Michigan Group 2019 Day 4…

Today was mostly sunny when we woke up. The heat felt a little extreme, but we all made it through. We attended church on campus this morning and it was interesting to be a part of it. When pastors were preaching, even when we didn’t understand the language, we could tell how passionate they were about Jesus. They prayed to Him and were longing for His presence, which was in the room all morning.

God has been walking with us through every step of the way throughout this trip. We’ve been planning for our women’s and men’s ministry with decorating, planning, and organizing. Things seem to be going as planned, but whatever doesn’t go according to plan, we know God is in charge.

We blew up dozens of balloons, hung tulle, and filled women’s ministry bags with mirrors, pens, journals, and bible verse packets. It took a while to decorate, but the outcome was beautiful! My favorite meal so far is definitely Haitian spaghetti which consists of spaghetti noodles, hot dogs, and ketchup.

Okay, it sounds gross, but trust me, it’s awesome! We’ve had a quiet relaxing day for the most part. The rain later this afternoon has cooled it off a bit. We will be attending the Haitian Evening Celebration this evening which we are all excited for. We’re ready for the week full of praise, celebration, laughter, and love with our group and the people we meet.

-Chelsey Eichler


Today has definitely been the hottest day of our time here. You don’t even want to know how bad I smell. We went to church this morning and it was about two and a half hours of preaching and worshipping. Let me tell you, these people LOVE praising Jesus.

For lunch, we ate my all time favorite meal, Haitian spaghetti. So so good. We went into town after lunch searching for twenty bags of blonde hair extensions so Emma and Tara could have their hair braided. We came back with four bags. Crazy right? You would think that they would have more blonde here because so many people here have blonde hair.

We talked through the planning for the women’s conference the next couple days. Then we decorated, and decorated, and decorated. We blew up about 200 balloons and put them on a string and hung it on the back wall. Not to brag or anything, but it looks pretty dope. We are headed to the first night of our evening celebration and we are so excited!

-Lily Ryan


Please feel free to leave comments. Comments will be read at dinner. Not a lot of pictures today as we were super busy doing a lot of the “behind the scenes” work for Monday’s conferences! 🙂


  1. The pure love and joy in the picture is so heart warming. Thinking and praying for all of you! Love, Carlee Jo’s mom ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Hey Lily, Emma, Telly & Robin!!
    Hope you are having so much fun with everyone in Haiti, you’re all so amazing and shining image of God.
    Seeing these pictures makes all of us so happy to see, and the kids’ radiant and beaming faces of joy. You can definitely see God working there.
    Avery and I are out to eat and just talked about how much we miss you all, and of course we both started to tear up.
    Can’t wait to see you ALL in a couple of long days! Enjoy every single moment there!!
    We are praying for y’all.
    AJ & Ave

  3. Hi ho Telly, Emma, Lily and Robin!
    So amazing that you guys are there and so cool to see all the good work that you’re doing to share the love of Christ and to expand His Kingdom! Love seeing you interact with those little ones!

    We love you and miss you dearly but we’re getting by here. We switched from pizza and wings to hot dogs and fries! Though we might need to try that Haitian spaghetti soon!

    We prayed for you safety and health yesterday. Today, we added to that the hearts there would be softened to Jesus.

    Love you all! Dig in, Dive in and Lean into God. He’ll do the rest!

    All our Love –

    Craig, Harry & Jack

  4. Tom & Sharon!

    The kids and I are loving all the pictures! We are praying for you all this week! Love you both!

    Also, Chels….so glad you’ve had Haitian spaghetti!!! Soooooo good!

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