Texas Tech 2019 – Day 5…

Hey sweet friends and family of my new sweet friends, Hayden here!!

Today we went to Savane Mole! We took a 45-minute thrashing tap tap ride. Originally, I was not supposed to go because my group was supposed to be on construction duty, but my fearless leader Brad was ever so kind to allow Maddie and I to go with the other two groups. BIG SHOUT OUT TO BRAD!

But don’t you worry, I spent the afternoon painting cubbies for the little babes here in the orphanage. The big question is, was there more paint on my hands and clothes or on the wood… the world may never know.

During the painting, Brad asked us basically 12,000 questions. One was “how did you see God today?”, and my answer to this question is I saw Him in every single smile. Every smile of the men and women we passed, while holding on for dear life. Every smile of the children who chased the tap tap, laughing and screaming out to us. Every smile of the sweet babes I held in my arms, just wishing I would never have to let go. In all of these smiles, I saw God. I saw how He loves. In all these exchanges I pray they felt seen, loved, and known. That is one of my deepest prayers.

Mom, I love you and HAPPY RETIREMENT!! I’m proud of all the time and years you have spent loving on you students that became your children. You amaze me!! I LOVE YOU, CONGRATS!!

Dad, that you for keeping me updated with the Women’s World Cup!! I love you and miss you!!

B, I hope you are having a great and productive week! I love you and I miss you! See you soon my love!

And with that… I’m going to bed! Bon weit!!


Hi y’all its Quen!

I am truly blown away with how much this place has my heart in the short time I have been able to experience it. Being obedient to God’s calling to coming here has been one of the greatest blessings. He is really challenging me. Although not using my phone or normal everyday comforts is a struggle I feel that it has helped my focus on my purpose here.

Al picked me to give a devotional last night. Let me tell you… I was so entirely nervous! But I spoke on spiritual wealth, which has hit me the most while being here in Haiti. So Al, thank you for making me and continuing to push me out of my comfort zone while being here!

Savane Mole today has so far been my favorite village to go to. While the tap tap ride was an experience, the views from the top of the island were stunning! Everyone there was so welcoming! Spending time with the children there completely filled my heart and every face had the most beautiful smiles. I only wish that we could have spent more with them!

Mom and dad, thank you for your endless support on my decision to come here and to follow my heart to serve. Ian and Isabelle, I miss you both more than you know! Eric, love you and miss you!

Can’t wait to share all my stories with you! Love and miss you all so very much!!

Please feel free to leave comments. Comments will be read at dinner!


  1. I look forward to reading the daily accounts of the experiences in Haiti. I understand why people go back year after year. The sheer gratitude and joy in the faces of the Haitian people remind me of how Christ wants us to experience Him in our lives. Thank you for touching hearts both here and in Haiti. I also can’t wait for Jared to put his painting skills to work at home 😃.

  2. Hello All,
    Loved hearing the stories shared from Hayden and Quen on how God is moving in your lives and the many ways all of yall are being the hands and feet of Jesus. Since yall are so great at painting and construction I have a few projects around my house for yall to tackle when you return. Lol.
    While praying for you all this morning this verse came to mind…may it encourage you as you are 1/2 way into your trip.
    In Hebrews 10…God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.
    I admire you all as you give up 10 days of your life…time and energy to do Kingdom work in Haiti. So thankful and grateful for your faithfulness and obedience to God.
    I love you all,

  3. Hey TTU team! It’s hot in Texas! My mower broke down so that’s my excuse for quitting for the day!🤣 Keith is still going on the shredder but I’m hiding out where it’s cool! What joy feels my soul seeing the precious smiles on ALL the faces! Simply amazing! God is so Good! The painting is so bright and festive! Love it! Haven’t heard anything of Pat the Rat this adventure!? Praying continually for your strength and endurance. God Bless you all! Love you mucho Ty!💜

  4. Great to hear from you Hayden!!

    US Women played France today, the final score was 1-2.

    Christi & I are in Houston to go to Astros game tonight. It’s raining so the roof will be closed, that & it’s so hot!!

    Keep working on those painting skills & enjoying the smiles!!

    Oh, it was the US Women beating France 2-1!! US plays England on the 2nd in semifinals.

    Love you & God bless!!


  5. Hello everyone, We are amazed of ever blog posting. So Glad to hear from you today Quenie, love you so very much.
    Thank you all for sharing your daily journeys. So proud of each of you for spreading God’s love to all these beautful souls. We can’t wait to hear about today’s adventures.

    Quenie, miss your beautiful face but we cherish every picture we get to see of your beautful smile. We are thinking of you and are so proud of the women in Christ you are becoming.
    May each of you have a beautful evening, thank you for all that you are doing.
    Love, The Davis’ family ❤

  6. Hey guys and gals hope every thing is going good still I love the new photos and I wait on them every morning y I’m at work haha
    Ty I love the photo of you with the 2 kiddos it made me smile and put me in a good mood for today!!! I can’t wait for y’all to get back !!!!!!! Stay true and keep spreading to word of god! ☺️

    1. I wish I had found this site sooner. I am loving all the pictures. Continued blessings and a safe journey home. God is so good!

  7. Love reading about your daily adventures! Looks as if you are all working hard and playing hard! Good for each of you!

    God bless!!

  8. Hey Hayden! I am so proud of you for everything you are doing. You are such an amazing beautiful woman. I am so proud of all your painting skills, you will definitely be using them when you get back. I love babe and am so proud. Continue to use your beautiful smile to share encouragement and love just like you do here. Love and miss you so much.

  9. Mom and Dad! Still enjoying the pictures over here. We are getting anxious to see you and hear all the great things about this trip. We sure do miss you here! We got to the lake and Tula Kate immediately asked where you guys were. Get ready because she may have a lot to tell you when you’re back. Whenever something interesting or exciting happens (Ex. Catching minnows) she states “When Nana and Dap get back from Haiti, I’m gonna tell dem we catched minnows.” Buckle up….she may have a lot of stories for you two! Love you!

  10. Hello TTU Team,

    I love seeing all the pictures and reading your daily account of all the adventures!! Looks like y’all have had good weather so far!! I hope that continues!! I hope everyone survived the lock in and has recovered well! I’m sure your guests certainly enjoyed it! Enjoy your Sabbath tomorrow recovering from your busy week and hopefully you can recharge for your final few days!

    Kayti, it was such an awesome surprise to receive a text from you last night!! Thank you for thinking to do that!! Sure made this momma’s heart HAPPY!! Can’t wait to hear from you and/or Caleb again soon!!

    Lots of love,

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