WT Wesley Foundation – Last 2 days

Yesterday, a group of us went to the fishing village of Kapafu. While there Hayden shared a much needed message and lead an alter call where 10 people came and asked for a stronger walk with the Lord and healing for their village.

After the message we had the opportunity to love on and play with the many kids that live in this village. It was truly moving to see how much the kids craved a kind touch or a hug. The people in this village are incredibly strong and can move through anything as they have experienced many natural disasters and yet they continue to rebuild after each hurricane.

I ask that all of our readers continue to pray for this often forgotten village. I also ask that you pray for our last day of full ministry tomorrow and that we find strength in the Lord to continue to pour out to these kids.

P.S. Micah, you might want to show Mom how to read the blogs.

Jo- Hello family, friends, and readers, I would like to inform you all that I have burned my feet on the hot concrete and have blisters. It was all in the Lord’s work as I was getting my phone to play worship music for tonight and decided to run to the room. I had walked barefoot on the concrete before, but keep in mind it was night and the concrete had cooled off considerably. Not to worry though, I have a few nursing majors here and I am being well looked after.

Hannah R.- Hey Mom, I’m not dead yet!

The team loaded the bus around 9:30pm.

We give much thanks to friends and family for allowing us to love on these incredible students – and for allowing them to love on us!

(Struggling to get the pictures to upload…but wanted to post this anyways!)


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