Bonswa! Happy 4th of July!

This morning some of the team ran a spa for the mommas who work in the orphanage while the rest assisted special needs students in class. Most of us either washed hair, washed feet, and painted nails (JoJo and Hayden got theirs painted too!)

After our full morning, we all played with kids and prepared a party for them. They got to play carnival games, roast hot dogs, had a relay, and finally, we had a fireworks show for everyone here at the Mole!

Everyone is doing great, but there are quite a few of us with lots of mosquito bites. Sabby fell off the only sidewalk on campus because she’s accident-prone, Hayden, JoJo, Haley, and Hannah M. all learned how to double dutch!

Keep praying for the kids here in the orphanage because they are some of the sweetest and cutest kids you could ever meet! Also, tomorrow half of us are going to a fishing village and half of us are going to the clinic and spreading love! We all love you and can’t thank you enough for making this trip possible! We look forward to updating you in our next blog!


Jo here! I just want to tell all of my family, friends, supporters, and Benjamin that I am so appreciative of your support and I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I get home!


Hannah McClure also wants to say that she loves and misses her friends and family! She’s not dead and she wishes she could call!


Sabby here! Thank you to everyone who made it possible for me to come, I have discovered that I actually have skills with kids haha! Its been two full days at the Mole and I have already learned a lot about myself! I will definitely catch up with everyone as soon as I get back,


Please feel free to leave a comment. Comments will be read at dinner!


  1. Hey there Jo and team, we are sending you love and prayers. I hope the mosquitoes &avent been too bad for you Jo. We are all missing you and pray that you grow these two weeks and find new skills. Everyone sends their love, mom and dad

  2. Joanna, I miss you and am praying for you daily. You make my heart swell and I am extremely proud of you for taking this opportunity to grow and expand your faith in God. As for the rest of the WT family down there, we are so proud of each of you and praying for growth and faith. Sometimes we don’t always see the end result when we are there, but believe that everything you do is making a difference. Changing lives by showing your love of Christ is the best thing you can do. Take care of each other and know you are doing something extremely important. With all our love, The Lowry Family

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