Therapy Week In The Mole!

On May 17th we were blessed with 2 incredible trauma therapists – Joan & Becky! These ladies have been pouring into our family for many years now. We’ve shared countless stories about our ministry – but no story can compare to seeing it in person!

Becky brought her 2 sons. They taught our older orphan boys how to swim. On their last day –  they competed in a swim competition! Kirby is Becky’s cousin and she was AMAZING! She filled in the gaps during our super long days! Some days started as early as 7am …. and ended as late as 12am.

The knowledge I gained from watching these ladies work is priceless. They are CHANGE AGENTS for Jesus! They poured into our orphans, our staff, and our community! They’re training us, coming alongside us, & providing incredible resources!

If you’ve been on a mission trip here – you’ve heard my stories of the sexual/physical abuse we’ve seen over the last decade. God laid it on my heart many years ago  – that we are to stomp out the darkness here. Darkness cannot hide from the Light. 

We pray daily for God to expose the darkness – wherever it may be. He has exposed so much. The problem is figuring out “how” to help those who can’t help themselves. It’s discouraging when all our efforts to stop the Cycles of Abuse come-up void.

But for the first time in a long time – I have a lot of hope! Honestly it’s simple. It starts with one person at a time – one child at a time – one step at a time. And while we aren’t running full blast with anything quite yet….at least we’re finally moving!

It’s taken a few weeks to upload these pictures because the internet has been SO slow! 

Orphanage Play Therapy…

Teaching about personal boundaries at School….

Blood pressure clinic and visit to Preskul…

Swim Training…



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