Michigan Group 2019 – Day 5…

Men’s Ministry started today.  We had the largest group in history, 26. Typically the men work all day and won’t attend an early morning ministry.  Even 3 walked the half hour from Karenage.  The open forum message was met with enthusiasm and cheer.  The message started with creation, to Christ’s birth to His life and miracles.  We ended by watching a few clips from The Passion of Christ.  Not a dry eye in the group.  Brutal but relevant to Christ’s gift to all.  We experienced Al’s testimony as a believer.

To my girls back home, Kristi, Libby, Abbi and Lexi, I love you.  Wish you were here.  You would love the locals.  I’ve never met a group of people who enjoy music and dance so much as the Haitians.


Kevin emens


Tomorrow is day  two of the women’s conference. Today we had over 130 women come to the beautifully decorated church. We served  tea and crackers at break.  The ladies heard the parable of the lost sheep. Our teacher Lisa and translator Pierre did a wonderful job together. It’s a beautiful day.  Tonight we go to the revival downtown to listen to music, sing songs together, hear the word of God boldly preached, etc.  Life is good here and God is being praised.



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  1. Kevin, I’m glad to hear things are going well. your passion shows through, which I am sure they all see. We miss you and love you. See you Sunday.

  2. Yo Telly, Emma, Lily and Robin! So great to “see” you guys and the efforts that you’re making to advance the Gospel there. Keep up the great work. Know that you are loved and missed dearly. Continuing to pray for your health and safety and for softened hearts.

    – Craig (no boys – they left me!)

  3. To Kevin,
    You’re doing great things Dad, we will see you soon (dont forget the sun screen or your glasses!)
    Yours kids

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