We just want to thank everyone for coming alongside us and helping us secure this incredible vehicle. Without your sacrifice – without your generosity – this would not be possible.

On Monday Doumy & Smith headed to Port-au-Prince on a bus so that Tuesday they could drive our brand new truck back to the Mole!!

The truck pulled into our campus around 1am on Wednesday morning. It’s been so much fun watching the staff react to this beautiful gift.

Shortly after it was parked, Pierre asked for the keys so that we could roll down the windows of the cab. He was nervous the inside would get too hot.

About 20 minutes later Bena came by and said we need to park it in the shade. He was worried the engine would get too hot.

Umm…I’m pretty sure trucks don’t melt when they sit in the sun… but I love that they already care so much about it! You can tell that we’ve never had anything new before! LOL!

Below is a video our campus made yesterday. We hope you enjoy watching it – as much as we enjoyed making it! 🙂 


  1. I love the video. I’m so glad to be a part of getting the big blue truck. I want you all to be safe.


  2. Oh my goodness! I just had a chance to finally sit down and watch this video. Watching you all get into the truck and knowing you now have safe and reliable transportation makes me so happy! It brought me to tears (shocker!) seeing everyone in the video and I miss you all so much!! Abbey- I just want to mention that I noticed you are quite the actress! You really had me believing how sad you are when you were being left behind in the video! 😂

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