Building Update: Lab & Pharmacy

My dad’s buildings have withstood floods, earthquakes, & hurricanes! So I obviously wanted him to be the construction foreman for this medical addition!

Due to the non-stop medical needs – we have added another building beside our current clinic. It will have our lab, pharmacy, and a place to keep patients overnight. Then we will re-vamp our current building so we can serve more people.

My dad’s been out here off and on for the past year….building when he can. He has his own mission to run – so it’s not always easy for him to find the time. We are nearly finished with all the big stuff….we will pour the remaining roof tomorrow. It’s a 40×60 building….so it’s a HUGE project!

I know with every build there’s always unexpected issues. We’ve had to raise the foundations because of all the recent flooding. We’ve had to reinforce walls/roofs so they can withstand hurricane winds. A little here and a little there  – it all adds up. As much as I’m looking forward to moving into this building – we will not have enough funds to move into it any time soon.

If we had built this clinic addition a year ago as planned  – the foundations would have set too low and we would have risked flooding every fall. We don’t have many concrete roofs (2nd Floors) on our property. This makes it difficult during hurricane season as we have become a place of refuge for the community. So instead of a tin roof, we decided it was better to have one we could build on later.

We were ALSO blessed this past year to have a full time American pharmacist  – Lauren Epstein.  She was able to streamline what we needed to do, design the building, and train our staff.

I truly believe in God’s timing and I’ve laid this building at His feet. We may not go into it as soon as I wanted….but I have no doubt we’ll get in it as soon as He wants.

In the meantime – take a look at all this incredible progress! Can you believe it – my boys have actually been working consistently alongside the men! LOL!



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