Children’s Church Christmas Party!

On Sunday, December 23rd, we hosted an Incredible Children’s Church Party from 10am-12:30pm! If you haven’t learned by now…this year’s Christmas Theme was called: The Incredible Christmas!

We took attendance every Sunday. We had anywhere from 100-175 kids each week! Of those kids, 90 came every single week! Those 90 kids (with perfect attendance) received an invitation to our special Christmas Party!

It took an army to pull it off – but the reward was great!

As children came into the cafeteria, we divided them into 2 colors using necklaces! The Red Team colored bracelets & masks! The best ones received tickets!

While they were coloring – the Green Team played group games such as hot potato, musical papers, 6-corners, present stack, etc… After 40 minutes they switched places!

Then for the next hour, the teams were divided yet again! One team played individual games while the other team got to feast! Then they switched places.

For those playing games – we had 10 carnival-type games lined up. For each game they won – they received a ticket.  We had… Skeeball, Decorate the tree, Match the Mittens, Santa Cookie Toss, Candy Cane Ringer, Chopstick Ornaments, Shoot The Balls in Santa’s Hat,  Jingle Bell Rock, Pick a Duck, & Guess the Box! 

We then had 2 HUGE TABLES full of prizes! Depending on the number of tickets they had, they could purchase different gifts from those tables! Regardless of how many tickets they had, every child got to leave with Christmas presents! WAHOO!

After each child visited the prize tables, we handed each one a bag of candy & popcorn!

It was an Absolute Blast! I am so thankful for everyone who stepped in & helped make this party one of our best yet! We’ve never had that many young children attend one of our Holiday Parties before… and it went seamlessly!

Below are some pictures from this Incredible Party! 🙂



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