Fisher’s Group Day 4…Happy Valentine’s Day!

We started our morning by walking the kiddos to school at 7:30 AM. After that we all met for a delicious egg burrito breakfast in the cafeteria. Tyler blessed the food and read his devotional on how people question God because of the negatives that happen in our world yet they fail to see God’s ability to use the negatives to create something positive.

After breakfast we walked into the nearby town to spend time with the locals. We played soccer, frisbee, and blew bubbles with the kids and played left, right, center with the adults. Tyler and Chris used their God given talents to paint the fingernails and toe nails of any one in need.

One particularly interesting moment was when the locals shared their sugar cane with us. It looked like a branch from a bamboo tree and the way to eat it consisted of peeling the outside skin off with your teeth and then biting off a piece of the contents inside. Once you had bitten off a piece, you then simply chewed and sucked the sugar out of the branch and then simply spit the excess out.

While all of this was taking place Dustin, Kristen, and Dr. Brian Austin PHD were at the med clinic taking care of the long line of Haitians who needed medical aid. We eventually reconvened for lunch which consisted of rice, beans, and Haitian cabbage.

After lunch was finished we rushed to prepare for the Valentine’s Day party for the orphans. The kids were seated at the tables in the cafeteria and given paper bags to decorate to hold all the candy they were going to win at the several games we had set up for them.

A favorite moment from the party involved a game in which there were two competing teams who had to put Vaseline on the end of their nose and use it to pick up cotton balls from one pile and run them to a plate on the other end of the room.

The first team to get all their cotton balls to the other side, using only their nose, wins. Mid game, we look over and see one orphan who had his entire face covered in cotton balls because he put the hair gel, not just on his nose but his entire face.. Needless to say, his team won.

After the party the team took a much needed break at the closest body of water for some downtime, but a few minutes is all it was because dinner was in 20 minutes.  American spaghetti, not as good as the Haitian version had just a few days earlier complete with hotdogs.

After dinner we setup the cafeteria got the movie “Smallfoot” with the kids, complete with popcorn and treats.  So let me see that is, candy for prizes, cookies to decorate and eat, punch to drink and then more snacks at the movie, makes me feel kind of like a grandparent, sugar them up and then send them home.

It was great to see the kids saving seats for their favorite team member from the week.  My sandals were stolen from one of my little sweeties as well, not sure what she was going to do with a size thirteen, maybe that is why she brought it back.

A much-needed rest is anticipated this evening after another eventful day here is Haiti.

To those wondering or worrying, whichever it may be, we are safe and free from harm,  thanks for your concern and prayers.  Our concern as our week winds down is have we done enough, and to that I am reminded that God said “Go” and we did.

Feel free to leave comments. Comments will be read each night at dinner! 🙂


  1. Keep up the great work friends! Continued prayers for you and those you are serving. We are looking forward to hearing all about your experiences.

  2. I LOVE this last post and the reference to “Dr. Brian Austin, PhD” … it made me laugh out loud! It might have to be my new greeting for you, Doctor! 😉

    I love you all tons and love seeing the pictures and hearing how things are going. It is so great that you can use your gifts to further God’s kingdom—whether vocationally or relationally—so neat to see you living out God’s calling on your lives.

    Stay safe and know you are loved and prayed for!! Love, Jenn
    (P.S. Chris Elliott, I’m NOT judging you! 😘)

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