Fisher’s Group Last Day…

(We were unable to post this blog yesterday due to internet issues. The group left this morning without any issues. We are thankful for an incredibly dedicated team & a life-changing week of ministry. It’s been a real honor serving alongside them). 

We had another amazing day today!  Last night’s near monsoon-like conditions were more than any of us are used to.  We voted that Tyler won the prize for having the worst night of sleep amongst our 10 after he had to wring out the rainwater from his pillow this morning.  Our trip across the bay was canceled due to all of the rain, but instead we got to spend an incredible morning playing with the orphan kiddos since their school was also canceled.  We painted nails, colored, played with sidewalk chalk, and watched the minions.

Before lunch we were able to get out and go visit a young man named John and his family.  We were shocked when they invited us in their home and showed us how the 7 of them living in this small shack were unable to sleep due to the holes in their tin roof.  Their dirt floors were mud puddles and everything inside was drenched.    We learned that this home wasn’t actually John’s family’s home, but since the grandfather and father were both out of work they were using this from another local.  They told us they were fortunate since they don’t actually have their own home.  None of us mentioned our rough night of sleep again after this.

Right before lunch we were able to shop at the Haitian market and buy a few things that will help us remember our trip here, but also will help the local economy.

After lunch we enjoyed an afternoon at the beach with the orphan children.  First, we hung out with the girls and then the boys.  We had an incredible time, they wore us out.  Ms. Beth, our lifeguard, only had to use her whistle a few times (DUSTIN!!!)

We were able to head back into town for about an hour and found tons of kids to play with before dinner.  We watched part of an organized soccer game, threw frisbees, jumped rope, blew bubbles, had our own street soccer game, and of course hugged some more babies.

To wrap up our week here, the Castillo’s hosted us at their home for an evening together.  Jose grilled hot dogs for dinner and we got to play some more cards with Malaya.

We’ve had such an incredible time.  We’ve been touched in ways we couldn’t imagine and a small piece of our hearts will stay here when we are gone.  The Haitians have so little in terms of material possessions, but they have so much more than us Americans when it comes to joy and living life to its fullest each and every day.

Tomorrow morning we head home and can’t wait to hug our loved ones and share all the details of our time here with you.  We are truly thankful for everyone’s prayers for our safety as Haiti is experiencing some true civil unrest at this time, but this hasn’t actually impacted us in any way during our travels.  Please continue to pray for the Haitian people and also the full time missionaries and staff that will be here when we are gone.

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