Farrington Group Day 1 & 2…

We arrived in the Mole yesterday at 2pm.

This morning we worked in the clinic. There were six people from our group that helped. One team member took down the complaints and vital signs, three others cleaned out ears. We had three of us that separated and bottled up medicines that we are taking to the fishing village tomorrow.

After that we played with the kids with jump ropes, cards and soccer. After lunch several of us walked around the town. We went to a house with several children and played games with them. When we came back we enjoyed going to the beach and swimming in the ocean.

This morning construction started on the shelving for the new pharmacy. All the boards were marked and cut in anticipation of the tools arriving on the bus tonight. As soon as the tools arrive the construction crew will begin building the custom shelves and putting them in the pharmacy. The new pharmacy will have double the amount of shelves that the current pharmacy does, and will have a drop off and pick-up window so patients can be served better.

This afternoon the girls from the orphanage learned about good and bad touches. They discussed how to tell what a good and bad touch is, who they can tell if someone touches them inappropriately, and how to keep the bad things out of their head. The girls also did activities on how to block out the bad things people say to them. They learned how hurtful talk can leave scars on that person’s heart. Scars that don’t disappear. Each girl was given a scripture card to remind them of their value to the Almighty King and to help them realize how special they are.

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  1. Thank you for keeping us updated. I finally figured it out 🤪. Just know, many many are praying for you by name. We are anxious to hear about your experiences, not only how you helped the people their but how they helped you. 😊

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