Our Christmas Movie Extravaganza!

It’s our FAVORITE time of year!

This is our 9th year showing Christmas Movies for this community! They ABSOLUTELY love it! We typically do 10 Nights of Christmas Movies, but last year our staff was completely exhausted! This is our busiest season and with so many activities happening all month long, we decided to shorten this year’s Movie Extravaganza!

So this year we are doing 5 Nights of Christmas Movies! So far we’ve shown Home Alone, Home Alone 2, Mr. Bean Holiday, & Elf! 🙂

Tomorrow night will be our last night;  we will host a special Christmas Eve Service (on December 23rd). We will serve hot chocolate & peanut butter sandwiches. We will have special songs, dance performances, a devotional, & show the Nativity Movie!

On Christmas Eve at 1pm, we will serve a hot Haitian meal to 200 elderly folks from our community! It’s one of our family’s favorite traditions!

On December 31st, we reserved the town square from 6pm-12am. It’s our first time hosting a major event downtown on New Year’s Eve. We normally hold our events on campus.

But this year we will have special dance performances, host a dance competition, give-way 50+ prizes, give away 5000+ glow in the dark jewelry, play games on stage, have 9 vendors selling food & end the night with fireworks! We are super excited that the town’s mayor has volunteered to be one of the judges for our competition!

There’s a lot happening in the Mole this month….and we are blessed to be apart of it! 

Below are some pictures from our last 4 nights of movies! It’s been an absolute JOY hanging out with the community each night, listening to their endless laughter, serving popcorn, & sitting alongside one another as a united community!

MOVIE NIGHTS 1 & 2…..Home Alone & Home Alone 2

Night 3 & 4…… Mr. Bean Holiday & Elf


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