Our Generation Christmas Party…

On Friday Night – the Our Generation Group had their Christmas Party! 

Two weeks ago, they each drew names for their Secret Kindness Partner. The way you play this game is –  you have to do 3 acts of kindness without getting caught. Each person will then guess who they think drew their name. At the Christmas Party – we do a big reveal and prizes are awarded!

So for example: Emma drew Malaya’s name. If Malaya guessed Emma – then Malaya would win a prize. If Malaya guessed someone else – then Emma wins! It was SO MUCH fun to watch each of them reveal who they had as well as the 3 acts of kindness they did for each other!

We started the night off with a great variety of food!

Then it was game time! We divided the group into 2 teams. Each team had 10 players and we had a total of 10 games.  Each game they had to send one player to participate. The team with the most points at the end of 10 rounds won a prize!

After we played games, we ate cupcakes and revealed the Secret Kindness Partners! We ended the night with pictures by the tree! A great time was had by all!

I am so thankful for Emma and the way she has poured into this group of kids. I can’t believe how much they’ve grown in just the short amount of time she’s been here. Mikela & Malaya are learning so much from Emma’s leadership, her incredible faith, patience, & dedication. It’s truly a blessing to watch this team come together as a family under her leadership!

Here are some pics from our fabulous night together

The Decorations…

The Fellowship…


The Games…


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