Michigan Group 2019 – Day 8…

Today was a clinic day here at the mission campus so some of us stayed to help out in the waiting room; playing with children in the waiting room and cleaning ears.   We took sidewalk chalk, nail polish, crayons and paper to pass the time. I wrote “welcome” on the floor at the entrance and one little boy copied me.   Three others worked back in the pharmacy helping Kenson, who works on the mission, counting and sorting medicine as he filled the orders for the patients. They have recently expanded the clinic and the pharmacy now has much more room.

Two other groups went out to do what we call “hut to hut’.  They walked around the town and stopped at several different homes to visit and pray with those who live there.  Some are people that have been visited on past trips here and some are new families.  Today one group walked around the Mole and one group went out to Karnage

In the Mole, they visited several families, painting fingernails, coloring pictures with the children and playing games.  Carlee and Kevin learned about some new fruits that they came across; a fruit used to make grenadine, breadfruit, and a fruit that resembles a chestnut.  This group also met a man grilling snails and gave to Carlee to try.  She ate it, but says she wouldn’t choose to eat it again!

After visiting and getting to know the family they asked the families if they could pray with them.  This “hut to hut” visit was the first time a family did not want prayer before they left the home.  This group was also planning to go up to the hospital near Calvaire a town up the hill to the east, but they did not make it as the children wanted them to play and visit for so long.

The second group that went out to Karnage spent time with a family that Emma Fowler knew and was able to pray with them and praise the Lord for the construction of their home.   They went to the school there, which goes to about fourth grade, and were able to play games like” duck, duck goose” and “Jezi” (Jesus) aerobics.   Before they left the school they were able to pray with all the children.

Rob Fowler went to visit with Pastor Rodney who has a church there and has also attended the Men’s ministry this week on campus.  There is also a school at this church that the Pastor has started for several children who live in Karnage who cannot pay to go to the other school.

After lunch of rice and black beans we all went out to the ocean swimming with the boys from the orphanage.  It was a wonderful afternoon of laughing, shrieks of joys and lots of saltwater in our eyes!  The boys also loved being buried in the sand!

After we returned, many of the girls enjoyed getting their hair braided.  Emma Ryan decided to go all in with long extensions.  As I write this, they have already been braiding for 2 hours…and they are not done.   We may have pictures from all the braiding by tomorrow.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner of spaghetti with red sauce and breadsticks.  The cooks here have been very good to us! Tonight we will be having a movie night with the orphanage children here in the cafeteria complete with goldfish and fruit snacks.  The Ryan family will miss your popcorn Craig Ryan!  This has been a very full day and I am certain we will all sleep well!

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  1. Telly, Emma, Lily and Robin:

    Movies and popcorn? Yum! I made some of that popcorn the other night and I’ll make it again for you when you get home! Keep up the great work and keep shining for Him!

    We miss you and love you. Can’t wait to see you on Sunday. And, oh: you won’t have to hear me talk about “no fault” anymore – because we called Friday session and GOT IT DONE!

    Love you tons.

    – Craig

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