Texas Tech 2018… Day 7

Hola mi amigos, como estas?  Me llamo Gaeron y me gusto waffles.

Okay I am done with the Espanol, thought about writing this entire blog in Spanish but didn’t want to make anyone struggle with their translation. First and foremost Matt Clark’s mom he said, “Hi mom.” My translation of Matt from this week means I love you and miss you(by the way he actually just came over and mentioned this after I wrote this…lol)! He is a man of few words but all that is said is with wisdom. So, not sure how these are supposed to be written as I haven’t done one yet and haven’t read any of the others. So I am going to do this the Gaeron way and just let the Lord lead me.

So it is Thursday here in the Mole and a ton of things have occurred this week, from Bullet asking if someone’s dogs name is Susan to Kayla licking goats it has been a fun and adventurous week. So I am going to take a minute to brag on my fellow brothers and sisters that are here with me. My friend Cole has truly been a servant this week working construction almost everyday when most do it the mandatory one time, he is a hard working man, momma Cole.

Kayla has been a brave soul through sunburns and goats. Amber has sang her heart out in worship beautifully, even when we aren’t worshipping. Averie H has been deemed the fearless leader of the blue team as she had led my team in I with happy heart and gold soul. Abby has missed you Logan, Julie & Wayne, Bill, & Gigi, as well as served faithfully. Taylor has been a major leader in our VBS showing her love and affection through teaching. Averie E has not stopped loving kids from the moment she stepped off the Polaris, love her heart for children.

Tori wore her scrubs and dove right into the clinic like a warrior ready for battle. Erika is another one of VBS leaders as well as showing her grit being one of the few girls to volunteer for extra construction even after she took a shovel to the face.  Brad has taken a huge step in his faith and truly became a brother to me over this trip. Jake has showed his spirituality all week especially in his devotional, even when I shovel rocks into his chest. Baylor has showed us he is built with iron and he aims solely to sharpen his sword. Katie truly loves these kids and humbles herself to their level to meet their needs. Madeline has been an inspiration to me through her dedication and never-ending joy. Hannah and I have laughed our way through this entire trip. I will miss the wisdom of Maddox back in Lubbock. Lex is so compassionate.

Christian has become a dear friend of mine over this trip and we have talked about too much to share. Olivia allowed someone to pee in the sink during bathroom duty and four boys to go in one stall, in a four stall bathroom with a smile on her face and joyous attitude that never stops shining. Bullet has intruded into others houses and asked if their dog’s name is Susan. Hayley has made herself vulnerable to the Lord and even become a new zaime(friend).

Kendall has whooped me in ping-pong multiple times, truly one of the bros. Matt just says “hi”. Tyann is terrified of bugs in her hair for anyone out there looking to scare her. Darby has been a loving sister to me. Alyssa is looking forward to the bus ride. Al wants everyone to know he is here. Maddi has had a tough week but has pushed through her pain like a true warrior. Hayden still shared her love of soccer with the Haitians even with the strained hamstring and still crossed me up.

As for me, I have managed to just be me, the goofy Gaeron everyone from KYX and the 325 know and love. So as you see we have done a lot this week from shoveling sand to evangelism in the fishing villages. We have faithfully allowed the Spirit to lead us in service and worship of the one true king.

We have constantly been in awe of our Father’s wonderful creation this week and grown closer to strangers than our own friends back in the 806. We truly miss you guys back home and can’t wait to be back in the states even though we are perfectly “content” (wonderful word from Erika) with being in God’s love in Haiti. I could truly write all night but others want to share and I want you to hear there sweet hearts. As you can see, I have truly fell in love with this group of people I was privileged enough to serve with. I can’t wait to get to know them even better over the rest of the semester at the Wesley.

Lastly, before I go a couple of shout-outs: Mac I read the red penned note and shed a couple of tears, truly missing you, happy to read your comment today! See you soon. Mom, love you and Dad and let me know how Pax baseball is going? Also you would love Haiti maybe a summer trip you and me? KYX brothers, miss you guys if anyone is reading this. Podcast, picantes, poker and pong when I get back. Me remen ou –Gaeron Miles. Also our translators are the dopest people on the trip, as well as Susan, the Epsteins, and the Castillos, sorry ADD.

P.S. from Abby: Hey mom!! Miss you lots, dude. Love all the comments and can’t wait to see you. Are y’all going to Gruene Hall Saturday? Love, baby dude


Hey everybody,

We all miss each and everyone of you so very much. Oh this is Darbey Havens or as Chubz likes to call me Doodle Bug.

Today was a great day. It started off by Baylor reminding us that God has a plan for us. That he will guide and direct our hearts when we trust in him. After that, we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and they where the BOMB!!! Then we headed out into our groups. Several of the boys did construction along with a couple of girls who were willing to help out for a second day. Where they got sand to mix concrete.

Oh and shout-out to Christian for signing me up for my first day of construction tomorrow in this heat. Prayers would be greatly appreciated for me while I take on this manual labor tomorrow. Apparently it will be “good for me” LOL. I’m not quite convinced that the physical labor in 90-degree weather is good for me, BUT I do know that being apart of something bigger than myself and knowing that it has the ability to take a difference in someone’s life is DEFIANTLY worth it and good for me! And at least I get to do construction with Matt or should I say Max because by day three of VBS with at least 15 kids calling him Max and climbing all over him he finally gave up and corrected the one who called him Matt to say Max

For Hut to Hut we walked into town and down a road that was surrounded by trees and pink flowers. The people were so welcoming as they invited us into their homes so that we could pray over them, their families, and their homes. They always made sure everyone had a seat and that they hugged and said thank you to every single one of us before we left. We had the opportunity to pray for God to provide and give opportunities to these kids and babies to have a good life when they grow up.

On the other hand, Katie got to pray over an older women and talk to her about eternal life with God and his promise. Then after going into homes to pray and invite them to our VBS at the clinic we headed to the clinic to blow bubbles, play soccer, and make cross necklaces. We shared God’s word with both children and adults as we all joined up to unity in community on the street.

Once we returned the clinic was popin. That was the most joyful clinic I have ever been in and of course all the girls were holding every single baby and continuing to say La bell which means he/she is beautiful. In the clinic whether you are filling prescriptions, taking vitals, cleaning ears, or talking to the people in the waiting area, there was an enthusiasm and joy radiating from each of them as they were there to help serve Gods people in any way they could. Its no surprise that we only need five to work in the clinic everyday yet we always seem to have at least ten volunteers. The clinic is such a great way to start your day and to be in community and service with our family in Christ.

During lunch the boys passed around coconuts for everyone to try which they got from climbing up the tree. Some who loved the the coconut milk couldn’t get enough while others stuck to the slushy Coco-Cola. Towards the end of lunch rain started to fall then pour. With many ponchos and rain jackets on as we all left out backpacks and ran out to the tap tap to head to Savan Mole.

We all sang along to T Swizl (Taylor Swift) and Mr. Brightside in the pouring rain, up bumpy roads, screaming Bonswa as we passed people on the road. Oh and of course Averie E. and Kendall trying to straight-arm their water on the bumpy roads.  Baylor, Mat or Gaeron would scream LEFT or RIGHT to warn witch ever side needed to duck from the trees.

When we got there we quickly unloaded and went up and down the street to ask families to go join us down the road for a VBS at the church. Averie started with her internationally famous Listen to Your Heart dance. Taylor and Kendall did a great job leading while Averie played music while the rest of the group was either trying to find a place to go to the bathroom before we got back on that bumpy bus ride, was eating sugarcane, or was trying not to get out in our Duck, Duck, Goose or Hot Potato game .

We ended our day in the best way possible, with popcorn, the movie Cars and the Orphans by our sides or in our laps. Some fighting for more popcorn or chugging down their water. Others completely zoned into the movie and Christian in the back sitting and holding Fednas hand through the whole movie never braking her beautiful smile. We walked them back home said our I love yous and gave big hugs although we didn’t want them to leave.

Everyday you see a change in our thoughts, actions and hearts as we become more humble and joyful, as we draw closer to God and develop relationships here in Haiti our family in Christ.


Fam Bam:

I miss you all so very much! I hope you all have had a great week I am so excited to get home and share all the stories and how I have seen God working in my life and others this week. Make someone smile y’all always make me smile.

Love y’all to the moon and back again.



Please feel free to leave comments. Comments will be read at dinner.



  1. Kayla honey, I am so sorry to hear you have a sunburn but I bet your Chaco tan is amazing!!
    I am also concerned that we may have to get you some kind of therapy for this odd goat obsession that you have developed. I love you and miss you so very much!!

  2. Darbey,
    It was so good to read your post and hear of the wonderful things God is doing during this time in Haiti. We pray everyday for you Christian, Baylor and all the Wesley crew, sponsors and the people you all come in contact with. We can’t wait to hear more from you! We love you and are excited to see you very soon!
    We love you!
    Dad, Mom, Haley & Shelbey

    1. Yes Darbs…it was so good to read your post. I am so proud of the commitment that you have to do God’s Work. I will continue to pray that your last days at Haiti will be full of God’s love. I am so proud of all that are on this trip but especially you, Baylor, and Christian. God is saying…”Well done good and faithful servents”.
      One of my favorite sayings is “Good things happen to those who go for it”. You all are going for it, and good things are and will continue to happen for years to come.
      We love you,
      ReGina and Ty

  3. I anxiously wait to hear how the day has gone for you guys!! It sounds like another awesome day in Haiti for you all! Katie, I saw glimpses of you today in the pics, one was you dancing with a little girl. I know you are so happy to be there sharing the love of Christ to them, but how awesome for you to be able to pray and share for adults as well. I truly cannot wait to hear all the stories when you get back.

    Lily and puppies are doing great. I did end up moving them outside for the day, Lily really likes being outside but when I left to run errands, I left the back door open so she could come in and out… when I got back she had moved 5 back to the room BUT she had hidden one far under the bed!! I was slightly freaking out because I only counted 9, I kept counting and only 9!!! I looked all over the back yard and in your room… I looked under the bed 100 times but couldn’t see it bc she had it tucked in the corner, but finally I saw it, it was your favorite brown one and it just blended into the carpet, BUT it was found… shewwwww!!!

    Mimi told me to tell you she’s been praying for you and thinking of you (she doesn’t know how to do the blog, and I’m not there to help her navigate… so easier just to post for her) and that she loves you very much!

    Keep loving on those kids and showing that huge smile!!! Love you B I G <3

    My love will find you anywhere,

  4. Such sweet words to read! God does indeed have a plan for each of you! ISNT THAT JUST THE ABSOLUTE CRAZIEST THING YOU HAVE EVER HEARD. LIKE HE LITERALLY CARES AND LOVES EACH OF US SO DEEPLY IT BLOWS MY MIND. Continuing to pray for y’all and very jealous of getting to spend time in one of the most wonderful places on earth!

    Emily, Parker, & Maxwell

    PS isn’t Susan just THE BEST?!

  5. Alyssa!!!! my buddy, i miss you so so much!! I snap chatted you one day and i got a reply from you brother and I was confused then i remembered you didn’t have your phone. I think your streaks are safe! I can’t wait to hear about everything. I Love you!!

    Rest of team- I love reading the blog each and everyday. It warms my heart seeing the pictures and hearing how much yall are loving on the Haititans. Jesus is working in each and every one of yall how cool is that! I know this can be toughest part of the week. I pray for rest! Love each and every one of you all.
    Give Emmanuel a hug for me!

    xoxo–Rebekah Hall <3

  6. My sweet Kendall…I can’t wait to hug and squeeze you but am absolutely loving these blog posts!! I anxiously read through this last one waiting to hear what you had been up to. Glad to hear your just as competitive in Haiti. Haha Henley asks every day how many more days are left until you come home. Jeff asks every day if I’ve heard anything and making sure you are safe and ok. We miss your sweet face but beam with pride just to know you are sharing your contagious smile with so many people. Love, love, LOVE you!!! See you soon!!

  7. What a great blog and update! But why is my baby in pain? Praying for you and everyone as you get to the end of this journey. Praying the kids and adults who have heard God’s message through VBS and prayers, and even through play and dancing, will hold onto His promise for them and will feel his Love for them long after you leave.
    Love seeing all your sweet faces, loving on all those sweet people.
    Excited for y’all to be back in the LBK!

  8. Gaeron,
    As soon as I read the opening line I knew it was you, you’re such a goofball. I am so stinkin proud of you and can’t wait to hear all about your time in haiti! I loved being able to read your words because I miss you like crazy. You would be proud of me, I actually watched the b-ball game last night lol wreck em. Anyways I can’t wait to see you in 2 short days, cherish your time left with your team and with those sweet souls in Haiti. Praying for you always.
    Love you!

  9. Hey Baby Dude, (to others this is Abby)
    Thanks for slipping a note into a post. No Gruene Hall because Mamaw has to have someone here all the time and getting Gigi to spend the night with her and leave Bill was too much to ask, but they are coming over to sit with her while we go to the Tech game!!! So not the band, but the game! Wreck ‘Em!! I can not wait to see more pictures, hear the stories, and hug your neck!!love you and so proud of you, and all the people on this trip. I really can’t even imagine what it’s like over there, but I know it is good for your heart and soul and I know it’s good for their hearts and souls! I will say that shoveling sand looks like super hard work!! Hope everyone has had a great Friday, since it will be evening when you get this. Safe travels and let’s meet in Abilene this week so I can see you. ❤️ Love from your Dudes

  10. First thing I do when I get to work in the morning is look for the new blog and pictures! Luckily I sit in a corner area and no one can see that I am really not working:) I love reading through the blog and all the comments, the Holy Spirit is alive and well!!! Hannah, dad and I are sooooo proud of you and cannot wait to hear your stories. When I read that you and Gaeron have laughed your way through the week, I thought…”that’s my girl!!”. Love that you are having fun and I know this has strengthened your faith even more.
    Hugs and kisses to you all and especially to my Hannah!

  11. Hi Brad,

    We hope you and the Wesley team have had a great trip to Haiti. We thank God that He has inspired you and the Wesley team to help the children of Haiti, something they and you will remember for the rest of your lives. We are thankful for the giving of your time and yourselves over spring break. Have a safe trip back to Lubbock and we will talk to you soon.

    Mom & Dad

  12. Shout out to Abby Roo and the Team!
    Thanks for the note in the post…..loved it and love you all. What a fantastic team you are and what a wonderful job you have all done. Hope today brings more good memories and shared friendships as you finish up your work at the Mole. Have a wonderful day and a safe trip home. And enjoy your bus ride over the mountain.
    Guns up for the Red Raiders…..what a game! And, your mom was about to sell the tickets on line until the last two minutes. What a fun night and looks like you all got to watch it too. Can’t wait for Sat. nights game. We will be watching in the comforts of home with Mamaw, Buddy, Dixie and Scout. And your mom and dad can enjoy it in person, thank goodness, since she didn’t actually sell the tickets.
    Can’t wait to see you and hear about all your adventures and your wonderful stories. And get some first hand hugs!
    Love you bunches
    Gigi and Bill

  13. Katie W…I just lost my comment while showing your Grandpa pictures of you and your team. 🙂 I had difficulty finding you among all the other smiling faces of teammates and children today. However, after reading your mom’s comment, I discovered you! My prayer thought this morning is for your health and wellness as you end the week. The blog mentions sunburns and injuries! For you, I know that strep germs like to jump on board when you are tired. Others may have that problem. Saying a prayer for you, for all, that you come home tired, a bit worn but healthy and excited of what you have seen God do through Jesus in the power of Holy Spirit this week…just in need of a little R&R before facing the challenges of a new week here at home. God will use mosquito bites, muscle injuries, even sore throats for His Glory when you return…just let Him. Leaving will be tough but can look forward to reuniting with many in the future…perhaps this side of heaven! Love you much, Little Gran

  14. Hey Hey Hey Beautiful Chaco Tan Tribe! Your Red Raiders beat the Lumberjacks last night!🎉 So amazed all you have accomplished in 7 days. God’s plan is truly amazing! Taylor I talked to your sweet mom yesterday. She is trying to comment daily…just not sure where it went! Lol But she is so proud of you and amazed at the faith and work of the entire team. I knew you would be amazing at VBS and the kids would love you. Praying for you all as you begin to pack up and make your way home. Praying for safety as you travel and you all get on the same plane when you are suppose to! Love you mucho Ty and Tay

  15. Hello Wesley Haiti Team!
    Oh Gueron, I loved reading you blog and getting a update on everyone, that was awesome! Your a great writer and so thankful this trip has been a blessing to you. I can’t wait for you to share more about your experience in Haiti when you return to the 806! (I love how you call home/Lubbock the 806)

    I know your time in Haiti is winding down, thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and serving the Haitian people. To belong to Jesus is to embrace the natons with him.

    I hope this trip has motivated you to live differently.
    I challenge you to live intentionally……..Living differently means living intentionally.
    You don’t have to be in a developing nation to live intentionally.
    Your mission trip was a gift. It would be a shame to waste it. Pray and ask God to show you how He wants you to live intentionally going forward.and remind yourself to live out the mission that God has placed in front of you. Whether it be in Lubbock, on the Tech/LCU campus, with your friends/family/neighbors or co-workers or across the seas. Your mission field is right where you are, serve Jesus well wherever you are.

    It has been a blessing to be on this journey with you by reading the blogs and seeing the pictures. What a joy to know what all God has done in each of your lives and in Haiti! Thank you for sharing with us each day and being a servant and the hands and feet of Jesus!
    Safe travels home and looking forward to seeing you all soon, rest well….

  16. Hayden – have a great final couple of days for this year’s trip!!

    Continued prayers for all🙏!!

    Love you, Dad & Christi

  17. Hi Cole and Kayla! I have really been enjoying the pictures and reading about all you are doing this week! I miss you so much! I am praying for your safe trip back and that the the bus trip.. well good luck! Prayers that you catch your flights, no rafts or freighters this year! I can’t wait to hear from you! I love you! Mom


    Cole – You’re cool. It does not surprise me one bit to hear that you volunteered for construction almost every day. You are more than just a dude who can lift heavy stuff though, you are also a dude who really cares about people and I hope that over this trip God has shown you more and more of who He is and who He made you to be. P.S. Keep an eye out for three raccoons in a trenchcoat.
    Erika – Can I just say that I miss your laugh??? Seriously, it’s been weird not hearing that in the office this week. Am I surprised you volunteered for extra construction? No. Am I surprised you got hit in the face with a shovel? Also no. But if there’s one thing I have learned about you, Erika Harvey, it’s that you are resilient. You take some hard hits, but you give it to God and press on. Wow wow wow, I love you.
    Gaeron – I haven’t met you yet I don’t think, but your blog was so dope. I thought it was super cool that you took time to write about how different people on the team have contributed and how thankful you are for them. I’m so glad you got to be a part of this trip!
    Al, Brad, & Averie H – Major props to you guys for making this trip come together. Lord knows it’s a struggle at times to plan such a big trip, but it is clearly worth doing. So thank you for all your hard work, especially for the things done behind the scenes.

    Okay okay, WOW WHAT A COOL TEAM OF PEOPLE Y’ALL ARE. Y’all all need to come hang out at the Wesley so I can meet all the people I’ve been reading about, but don’t know yet. Maddi, you are basically a college kid now too so you’re included in that. OKAY??? Cool, see y’all next week.

    Keep loving allllllllllllll of God’s children with everything you’ve got. Praying for y’all lots.

    – Beth

  19. Hi Jake!! Love to hear all the good God is going through you!! We love and miss you so much!! We made it to Vegas safely- took 15 hours on a cramped bus- I decided that was a bit much for me; so dad and I are flying back on Monday! 😜 anyway, Darbys 1st game is in a couple of hours- prayers for a great and injury free game!! Brady is watching/staying with your fur brothers and sister and all is well at home!! Casen is in town for his Spring Break-his was week after yours. We miss you and loved reading your super long blog! (Eye-roll) gotta go get ready for some soccer!! Deuces, mom!! ❤️

  20. I can’t tell you all how much the blogging and pictures mean to all of us back in the states. I check my phone every night before I go to sleep to see if anything has been posted. Darbey, great post! I hope you didn’t get too overheated shoveling dirt today! Gaeron, I loved how you mentioned everybody by name in your post. Christian, looks like you’re having a great time. I hope you’re growing closer to your fellow missionaries and God through this experience. God created us to be in relationship with Him and with each other. Looks like this trip has been a great way to build those relationships between all of you and God, each other, and the Haitian people. Can’t wait to see you all at the airport Sunday night and to hear about your adventures!

  21. Thank you Gaeron, loved your blog today and mentioning all your fellow team and how y’all have grown close to each other!!
    Tori we miss you so much! The weather today is beautiful and I am in my shorts on top of the dock writing this comment to you wishing you were here!!!! We brought Brexley down to the dock and she did great! She is loving taking walks around the cove!!! We will leave tomorrow morning headed back home! We can’t wait to see you!!! Everyone sends their love!!!

    Love you with all my heart ❤️ 😘😘

  22. Hey Alexa… glad I got to see your face in a few photos today… you know us parents live for that kind of stuff! Praying you will have a wonderful few days left in Haiti and praying for your teams return trip home. Oh… and I have some good news!! I got your car key fixed! HA! The clicker works and everything:) I know you are thrilled to hear that news;) LOL LOL Love you so much!!

  23. It was so much fun to wake up early and read your posts!! It sounds like God is working! I feel like I already know each one of you! There are some crazy personalities in yalls team!! I told Ricky (husband) that I think some of them have caught some virus and gone delirious on us!!! 😂😂😂 I am glad y’all are keeping each other entertained! Sorry about the ping pong whooping! She has a little Barnett blood in her and therefore a little competitive. 2 more days I can’t wait to hear stories!! I hope you are taking a lot of pics kendall!!! I miss you so much and josh isn’t any good at calling me like you are but he is trying. The tech game was so exciting!! It looked like y’all were watching it in one of the pics. I’m sorry if y’all got to see my crazy basketball girl!! She loves her some tech basketball!! I saw you had my raincoat on 😳, bring some rain home with y’all! There are fires everywhere!! Love you so much, mom

  24. Hi Matt! (And Thanks Gaeron for relaying Matt’s concise reply!)
    Today is GranZ and GranD’s anniversary so we’re all headed to the Chinese buffet. Actually there are 6 humans in the car PLUS ONE MOUSE. Dolen is driving which is quite heroic given how he feels about mice. Maybe the critter will jump out at China Dragon– better vittles there for sure! If not, then that’s okay. One of my cats had four kittens last night, so she’ll be looking for fresh vittles of her own.
    Bet you wish you’d packed some work gloves! I’ve read about sunburn but nobody has mentioned blistered hands after handling all those buckets of sand, so maybe you’re bringing home some good callouses.
    I can see it’s going to be hard to say goodbye to all those sweet faces you’re meeting, both young and old. God has made your heart bigger so it can hold more memories and prayers!
    Can’t wait to hear your testimonies. See you soon!
    Love you!

  25. Miss Mads…I’m so anxious to hear from my precious baby! Text me as soon as you can…I am so proud of you and your team!!!

  26. Prayers for safe journey home tomorrow and Sunday! So proud of all of you for serving the King this week.

  27. Gmac and Jimbo
    Darbey Girl
    Praying for a safe journey home for all of you. Miss u so much and can’t wait to hear about everything . So proud of all of you and the many blessings you brought to the Haitian people and they to you.
    Be so careful, love you all💞

  28. It has been pure JOY to be able to see your pictures and read about your ministry in Haiti. My prayer partners and I began lifting you all up in prayer since we heard of your planned mission and we have been blessed reading your blogs about your servants hearts. Know your work there will be fruitful and your testimonies at home will change lives. To Tyann, your Oklahoma friends send their love and prayers. God’s blessings as you all finish there and travel home.
    Love Maxine

  29. Averie E! We are headed back to the 806 tomorrow, hopefully Tech can stay in this! We love and miss you! Praying daily for all of you!!!

    Love you MORE,

  30. Safe travels!! Can’t wait to hear from you!! Call as soon as you can!! Can’t wait to hear about this bus ride everyone refers to???? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻, mom

  31. Hey bub(Gaeron)
    Don’t know if you will see this before you get home but loved hearing about your time in Haiti and would love to share an experience like that with you sometime! Pac’s Baseball is going good! They won 2 out of 3 in the last tournament also, got beat by Haskel…good team! But Ira has good chemistry and they are really coming together and hitting the ball. Love you so much and prayers for safe return to 806! 😜😘

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