Michigan Group 2019 – Day 7…

Today was our last day of the women’s conference. So cool to see all the women coming back day after day to learn more about our amazing God. Nineteen of them came up for prayer at the end. That is the most we’ve ever had.

Our competition day for our Haitian Ninja Warriors was today. They were so excited to compete and had so much energy. We painted their faces and did some Jesus aerobics before we started. They all worked together so well and helped each other get through everything. Once every team was finished, we handed out metals and snacks for everyone.

Then, all the team leaders raced through the course together. We definitely didn’t get through as fast as the kids did. The winning team got to ride into town and get drinks from the store. We cleaned up and then a group of us walked down to the beach. So. Beautiful. We could have spent the rest of the night there. The water is so blue and the beach is so wonderful. We found sea urchins, little crabs, and a bunch of cool shells while we were down there. We are eating soon and then headed downtown for our last night of the evening celebration.

-Lily Ryan


With today being the last day of women’s conference, I can reflect on it and truly say it is one of the activities that has impacted me the greatest. The women are so happy to be there worshiping God, and it is really inspiring to see. It’s been a great reminder that worshipping God comes in many many forms whether it be dancing, hand waving, or swaying.

As Lily mentioned above, we did have our final day of the children’s activity today doing a ninja warrior course. The kids had tons of fun, and so did the rest of us leading them. All the teams looked so cute with matching colored shirts and coordinating face paint!

With every day that passes I am more and more amazed at how possible it is to communicate with someone who speaks a completely different language than you, and I’m also amazed at how little communication sometimes matters. The orphans appreciate holding your hand or making silly faces just as much as I’m assuming they would love to talk to us in conversation.

Our team has had many fun times so far hosting events, but we have also all had lots of fun between events doing random things that mainly includes playing euchre and nerts (Kevin and Al are on a roll in euchre because no one can seem to beat them very often).

Tonight we have our final evening celebration for the Mole, and I’m excited to see how it all wraps up. I know our group has had fun performing our skits and songs for the Haitians, so I can only hope they have enjoyed it as well! One aspect of the celebrations I will note is that Haitian preachers are very passionate. There’s lots of movement going on as well as so many voice inflections that even though I don’t speak creole, I almost think I understand parts of the message just by his body language and voice!

-Tara Myers


  1. Yo yo yo. Telly, Emma, Lily and Robin! Love you and miss you so much but so grateful that you can be there to minister for the Gospel!

    Lily – nice update tonight. But I hope you didn’t give the kids metals. That’s not safe. I hope you have them medals instead.

    Finish strong! We can’t wait to see you in a few days. Blessings to the entire team.

    – Craig and boys

  2. hi lily & emma! sorry i haven’t had a chance to comment yet. i read all the blogs & it looks like you’re having an amazing time :)) i miss you guys. i’m not sure if this will be read since it’s after dinner so i’ll comment again tomorrow :))

  3. Mom and Dad! Looks like the women’s conference went really well. I showed the kids pictures of the ninja warriors. They thought that was super cool. They also loved the picture of Christina. TK said “Hey! That’s Christina! She’s on my fridge!” Love you guys!

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