Greetings from Haiti, this is Katie.

Today we were split into groups, half of us working in the clinic the other half going hut to hut in Preskul, a fishing village. I was in group 1, and we went to the fishing village. Going to the village I was incredibly nervous and on edge when first arriving.

However, that quickly changed when we met a young boy who met us with a huge smile. He walked with us to our meeting spot. We then did a short worship with children and some adults of the village singing both in English and in Creole. Kayla then delivered an amazing message to the crowd.

After her message we went from hut to hut, praying for whatever the villagers needed prayer for. Some small girls from the village walked with us and held our hands as we did this. After this we returned to the meeting spot and played with the kids of the village until it was time to leave. It was a blessing to see the kids’ smiles and to get to interact with them throughout the day and as we left.

After lunch we held a Vacation Bible School for the kids in town. We started off greeting and dancing with the kids. We taught them dances like the Macarena and the Chicken Dance, which made many of the children giggle.

After this we had worship and Liz gave a great lesson about Adam and Eve. We then did a craft and played games for rec time. –Katie Taylor


Hello hello, this is Haley.

UPDATE ON KATIE M.’S MOSQUITO BITE SITUATION: she is now up to 78 bites! I’d say it’s because she is so sweet, but…. we know the truth.

Today I was in the group that stayed at the mission to run the clinic, and it was so sweet. I loved taking down everyone’s symptoms and checking their blood pressure, while my teammates ran the pharmacy window and sat out on the porch (our designated waiting area) playing with kids and loving on our local Haitians.

These people are strong and loving, and give everything they have. I have been truly honored to have been welcomed into their culture and getting to share with these people.

Later that afternoon we had our first VBS of the week and it was a hit! We had 20+ kids show up today, with more to come tomorrow. We shared with them the story of the 1st Adam and Eve, and followed up with a craft and games. Each and every one of us Americans had a Haitian little boy and girl attached to the hip, our very own shadow. These kids are full of joy, and they are definitely something to look forward to every morning.

Tomorrow one group will be going hut to hut, visiting locals in their homes and loving on them while our other group takes the special needs class to the beach.

We will follow up with a movie night in the town square for all to enjoy. Please keep us in your prayers, and stay tuned! (p.s. @Charity Johnson- I have tried them, and they are sorta like potatoes???)— Haley Dunbar


Please feel free to leave comments. Comments will be read at dinner.


  1. So love hearing about your wonderful adventures and love looking at the pictures! I know you are all making a big impact on these sweet people. Can’t wait to see my Kacy Hope.

    Karen Segrist

  2. Love, Love, Love the updates! I am so grateful for the stretching of all or your faith and character? Enjoy the peaceful as well as the uncomfortable moments and God is with you in all of them!

    Momma Taylor

  3. Love the pics & posts about what your awesome team is doing in Haiti! God bless you all!
    Tammy Hensley
    Hi, Hayden❤️

  4. Thank you for the post and pictures. You guys are incredible! Gods hands and feet! ❤️

    Much love and prayers,
    Renae Roberts

  5. What an amazing mission and I know your lives will be changed forever. Tyann my daughter had been 3 times with the Texas Tech Wesley group and always says the Haitian people hold a special place in her heart! Praying for your strength and endurance. Praying you mosquito bites are much better Katie! Big hugs from Spearman Texas!💜

  6. Great stuff. Hey, Hayden, went took your mom and sister to the lighthouse trail today. We missed you. God bless all of you as the hands and feet if Jesus.

  7. I love seeing all the pictures and hearing how God is working through each of you! I’m praying God’s love will continue to touch lives! Please give my Hannah a special hug from her Mom!
    God’s blessings,

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