Our time so far has been incredible, and God keeps moving in this place. He is not only working through us as we spend time with the children and village people, but he is working on us all individually. He has been working on all of us in unique ways, and I have been able to see God’s presence in the simple things.

Today, my group walked to Karenage, a village a little way away. When we got there we split into 2 groups and went to different ends of the village, walking hut to hut and meeting the people. We would talk to them, play with the kids, and ask them what we could pray for them. One of the couples we spoke to needed prayers for health. The man found out he was sick, so I got to pray for comfort and healing over them. A group of kids started to form around us, so we broke out the coloring pages, Frisbees, and jump ropes.

They were so joyful, and there was 1 little girl that clung to me wherever I went. The pastor of the village came up to us and brought a few of us into the village church. It was a small hut with chairs and decorations hanging from the ceiling. While in there we got to pray for the village and their needs, and he asked us to pray for the church to grow. They are building an actual church building for the village, and the current pastor is about to go to seminary in Port Au Prince.

The amount of love he has for his village, the Lord, and his family was amazing. On our hike back, we got to stop at a fort and explore it for a bit. The other group spent their morning with the special needs kids singing songs and dancing.

The rest of the day for me was spent either with the orphans or spending time with God and reading. A group of us went to the beach for a little bit to watch the sunset, and though we barely missed the sun setting, it was still so beautiful. God is working, and he is going to keep working in these next few days. I hope everyone at home is doing wonderful!

-Kristen (p.s. If any of my family or friends has found this blog, comment something. Forreal. I don’t think you guys found it.)


FYI: The guys held a purity retreat for the boys of the Mole. We started with fun games and then set out for an adventure. We visited a fort which represents fortitude, to keep our minds and body from sexual immorality. We stopped by a cemetery next to represent sin is death and that sex outside of marriage is a sin and that sex within it is good.

Our next destination was some trees, trees bear fruit and we also bear fruit in the form of a child. We also included that trees need care to be healthy and have that view for women, our sisters. The last stop was the beach, the waves represented the temptation that can overcome us and that with a built fort we can overcome Satan.

We concluded the retreat with a game and sent them off. Overall, it was a successful time and they enjoyed this time of brotherhood.

While there was a group of people that went out into the village, there was a group of us who hung back and attended the special needs class. We got to hold some of the kids, play with them, and sing songs in both Creole and English. It was so much fun! Hayden and one of the students, Claude (Clood), formed such an amazing relationship and it was so inspiring to watch.

This is Jo by the way and I got to hold this little boy named Marc and he was so sweet. There were so many great moments that we had with the children of the class, and I can confidently say that we have all given a little bit of our hearts to these kids. Going into our last few days here in Haiti, we are asking that we end with the energy or more than we had when we got here.

P.S. Thank you family for commenting and I am so excited to tell you all about my experiences when I get home. Also, I love you Sean and Aaron, you guys are so sweet!


  1. Hannah R, I can’t wait to see you and hear how God moved in you and through you! I am so thankful for your sweet spirit and I know God is doing amazing things! Know that your family loves you and is praying for you daily!
    Hugs and kisses,

  2. Amazing to hear & see what God is doing in and through your team! Beautiful pictures! Blessings & love❤️
    Tammy (Hayden’s mom)

  3. Joanna, you are so beautiful and amazing. We can’t wait to hear about all your experiences when you return. Several people are waiting to hug you and love on you. We continue to pray for the team and the love yall are giving the Haitians. As the days come to a close in Haiti, remember the joy you have in sharing Christ and keep that in your hearts. There are so many opportunities here that you can share Christ. I can’t wait to give you hugs and share these wonderful last two weeks with you. Everyone, including Ben, is praying for you. Ben and I have been texting everyday to share your experiences and he is so proud of you. I can see how much he loves you. See you soon my Little Sunshine. With all our love, mom, dad, the boys, Ben and mimi and papa.

  4. Soak in the experience Dear Ones! The smiles are contagious!!

    Katie Taylor, remember your bug spray as I cannot count all the bites on your legs. Hee hee!

    So Proud of all of you!!!

    Momma Taylor

  5. Makes my heart happy to see the joy and healing your team is bringing to others. Prayers for continued energy, safety and peace as you love on all God’s people!

  6. We have been praying for all of you. It has been amazing to see the ministry that you are performing and the impact that all of you are making! Blessings to all!
    Khris and Karen Segrist (Kacy’s Parents)

  7. It’s amazing to see what y’all are doing in Haiti! I love all of y’all so much and I can’t wait to share stories when we get back in the fall. Y’all are rockstars and God is moving mountains with y’all there!!

    P.S. tell Hayden and Kristen I love them very much :)❤️

  8. It’s amazing to read what y’all are doing in Haiti! God is using y’all in miraculous ways! I can’t wait to get back in the August and share stories. Keep it up y’all 🙂

    P.S. tell Hayden and Kristen that I love them very much and I’m very proud of them ❤️

  9. Hey Kristen- I found it! We have missed you very much and are praying for your safety- I am very proud of your work, keep good things coming! I love you- Dad

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