Michelle I couldn’t find pictures of you Cole and she said “he is right there in that boat”! So there you were! Kayla, I loved the pic with the tiny goat! I can’t wait to hear the stories to go with the pictures! Psalms 62.7 “In God is my salvation and my glory: the rock of my strength, and my refuge is in God.” I love you! Mom

  25. Hey Abby, yes this a second post for today…. just wanted to let you know that your dog is teaching mine to dig under the fence to the neighbors and mine is teaching yours to gamg up on Buddy. But he runs right outside with them.

  26. Thank you for the blogs and pictures, love seeing your glowing faces, I’m sure it’s love and no sweat involved.
    We spend a lot of time at church talking about discipleship and going out into the world to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. As I have been in prayer for ya’ll and the Haitian people to be receptive to your message. My thoughts always come back to home and the need to be doing the same thing here. But, the big question is; how do we do that? The best example of discipleship (missions) that I’ve ever heard came from the late Dr. Gerald Mann, founder of Riverbend church in Austin, and a Baptist preacher.

    Dr. Mann was sitting in his home when the doorbell rang, when he answered he saw a little girl missing her 2 front teeth. He greeted her and asked what he could do for her? (this is best told with a lisp) Girl; I’m thelling tickets to the fireman’s dance, my daddy is a fireman. It’s gonna be so good even the Baptist are coming. Dr. Mann; Where is this dance going to be? Girl; I don’t know. Dr.; When is this dance going to be? Girl; I don’t know. Dr.; what time will it start? Girl; I don’t know- I’m just thelling tickets, YOU WANT SOME?

    We should be just like this little girl as we share Jesus with the world (maybe without the lisp) but with the same passion. We know Jesus is coming back, we don’t know where, when, or what time it will start, but we have a pocket full of tickets to get into the dance. Everyone is invited, but you must RSVP in advance for your name to written down in the Book. Rev. 20:15 If anyone’s name was not found in the Book of Life, they were thrown (out of the dance) into the lake of fire. Get out there and share some tickets!
    It’s all about Jesus!
    Love Ya Tyann!!

  27. Love all the pics! Hayleybug dad and I are so proud of you and that you able to be a part of this trip! Your love for kids and wanting to help is shining! Hi Bullett!! We love you and miss you! mom and dad

  28. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus. You are blessing all of us at home through this blog! Thank you for sharing.
    Mama Joan

  29. Hi Kendall!!! I am loving all of the pictures! Doing KINGDOM work is unforgettable and your heart will forever be changed. I am beyond excited for you and can’t wait to hear all about it. I know the Holy Spirit is radiantly shining down on you and your team!! Just think, those that come to know Jesus through salvation, you will see again one day! What a blessing. Love you!!!

  30. Hey sis!! Just want you to know how proud I am of you and this wonderful journey you have taken . I love reading everyone’s stories and look forward every morning to seeing the photos and looking for your beautiful face. I know God has a great plan for your life . Can’t wait to see you . Love you to the moon and back!!

  31. Hayden, I am so proud of all of you. I know the Lord is lifting you up so that you can reach those witnessed to. It sounds like you are all having fun and learning a great deal at the same time. Miss you, Hayden. Looking forward to hearing all about the trip. Love you, Grandmama

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