Texas Tech 2018….Day 6

It’s been an incredible day of ministry. I’m SO thankful to the parents who’ve courageously let their children come alongside us here in the Mole. They work REALLY hard and their energy is contagious. We look forward to spending time with them every year. So I just want to personally thank you for sharing them with us! You’ve raised them well!


Several people blogged tonight….I’m sorry if it’s a little hard to follow.



Ayeeeee what’s up, this is your dude Bullett here. The time is 7:01 here in Haiti and let me tell ya today was a doozy. I will get to my day soon don’t worry but first I am going to tell you how to tell who is typing this. When I (Bullett) type I will be using normal font. When Maddux types he will be using BOLD. Anyways I just want you to know how to differentiate between our two brilliant minds. Here is Maddux…

Wuz guud yall its maddux and I don’t wanna use arial rounded mt bold font bc I don’t follow the rules. 

*BOOM BOOM BAM* I wake up to gunshots whizzing all around our dorm. Just kidding Al woke us all up saying we have 15 minutes till breakfast. He said it like 15 times so we all made fun of him for it, it was funny. After making fun of Al I got up and dressed myself in the finest material. A green pair of shorts, a green shirt and my green chacos. They called me GREEN MAN. I will probably be wearing this same outfit for St. Patrick’s Day so Jody’s kids don’t pinch me.

This morning we ate some Eggs and let me tell ya, THEY. WERE. GOOD. AS. HECK. After that we took off into the wilderness to gather some sand. As the leader of the Blue team small group I gathered up my troops said good bye to my friends and we went to get the construction site. It was about a 15-minute drive. We were a good half hour into work when out of no where this JERK of a rock fell on my leg leaving me hurt and alone. (ALSO LAST NIGHT WE ALL GOT IN TROUBLE FOR NOT GOING TO BED I THOUGHT ID LET YALL KNOW)

I thought I broke my ankle/ leg but in actuality I didn’t. Tori told me she didn’t see any blood or bumps so it wasn’t broken. But it really did bleed and there were bumps, just not severe bumps. I rested for a few minutes then got back to work. We (pretty much just me and not my team) shoveled two truckloads of sand back to the mission site. I was beat. We ate lunch and now I will let my main man MDAWG tell you about his day.

Maddux and Bread and Lex did clinic today. I cleaned some nasty ears and it was great. I love being in the clinic. Being in an environment where people are tangibly being helped is the best. I’m super in to medical stuff and helping out with that side of ministry was awesome. The meals today were a struggle. I don’t partake in the eating of once-living animals, unlike the other savages on this team. For lunch, we had spam pockets. For din din, we had meat sauce on top of noodles. But you know waht boi son girl homie? I’m bloody making it. I AM MAKING IT. I AM THRIVING. I AM A LIVING TESTEMENT TO THE LEGACY OF BEAR GRILLZ. Starfishes are real. HERE IS BULLETT.

I forgot to tell you what we were having for lunch, it was chicken and some kind of Haitian hot pocket I was super late to lunch so I didn’t have much. Regardless we moved on to VBS. Also by the way Heather and Craig McCue, Hayley says hi and she misses yall dearly. She is doing great here and loves it! I took a quick 5 minute nap and I would share my dream with yall but it would probably take 3 or 4 pages to tell you about it so I wont. VBS was great Jake and Alyssa taught the kids about good touch and bad touch and Tori taught about how Jesus died on the cross for us, it was a moving message.

Today is the last day of VBS and all of us Americans have our group of Haitian kids or just one kid that we have been hanging out with so it was really hard to say good bye to all of them. My homie John Mark Wesley has been by my side for every VBS so obviously instead of walking him back to his house I carried him back to his house. I forgot he lived so far away so I pretty much died. But it was worth it seeing him be so happy. Love that guy hope I get to see him next year or sooner. I think we’re all just going to stay another week so sorry parents if you think your child will be back in America in four days. So Hayley, Averie, Brad, Tyann and myself walked the kids back to their house and the other Americans walked the other kids back to their homes. So we walked the kids all the way back to their house and then I am pretty sure we walked into a random house with a couple kids and I asked if they had a dog named Susan.

They didn’t have a dog named Susan. So we left, said goodbye then realized none of those kids lived there. Imagine if that happened to you in America you’d probably overreact and think the people were on drugs. Okay I am done for now here is maddux. OH for dinner we had American spaghetti yee yee. And amber led worship. Jody spoke a word of message.

This, my friends, is maddux martin. VBS was awesome. It was the last day of VBS in the mole. It was a good one though. We did a talk on good touch vs bad touch and we also talked about some other stuff. It was a good talk, but it was hard knowing the reality of these kids’ lives. Abuse runs rampant in Haiti and it’s definitely already present in these kids homes and lives. But, we poured into them as much as we could and showed them good love and that was all we can do. Love them. Miss them.

8:27 PM: after a long day I type this message to loved ones, friends, family, random people who clicked on my mom’s facebook post and the many strangers. I contemplate my thoughts as our small group is going on. I’m honestly not paying attention as much as I should be but this blog isn’t going to type itself. I really am just loving it here as per usual  – oh by the way mom-  I got stung by a wasp yesterday and I think I have a cold and a rock fell on my foot  – it was pretty big –  and I think I might have ringworm  – but it’s all worth it because these people here are so special and make me so happy.

I can’t imagine spending my spring break any other way and Jody and her team are taking real good care of me. So don’t worry about me I am living… not just living. Thriving is the word. We all love it here and I love all these people that are with me. If you are reading this know that you should help out and support Jody and her team in anyway. Also you should come to Haiti and see what all the buzz is about cause let me tell ya… its buzzing. Anyways peace love and happiness. I am gonna bussssa phat chill with all the homies now so thanks for reading this. Lex is gonna proof read this and what not.

Yo word up!!!! Its lex here now. Aside from a raging chaco tan, and a thousand feet blisters im doing pretty good. J Today I woke up early enough to get a shower in before breakfast. Breakfast was goooooood, we got eggs for the first time today and they tasted like heaven. I worked in the clinic today with Maddux and Averie E. I helped get prescriptions together and I also got to paint all of the lovely women’s nails. They love it and so do I. Painting nails is always a good time. OH YEAH- and me and the kids waiting at the clinic blew bubbles and that was a blast.

Today was the last day of VBS here and walking the kids home and saying good bye was hard, honestly. I’ll miss those lil baby angels. WOWIE I have learned so much from the kids here, I am so humbled. Being here continues to blow me away every single minute. Being in the word and being surrounded by amazing team mates and team leaders is incredible. We be out here spreadin da loooooove. I love people so much, and I love all of you.

Also- Mom, Dad, Anna, Austin, Aiden, Aspen, and lil Asher Kale, I LOVE all of you endlessly and I cannot wait to see you. Give all the dogs kisses for me.


Other people’s comments on Maddux Lex and Bullett’s blog

To Heather and Craig McCue- I hope you’re reading this!! I miss and love you all and Maddy so so much and just wanted to let you know that I’m doing fantastic. I can’t wait to get back to Lubbock and see you guys a few weekends from now and share all that I’ve experienced with you. To Sharla and the Manale family, I love hearing your comments and am so excited to see you this upcoming week!! Just wanted to give my family a shout out as we are halfway through the week. A part of my heart now belongs to Haiti and the Mole. Love, Hayley!


To Mom, Dad, Jason, Jodie and Payton-  I love you all so much and miss each of you more than you know.  Mom and Dad, I’m only slightly salty you haven’t written yet (Jodie/ Jason make sure they see this haha) but I know it’s because you think you will embarrass me…. YOU WONT!!! I miss you guys so much. Jason, thank you for your post, it made me feel so loved, I can’t wait to see you! I love you. Jodie- thank you for including me in your comments!!! Makes me feel so loved to hear you are thinking of me. The past few days have been incredible and overwhelming. God has shown Himself to us all in the most life changing ways, and I’ve made so many ‘zomies’ or friends with these sweet kids. Getting to experience life in ways you didn’t think was possible continues to blow my mind and show me how amazingly blessed we all are.

Today, we had to list 3 things that we are thankful and I couldn’t help but think about what you have all blessed me with- love, security, a home, food, even shoes.  Honestly, I somehow haven’t gotten tan and its possible I’ll come home even whiter than before, but oh well. The relationships I‘ve built with the children, the group, and with the Lord have been such a huge blessing- keep praying for us to remain present as we become homesick, because I may or may not have cried while listening to voicemails from you guys. Payton, hold down the fort and expect a real cute Haitian gift of some sort, probably made of tin foil. Jk. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. I promise a call is coming your way as soon as I have service, so Dad, make sure Mom hasn’t left her phone in the car/ a restaurant/ wherever. Lol. I love you all. Talk to you this weekend, also my legs are currently being devoured by mosquitos sooooo yep. ADIOS J



Hey mom and dad missing y’all with all my heart!!! I am absolutely loving it here 10/10!! Besides me spraining my ankle trying to show a boy up in basketball.. and also my really bad sunburn on my face (and yes I did put sunscreen on). Anyways give everyone big hugs for me! Can’t wait to see ya’ll! Love ya’ll to the moon and back. –Tori


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  1. Hey y’all, what’s up?!

    I know what’s up y’all have been killing it. Hope y’all are having an absolute blast. This is once in a life opportunity, don’t be sad that it’s almost over but be happy that it happened. Know God has and will do amazing things through each one of y’all.

    Olivia – Hope all is well, been missing ya a good amount.
    Had a phone interview with Whataburger yesterday it went well, it was sorta weird. No internship this summer. Took the GRE today, talk about an awful test! Side note I prayed for y’all during the math section, so guess it wasn’t that awful….. Figured I’d update you on those and surely everyone can relate to wanting to cry or rip up a test while taking it. #schoolisnotfuninfactitsmellsbad
    In other news almost had to rescue Emmitt on Saturday, dumb dog.
    Just a couple days away from break!!! Lots of M n O will be played in the car ride. Love ya, see ya soon.

    Amber – Hey, how you doin? (Whoever read that better have read that like Joey would have said it) Stay goofy, that picture was great.

    Enjoy every second of this trip y’all! Y’all will literally have less than 300,000 seconds left by the time y’all read this comment. Cherish them.

  2. What a mess y’all are! Love hearing from my Maddux (and of course, Lex and Bullett!). Sorry to hear about all the serious injuries. Poor little Bullett. Maddux-surely you haven’t gone unscathed? No sea urchin attacks? Errant knives? No lost digits or serious illnesses? Good job, buddy. 🙂
    Lex, my heart is so happy to hear how much you are loving Haiti. Glad y’all got to work in the clinic today. Maddux, you were created for this. God has you where he wants and needs you.
    Maddi-I love you so much and miss your pretty face. Can’t wait to see you.
    Al-I love you! Mason and I are excited for the game tomorrow. Unfortunately, the Tech game is at the same time as the Pistons game, so we are going to try to get it on my phone. Well, at least I will. Mason will be focused on getting himself on ESPN. Y’all get your guns up tomorrow (Thursday)!!
    Team-I’m so proud of each of you. You are amazing and I pray you see how God is using you and that you are blessed by it.

  3. Alyssa- We are so proud of the work you and your team are doing. It’s such a blessing to see God working through each of you to touch the lives of these people while at the same time, these people and their lives are making such an impact on each of you. Continued prayers as your work comes to an end. Can’t wait to hear your voice!

    We love you!

  4. Hannah G.
    So great to read the blog and hear the stories about changed lives! Those who are blessing are being blessed! We love and miss you! Cannot wait to hear the stories and love on you! So proud of you and the whole team!

    Love Dad and Mom

  5. Bullett and Haley we miss you guys and pray that your trip continues to go well! Bullett please be more careful and try not to get hurt anymore. I know you are having a great time and I hope God continues to work in each of you! Love you and Halley and we can’t wait to see you soon❤

  6. Katie W…Saw your smiling face along with many others today. I is great to see!!! Hard to express just how great. BTW If you remember I said that I would do a little scripture look up concerning the rolled up skirt. Well here goes. The biblical term is “gird up my loins.” It basically means to prepare to run, fight, or do hard labor…the latter would be your case. Well, sort of. Ha! Another online source if you believe those sorts of things to be true stated, “Long loose garments worn in the ancient Orient had to be ‘hitched’ up to avoid impeding a persons movement. The OT reference I found was 1 Kings 18:24. A deeper meaning is found in the NT 1 Peter 1:13. “Therefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and rest your hope fully upon the grace that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ;” Some of the newer translations are even clearer.
    Praying for all of you to have a fantastic day, usable tools in the hands of our Lord! Love you, Little Gran

  7. Wow!! Y’all are on the downhill side of Spring Break!! Keep up the great work!!

    We love you Hayden & will see you soon.

    Love Dad & Christi

    PS: Basil watched the Bayern game with me yesterday 😋😎

  8. Good morning Abby Roo,
    Looks like you all are telling quite a story with that skit or shall I say theatrical production! Can’t wait to hear all about it and the full story. Sounds like you are all having an incredible experience and have been able to share your love for Jesus throughout the week. I know you will be sad to leave, but we will be so glad to have you back home and get our hugs! Missing you terribly but loving seeing the pictures everyday and hearing the experiences of the day. God is good and definitely shining through all of you this week.
    Love you bunches and see you next week
    Gigi and Bill
    PS: Go Red Raiders….they play tonight.

  9. Wow Madeline!! I cannot believe what all y’all are doing!!! I love the precious photos-it’s good for Momma to see your face! I pray that you are loving this experience and that you are radiating all that joy of yours (I know you are)!! Nothing exciting on this end…I miss you and can’t wait to hug your neck. I love you more than you know!!! XOXO

  10. So proud of all you Chaco tan cruisaders! You Rock! You gave up your Spring Break to share the love of Jesus with others and in another country too! Praying for you continually and that your stamina and energy will remain up beat. Praying for those blisters and mosquito bites to heal as well! Love and miss you Ty and Tay 💜

  11. Hey Y’all!
    Looks like y’all are having fun sharing God’s word. Keep it up and y’all are in my prayers!
    Love you Averie!

  12. Hey Abby Girl and Fabulous Team,
    I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. By the time you hear this you will have had another amazing day doing God’s work. Looks like a perfect trip has been happening.
    In this part of the world we have had beautiful spring weather, allergies are blossoming, Tech plays in round 1 tonight and our mosquitoes are just now coming out. All in all, the season is right on time. Blessings for a great day and I’m thinking you start traveling tomorrow maybe? Not really sure this time. If it’s by bus, I hope it’s a wonderful time filled with lots of bumps, jostling and singing and that you only break down 6 times or less. Enjoy your time together, with your new friends and with God.
    Still in awe of each of you.
    See you soon Baby Dude,
    Much love, Mom (Abby’s Mom Julie)

  13. Katie W-Lily and I are sitting here looking at your pictures and she’s talking and trying to type, now she’s trying to dig her way to you in the bed. I’ve been putting the puppies outside during the day and she likes it, thats what she’s telling me to do now…it just looks a little cloudy and might rain, so I’m not sure about today.

    I see your little buddy that you’ve been with… I see the light in your eyes when you’re with that little guy, I’m sad for you both if yesterday was your last day to be together, but I know you showed him a love only God can give and “wow” the seed you’ve planted <3 It said you were blogging last night but I couldn't tell which one was yours, if you actually got to blog. I love seeing you and your team doing God's work with such happy willful hearts! Miss you soooooo much and love you to the moon and back!

    My love will find you anywhere,

  14. Lexa, Aunt Deana is super proud of you and your team! Such an amazing and brave group of kids helping others! Keep these moments with you always, this is what building character is all about!
    Love you!!!

  15. Hey Matt Clark! I don’t know if you’ve seen any comments I’ve written. If anyone has, please tell Matt his mom checks this blog every day and reads every word, and then she flips through the pictures looking for her handsome gentle son! Love the work you folks are doing and the hearts you’re touching. Matt I know you are changing lives and that your life is being changed too! Love you and can’t wait to give you a hug stateside<3

  16. Oh Tori my heart is bursting seeing you love on those babies!!! I know it was hard to let them go, but the love you showed them they will always remember!!! Just remember you planted the seed and God will take care of them!!! As your journey is coming to an end soak up and enjoy every minute and continue to let you light shine!!!
    It did not surprise me that you were playing basketball!!! But don’t mess up anymore body parts!!!!!!
    The weather here has been good, would be better if the wind was not blowing. But we are able to get outside and play and fish!
    I can’t wait to hug you and talk to you, this momma’s heart hurts a little I have never gone this long without talking to you but God is loving me and bringing me peace! But when you get home I may not let you out of my sight for a couple of days!!!!

    Love you with all of my heart sunshine!!😘😘😘. Mom

  17. DOODLE BUG !!!!! I miss you sweet girl!!! I love seeing your sweet face in the pictures and can’t wait to give you a big ol giagantic hug when you get home!! I am so proud the person you are and what you are doing. I am happy that you are surrounded by people that love the Lord as much as you do!!! I cannot wait for you to tell me all of the stories you will have from this trip. Baylor and Christian – love seeing y’all in the pics as well! I hope you guys are having a blast and thanks for watching after my girl! We love you so so so much!!!!! GMac, Jim and PoP Pop say hi and they love you so much and hope you are having a great time and can’t wait to see you! Mom, dad, haley and I all love you to the moon and back and million times. Finish strong and we will see you soon doodle.

  18. Second Attempt to post: This will be a very long comment, I sincerely apologize, Jodie, if you are reading this or to any of your interns. But we all know I’m long-winded. Ask Al, he sat in on me preaching for nearly 2 hours on 4 verses in Acts.

    Consider this a devotional + a Letter from Khalil

    To begin,

    Haiti Team, I greet you all with high regard and benevolence. I am honored to see your updates day in and day out. This is my first year not being in Haiti over the last 4 years.

    For my day ones, you know who you are, I am honored that you all have returned to a place that has captivated my heart and challenged my walk with God to this day. May you see it as less of a duty and more so a joy. I won’t address the ladies, but if this says anything “ I consider you all my friends truly “ & I find joy in how hard you all are working.

    I do want to address one,

    Abbey, if there is anything I familiar with in my life it is “ Grieving the loss of family “. Here is a bit of truth for you, Hold it, The love of God surpasses all understanding, your cup is full as the lord is near those who are hurting. May you open your hands to the love of God that he will pour out over you as you grieve. It will be a journey. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to be okay. Keep vibing with Jesus.

    I want to address the guys now, and then a few words for the rest of you.

    Brad Shine, brother these words are specifically for you, please hear them. They are knowledge that many will never hear not understand. If God has indeed moved, you will carry them with honor. Here they are, “ The essences of true Christianity, and the vigor of a man who is worthy to be followed after is when he is met face to face with suffering & he says “
    The meaning of this is: God is gain. God is gain. God himself is gain. That’s the meaning of our suffering. The chief end of man and my life is to glorify God.” You, sir, have found the mystery that hidden from the minds of many. The message is simple yet profoundly fundamental to the transition of new life with God. You are a tree brother. Deeply rooted in what the scriptures are completely about. The glory of God & Christ being our gain. Show me a man who has endured little in his life, I’ll show you the falsity to his relationship with God, how he is tied to the hands of religiosity and knows little about the character of God. And then you Show me a man who endured much, Ill show you a man who hands have been bruised, his back beaten, his soul torn to pieces, and yet he is one who is aware of Calvary. He knows the God of Heaven. Christ has become the only thing that is precious to him. To have little in this life is an honor. May the God of Heaven continue to make much of himself through you G. Shine homie, shine!

    Maddix MadDawg Martin, I hope you’ve busted at least a few fat chills with Bullett and others. I’ve prayed for you sincerely every day since we left Haiti last year. I’ve actually wrote each of them down and deeply cherish the times we got to chop it up. If you would like them, I can give them to you. They may mean little to you. Stay above the chaos out there in this world brother. Keep your head to plow and keep growing.

    Bullet, I have mad love for you, my man. You look so happy + free from obligation. I’ve always wanted to tell you this. You said something to me nearly a year ago that has changed my life. I’ve carried it with me for a very long time. Thank you, G.

    Now for all of you

    All of my time in Haiti can be summed up in two texts, here is the first one. May the Holy Spirit use these words for you. They have profoundly changed my life. Listen to this text, pay very little attention to the rigor or theology but look for the conclusion. It’s the point.

    Malachi‬ ‭1:1-5‬

    “This is the message that the Lord gave to Israel through the prophet Malachi. “I have always loved you,” says the Lord. But you retort, “Really? How have you loved us?” And the Lord replies, “This is how I showed my love for you: I loved your ancestor Jacob, but I rejected his brother, Esau, and devastated his hill country. I turned Esau’s inheritance into a desert for jackals.” Esau’s descendants in Edom may say, “We have been shattered, but we will rebuild the ruins.” But the Lord of Heaven’s Armies replies, “They may try to rebuild, but I will demolish them again. Their country will be known as ‘The Land of Wickedness,’ and their people will be called ‘The People with Whom the Lord Is Forever Angry.’ When you see the destruction for yourselves, you will say, ‘Truly, the Lord’s greatness reaches far beyond Israel’s borders!’”
    Here’s is the conclusion,

    “God really does Love you” Do you believe that? If so, do you believe that he loves every Haitian you’ve laid hands on seen or did not see?

    Picture the teaching of this text like a strange cloud coming toward us on the battlefield of life. We are surrounded by enemies and mortally wounded and cringing before the final blow is struck. And we see this cloud approaching us in our misery and hopelessness, and some groan that darkness should be added to all the other dangers of life. But others remember the words of

    William Cowper’s hymn,

    Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take,
    The clouds ye so much dread,
    Are big with mercy, and will break,
    In blessing on your head.

    And the cloud comes over the wounded soldiers of the Lord of hosts, it swallows them up, and lo and behold within the cloud there is light. And slowly the cloud moves with its broken and wounded soldiers through the battle lines of the enemy. And ten or thirty or eighty years later all the soldiers in the cloud arrive safely beyond the battle and beyond the reach of pain. Some of the enemies mock the cloud as it moves. They scoff and say, “It is a dark cloud.” Some of their bullets penetrate the cloud and wound the soldiers of the Lord. But not one is ever lost from this cloud. And no matter how rough the terrain or terrible the battle, the soldiers in this cloud survive the conflict and reach the place of peace.

    In other words, the teaching of this text appears to some as dark and foreboding and unapproachable. But for others, it brings a sense of awe and safety. There is a sense of trembling and speechlessness, for this is not like anything we have known. But inside the cloud, the sense of peace and safety is as firm as the mighty Everest and as deep as the ocean space and stars.

    My point,
    May the Lord give you the grace to see the glory of this teaching and the privilege of entering in.The Love of God That Makes Us Tremble.

    May the love God be what has prompted your love for the people of Haiti, and nothing else.

    The same messages you’ve gone out to preach or show: God has said the same of you. Have I not love you? Do you believe he has? Do you see he has for the people of Haiti?

    Preach the Gospel and be forgotten. May his love be your signature. May you not withhold anything from a single person that you encounter in Haiti and when you return home.

    Lastly, this last text I’ve read every year in Haiti.

    Therefore strong peoples will glorify you; cities of ruthless nations will fear you. (Isaiah 25:3)

    This is Isaiah, and he sees the day coming when all the nations — representatives from all the people groups — will no longer be at odds with Yahweh, the God of Israel and his Messiah, whom we know to be Jesus.

    They will no longer worship Bel or Nebo or Molech or Allah or Buddha or utopian social programs or capitalistic growth possibilities or ancestors or animistic spirits. Instead, they will come in faith to the banquet on God’s mountain.

    And they will have the veil of sorrow removed and death shall be swallowed up and the reproach of God’s people will be removed and tears shall be gone forever.

    That’s the setting for understanding the vision of Isaiah 25:3, “Therefore strong peoples will glorify you; cities of ruthless nations will fear you.”

    In other words, God is stronger than the “strong people” and he is so powerful and so gracious that in the end, he will turn ruthless nations to revere him.

    So, the picture Isaiah gives us is one of all nations turned to God in worship, a great banquet for all the peoples, the removal of all suffering and grief and reproach from the nations who have become his people, and the final putting away of death forever.

    This triumph is sure because God is doing it. Therefore, we can be certain of it.

    Not one life spent in the cause of world evangelism is spent in vain. Not one prayer or one dollar or one sermon or one letter of encouragement mailed or one little light shining in some dark place — nothing in the cause of the advancing kingdom is in vain.

    The triumph is sure

    And so you preach, love and walk away from your time there and be forgotten in the love of God that he will complete his mission and nothing you do is in vain. A week of joy to carry the message of reconciliation. And that is pretty sweet.

    In conclusion, be Prompted by love, in hopes to tremble in the sweet intimate love of God in Christ,, and be forgotten. The mission continues, nothing is in vain.

  19. Hey Tyann I hope you’re having such a wonderful time, and getting the best Chaco tan while you’re there. I can’t wait to see all the pictures once you come back! Love you sister!!

  20. Hi Averie,
    I placed 7th with my steer and Jaleigh Ivy showed Garrisons and they got 5th. 2 brands=2 sale spots!!! I miss you. Looks like you have gotten a little sun in Haiti. We’re going to the beach today & getting me a new baseball bat since our steers are on the truck. I’m headed to Austin with Pappy to show next Wednesday. The last time he was there with you so hopefully I do good there too. See ya when you get home. I’m so proud of you.
    Love, Graden

  21. Hi Cole and Kayla! I am so happy for you spending the week in Haiti and for all you are doing there! I know how hard it must be to know the week is almost over. I miss you so much and can’t wait to see you when we come. Matthew 5:16 “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in Heaven.” I love you!! Mom

  22. Abby-
    I love seeing your smiling face in these pictures! It sounds like you all have a great team of people all sharing God’s love! What a wonderful experience for everyone! You are making a truck load of memories that are transforming your life! Enjoy your last few days! I’ll be looking for a big hug when I see you again!

    Much Love,
    Veronica ❤️

  23. YO kfouse here!! The blog is poppin!! Love reading what’s happening in Haiti and all that y’all are doing and experiencing.

    Bullett- DID YOU REALLY GET STUNG BY A WASP?????? (that is one of my biggest fears and I am SHOOK)

    All the clinic people- HECK YAAAA! (does anyone want to change their major yet?? Bc I sure did after working in the clinic hence why I am now in nursing school—- JODY, I will be an actual nurse the next time I come to haiti!!! (need to contact u about coming in 2019!!!))

    Prayers for the whole team. YALL are killing it and know that what you are doing is HUGE and impacting so many people.



  24. Alexa – It was so good to “hear” your voice! I am glad you are doing good and momma will make those blisters all better when you get home! LOL Can’t wait to hear more!! I knew that you would enjoy every second and praying that the Lord continues to speak to you and use you! Miss ya and love ya so much!!

  25. Hi sweet Madeline
    Been thinking about you and all the wonderful ways you are spreading your love.
    I’m watching TTU basketball in their first game of the big March Madness tournament. Just started but they’re holding their own. Got to watch Spencer play baseball today …they won both games of a doubleheader! It’s been so good to see Claire. I know she misses getting to see you but she also knows how very much you love being there. You will be heading back soon with mixed emotions for sure but you will always carry this experience in your heart.
    Love you and miss you!
    Be careful !

  26. Hey sis!! I hope your having a great time and learning a lot! I can’t wait to hear about haite when you get back! I hope you are surviving haite without your phone or calling mom 10X a day! Love you brat.

  27. Hey sis, dad and I are sitting here watching the NCAA tournament Texas tech vs SFA. Dad gets so mad that tech can’t make the free throws 😂. It is still in the first quarter 21-24. Josh has called me 4 times today, I told him he needed to call me 6 more times to keep up with you. 😊 I miss your calls so much even if it is to just to walk you between classes. Joshs spring break starts next week. I’m not sure when he is coming home though. I have kind of enjoyed him not having a girlfriend, but don’t tell him that, he seems to come around more often and call. I get so anxious at night in anticipation for tomorrow’s blog. The pictures are amazing and show how hard y’all are working. I know you must be falling in love with those kids. We love you so much and are proud of you all!! Can’t wait to see you!! 😘😘🙏🏻🙏🏻 Mom

  28. Averie E.
    Love that you are changing lives and your entire team is making a difference! I am beyond proud of the work God is doing in you and the precious people of the village!! We went and toured that “other school” today and Delanie loved it!!

  29. Well Tech pulled it off and we are headed to the second round!!! Keeping all if you in my daily prayers!! Keep loving on this awesome village, stay connected and love each other! Can’t wait to see you Averie E. You make me proud! ❤️

  30. Hi Taylor,

    Love your message. You made us laugh! We miss you so much, but are so thankful for your willingness to serve. Sorry you have not seen my other posts. Jodie walked me through the steps – Thanks, Jodie H.! I’ve been praying for all of you every day, and can’t wait to see your face. Love you more.

  31. It sounds like the mission trip has been amazing for the crew and I am so happy and excited for y’all and cannot wait to hear all about it from Gaeron when he gets home! So ready to hear from him! It was so nice to see some pics of his face! I am so thankful you(Gaeron) did not allow your father’s fear of leaving the country in this day in time stop you from spreading your wings and sharing Jesus! You’ve been an inspiration to your dad and me! Love you and continued prayers for you and the rest of the crew! Prayers for safe return!
    Love mom, dad and Paxton

  32. Hey Averie!
    Looks like you all have had an amazing trip! Thanks everyone for being the hands and feet of Jesus in Haiti this week!!! May each of you bring back the love, peace, & grace you have seen, shared, & felt this week…we need it in West Texas too!❤️💜💛💙💚❤️💜💛💙💚❤️💛💙💚

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