SLIMED Weeks 3 & 4…

Our Children’s Church Summer Theme: SLIMED!


Main Point: Use slime to teach kids about the life of Jacob.

Idea: Sometimes in life it feels like we’ve been slimed! Sometimes it’s because of decisions we make, sometimes it’s from decisions others make that hurt us. Through the life of Jacob, kids will learn that when we stick to God, He can make something beautiful out of any slimy situation.

Memory Verse: “But I call out to God. And the Lord saves me.” – Psalm 55:16


We started our Slime Series the first week of June! To read about our first 2 weeks click here! 

Lesson 3:
 Seeing Past Our Slime  – Jacob’s Dream – Ladder

Seeing Past Our Slime Jacob had tricked and deceived his brother and his father, and was running for his life. But God showed Jacob a glowing stairway to heaven, to prove that he still loved him and had a wonderful purpose for Jacob’s life. Kids will learn that God has a plan no matter how much slime we may be stuck in.

Asher and I did a skit together. If he got all the questions correct – he could win money.  But if he got anything wrong – then he got slimed!

So Asher talked about the time that he had forgotten to meet up with a friend and his friend was mad at him. He said what he hoped for more than anything was that his friend would forgive him.

I asked him if he thought God could forgive him no matter what he did wrong? He said it would be too hard for God to forgive EVERYTHING he did. (you know cuz the list is REALLY long! LOL) Of course that’s the wrong answer…so he got slimed!!

We printed out coloring sheets of Jacob’s ladder.  The children drew pictures of what they thought the angels looked liked as they went up and down the ladder to heaven. I thought I had pictures of what they drew but I forgot. Some of it was truly amazing & beautiful.

Here’s a few pictures from Week 3…



Lesson 3:
 Other People’s Slime  – Laban tricks Jacob into marrying Leah

Other People’s Slime –  Jacob got surprised and slimed by someone else when Laban tricked him into marrying both of his daughters. Kids will learn that we can still trust God’s plan, even when we get slimed by other people. 

Izzy, Malaya, Jay (Pierre’s daughter) and I did a skit together.

In this skit Izzy/Malaya were offered 100 Haitian dollars if they worked together to answer questions about the Bible. But if at any time either one of them wanted to back out of the deal  (if they were afraid they’d answer the questions wrong) – they could win $10 Haitian dollars… but they’d have to slime their friend.  So you could for sure leave with $10 or you could try for $100.

Malaya immediately dumped the slime on Izzy and took the $10 before I even asked the 1st question!  Since that wasn’t fair to Izzy – we asked Jay to play with her instead. I gave the rules to Jay and as I started to ask the first question- she slimed Izzy and took the 10.00.

So Izzy – through no fault of her own – never even got a chance to play. I didn’t ask a single question because both times she was slimed before we began.

This is an example of how sometimes people do things to us and it’s not our fault. Sometimes the people we love aren’t trustworthy. But God always keeps His promises and is someone we can depend on!

Of course every week have some Jesus Aerobics (Exercises to get out the wiggles). We play games, we learn scripture, we color, we have a snack, and we worship God!

Here’s some pictures from Week 4..



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