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Sorry for the delay. Our internet has had some issues. This post is from yesterday…


Yoohoo Hello Family and Friends,

We are well, alive, and have arrived in Mole St. Nicolas, Haiti. We have endured grueling car, plane, and bus rides to get here but we are safe and ready to see the Lord use us here.

This morning, we had an orientation of the Mole campus and toured the town. We greeted the locals casually walking down the streets experiencing the Haitian lifestyle here. Then, we spent the entire afternoon playing jump-rope, football, games and getting our hair braided by the orphanage family that lives here on campus. We ended the day with a devotional and some worship.

Haley Dunbar was pleased to find that we have plantains almost every single meal, all the children remember Ben Ulloa’s name right off the bat, Katie Taylor got her hair braided seven times in the course of two hours, Kristen Hickmott was rocking the Post Malone hairdue, and also Katie Miesner has 41 mosquito bites. We had a fun day on campus and we are excited to start our mission tomorrow.

-Ben and Liz

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  1. Does Katie Taylor have any hair left after all the braiding?

    So proud of all of you, though a little partial of My Katie!

    Prayers continue for all of you to be wrapped in God’s Grace!

    Momma Taylor

  2. You guys I love these pictures SO much!! Love on those kiddos like crazy! You guys are doing incredible things even in the small moments, fight well & stay strong. & hydrated!
    Haley Dunbar get yo self some plantain chips, change ya dang life!
    Katie Miesner how did that happen??😂

  3. So very glad to get an update on you guys! So glad to hear about all you’re doing! Keeping you all in my prayers!

    Karen Segrist

  4. I love seeing the pictures! I’m just wondering how many mosquito bites Kaitlyn Glosson has? Lol by the way Kaitlyn, Callie sends kisses! When I was looking at all the pictures, I could see the love of God on each of your faces! Keep spreading the gospel, and being His hand extended! Dad and I love you and miss you Katie…… continued prayers for you and the team!

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