Hey friends and family of the Mole…

Everyone is doing great here. Though there have been protests in Port-au-Prince over the gas tax, we are roughly a 10 -hour bus ride from there. In our village it’s business as usual. If we didn’t have internet – we wouldn’t even know anything was going on. As always, please continue to pray for Haiti.

The internet is incredibly slow right now – so we haven’t been able to upload pictures but we wanted to go ahead and post about the team’s latest adventures!


Sorry for missing a blog, we had a fantastic movie night in the city watching Frozen!

So yesterday morning, half of us went hut to hut while the other half took the special needs class to the beach. With the hut to hut, we went up and down the streets going to people’s homes, inviting them to our sports camp, playing with the kids, talking with parents, and praying over the family. I, Hannah McClure, was feeling a little discouraged because my group didn’t really get to pray with anybody. I was sitting on a basketball court while the boys were playing some basket ball. This dad with his three year old son came up to watch the game. The boy was very shy so I took out a pen and paper and invited him to draw with me. He sat down next to me, took the pen, looked up at me and had the biggest smile on his face! He stared at me for the next ten minutes with that same smile. When I got back to campus I told Sabrina that hut to hut didn’t go as planned and I was a little bummed. She reminded me that the biggest things come from the littlest things we do!


Salut! Katie M here at the keyboard. There is currently an impromptu dance party going on for Susan’s birthday, so you bet I’m deeply multitasking. Yesterday, my group (the fun group) took the special needs class to the beach. Usually, I would totally avoid being responsible for swimming children in the ocean, but I am SO glad that I went. I spent the morning swimming with Marc, a 4 year old boy that was affected by spinal meningitis as a baby. I picked him up at the gate and instantly my heart was stolen. He is small enough where I can easily carry him infant style with one arm, and even though he is nonverbal it was the best. Marc spent most of the time sleeping while I held him in the water, and I was not ready when it was time to give him back! The others on the team were wonderful with their kids. We played and played all morning! The special needs program here is incredible and this ministry is impacting culture and the way that people see special needs kids. Mom, Charity, I’m sorry but I’m not coming home. Send poptarts and chicken nuggets. 😀

Yesterday afternoon our team led a VBS for the orphanage and some of the town kids. Kristen and Americk led us in some bomb songs, some in English and some in Creole. Hayden and Kayla did a fabulous job in the heat playing games, Hannah McClure led the lesson and Katie T and Hannah R led a magnificent craft.


Hey everyone! This is Jo, and I loved every single comment that you had for me. I just want you to know that I love all of you and can’t wait to tell you guys about everything that happened. By the way, I may steal this little boy from the village. I love you guys.   -Jo


Hello all of our family, friends, and supporters! This is Kaitlyn here and we are all having an amazing time. Today we had a sports camp for the children of the village, along with the orphanage children on campus and there were 83 kids total that showed up! We broke into four groups and played kickball, gaga ball, soccer, then did a craft. Getting to hang out with the kids and see the smiles on their faces is incredible.

After the sports camp, we all took the orphan boys to the beach an it was so much fun! We all played together and it was a great time to love on them. Amazing things are being done here and I’m so blessed to be apart of it. We have one week left and I don’t want to go home yet! Please keep the team in y’alls prayers that we will continue to be able to show God’s love to these beautiful children. Also just so everyone knows, we read everyone’s comments every night so Mom if you are reading these blogs please comment to let me know. I love you! –Kaitlyn


Today was incredible! The team is doing amazing works here in Haiti! I am so proud of each of the members of this team. Being the leader and seeing each of the team members using their gifts and talent to reach these kiddos and their families have been such a blessing to see and put together. Loving on these kids has continued to show me the love of Christ. Each smile on each face is a God smile. They are the face of God. Through everything we’ve done the smiles on each of the kids face has been my favorite. Getting to see them have fun and getting to be part of the reason they smile warms my heart. God continues to break my heart for this place and these kids. God is moving as we are partnering with Him and it is a beautiful thing! Family and friends this blog is only a glimpse of our trip.

Please continue to pray for this team, for the kids, for the staff here and for the families around us. There is so much spiritual fear that surrounds the villages around the campus. Fear of voodoo and what they may have to do to please the “gods”. Pray for chains to be broken and for healing and restoration be place upon this place. We are in awe of all God is doing and know that prayer can change things, help us be the change here through your prayers.

Thank you to all of our supports for helping us be the hands, feet and face of God here in Haiti. We love each and everyone of you!



  1. Love this update!! Love you all too!! Keep on shining and showing HIS love!!! Katie Beth….poptarts and chicken nuggets will be waiting on you when I see you:) Love you so much!! Keep touching lives and loving. Praying every day

  2. I had to read this post out loud to share it. I may be a bit partial of the picture that leads this post as it is my Sweet Katie in her natural realm.

    Thank You all for Sharing Your Blessings!!

    Love and Prayers continue to come to all!!

    Momma Taylor

  3. So very glad to get this update. Praying for a hedge of protection around you all! Glad you are not afftected by the protests. Love the work you all are doing.

    Karen Segrist

  4. Kaitlyn Glosson, not real sure if that was my Katie or not but I’m praying for you and the team. Everyone at church constantly asks about you and Haiti. The whole entire family sends their love to you! We love the fact that you are fulfilling your hearts desire there! I can wait to hear from you. Momma loves you sweetie! XOXO

  5. Jo-Got scared when we heard about the protests but your dad called and reassured us. You guys are doing God’s work and all have such loving spirts! Lifting you all up in prayer! Love, G’pa and G’ma Lowry

  6. We love the work that is being done and the many lives that are being changed in Haiti. Joanna, we love you and continue to pray for you. Jerry even mentioned the mission team in the prayer time and prayed for everyone there. Just know that you are loved and prayed for everyday. Lots of people are following the Wesley’s journey in Haiti. Praying for a wonderful and life changing week and a safe return. Your brothers are even following the journey. Each one of you are being prayed for and we hope you feel the love that we are sending. We love you Joanna and pray for continued safety and joy. With all our love, your family.

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