Texas Tech 2019 – Days 6 & 7…

Hey it’s me Austin from Texas Tech coming to you from Haiti.

Yesterday was the lock-in with the youth group, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired but so entertained in one day. Trey & I were in charge of rec, and we expected the youth to engage more in the advanced games. This was not the case.

We started playing hot potato with them, which quickly turned into dance hot potato where instead of a ball they would just dance. They referred to me as a DJ and I think my street cred doubled because of it.

We also played duck-duck-goose where every single person took it to the next level. There was blood, sweat and tears shed and it was the most fun I have ever had playing a simple game.

The biggest thing I have learned in Haiti is that they don’t care how childish a game is or how tired they are. The love and passion they poured out in soccer made me feel like my legs were noodles, but they would always have their hand outstretched to help us up.

This afternoon we split into groups – some did beads with the kids, some did a trip to Calvaire and some did games/rested. Tonight we also had a movie night with our orphanage kids (Shrek).

The people of Haiti have been nothing but generous and loving, except when they were braiding my hair. That hurt more than my tattoo. I can’t wait to be home but also never want to leave. We will see y’all soon!


Hey ya’ll! It’s Kaitlyn from the Texas Tech team in The Mole.

Yesterday from 6pm-6am this morning we had our youth lock-in for the kids in town. (Team Blue for the win!!).

We had 60 kids from ages 12-22. We played games like hot potato & soccer (we were utterly destroyed by the Haitians).

We also played frisbee, freeze-dance, intense duck-duck goose, and so on. In-between games and snacks and Black Panther. (I definitely took a nap during the entire movie, so as Austin would say… “Wakanda Sometimes.”) We also had four lessons taught by different people each time!

At 6am we were supposed to take the kids to the beach but at that point, nearly everyone had slept through the fourth lesson, so we sent them off with a breakfast made up of PB & J sandwiches.

It was definitely a long night, but it was a good one. My group was amazing. They would ask so many good questions about God and faith during small group. I remember one asking “Does praying and reading your bible every day make you a good Christian?” Of course, we answered yes, but he quickly rebutted with “false, some people pray without their faith.” That simple statement really hit home for me.

Oh and we found a crab in our dorm that was bigger than my hand. It really didn’t like me when I chased it out with a metal pole. Don’t ask me how it got there, I’ve been asking the same question.

As for today, we all mostly slept until around 10ish(am). Sad news, the power throughout the entire city went out at around 6am and it’s not back on and it’s 9pm as I write this.

Nevertheless, it didn’t stop us from having a wonderful day. Me and a group of people went up into a town called Calvaire to pray over any patients and staff in the hospital. There were no occupants at the moment when we arrived, so we all individually prayed (at once) over the hospital for future incoming patients and staff.

After that, Brad, Jared, Bree, & Mary got into at least an hour-long talk with an eighteen-year-old Haitian who had lots of questions about what it means to be a good Christian and if he’s ready or not.

After a LOT of discussion and scripture, we got through to him. Hopefully, we get to see him at church tomorrow morning.  He asked a lot of good questions. We prayed over him before we left.

I also got half of my head done in cornrows: it looks super cool (I did Texas Tech colors) but it hurt so much during the process. My goal is to make it home with my braids. Sorry for the long entry, I love to write. See y’all in three days!

Please feel free to leave comments. Comments will be read each night at dinner!


  1. Hello All…
    Glad the lock in was so fun and such a success! Hope you can get some good rest and be prepared for the final days ahead as you continue to love on the Haitians.
    Continued prayers for good health, energy, strength and stamina. Thank you for your faithfulness and obedience in serving God many miles from home.

  2. What up peeps? Dylan Cole here. It’s been so great to follow along with the trip on this blog! I catch myself thinking back to my first time visiting Karenage and Ka Pa Fu as I read your stories. Austin, you put it so well when you said they’re nothing but gracious and loving (outside of braiding your hair)!

    May you all show that same love and grace to the people of Haiti, to the Castillos, and to each other. Remember to look for God in the smallest parts of your day, especially when you’re exhausted. Let Him meet you in that place of being emptied for people He loves.

    Al, Mason was mad I went to the 50th Street Bahama Bucks.

    Joel, Miles was over 45 minutes late to play ultimate this morning.

    Austin, Ashley still hasn’t started packing for California.

    Trey, I swear you’re trying to copy my facial hair, but I’ll let it slide.

    Much love to all of you! Can’t wait to see you all when you get back!

  3. Landon,
    God is evidently present there in Haiti with you all this week. It looks/sounds like those serving are being blessed as much as or more than those being served. That’s the way God’s love works. Can’t wait to see you and hug your neck and hear all your stories. Write them down ASAP as day to day thoughts and feelings can be hard to recall if not done daily/immediately.
    I could not be more happy or proud of you. You have experienced what it is like to be the hands and feet of Christ ministering to the body of Christ!
    Safe travels hone please!!
    Love you more!! ❤️Mom

  4. Looks like everyone is having a lot of fun and those kids look very happy! What a great experience. Hope everyone enjoys the remainder of the mission and has a safe trip back!


  5. So grateful you all are making such a difference in the lives of these children. You will remember this trip the rest of your lives. Prayers for stamina and good health the remainder of this trip.

    Trey, we miss you! Reggie and Remy really miss you! Lubbock is hot and miserable!

    Wreck em!

    God bless all of you!

  6. Hey guys! Love the pictures, all of you look like your having a great time. Sounds like your are learning something from them too. The question about prayer was eye opening as well. Amazing to see God working in their lives as well as yours. Trey, couldn’t tell if your young friend was praying over you are giving you a massage. Looked relaxing whichever it was. Stay well and strong in the Lord!

  7. What is up!!!
    It’s lex and Maddux here. We want to give the BIGGEST I MEAN THE HUGEST GIGANTIC shoutout to Maddi and Al
    We love and miss u
    Also hi to everyone else.

  8. Thanks so much for the updates & amazing photos!!! There’s nothing more satisfying than being a blessing to others. So happy for and proud of y’all. Continued blessings in all of your endeavors & safe travels to everyone. God bless y’all bunches.
    Aunt Brenny (or my favorite spelling of my name when you were little – Aunt Brainy)

  9. Howdy TTU team! Y’all have been so busy I can’t imagine how tired your bodies must be. So proud of you all. On the way to church this morning I heard the song “Oceans” and it made me think of y’all! What a blessing you are. Praying for strength and stamina and God’s blessings.
    FYI to Ty-your dad killed a rattlesnake in the garage Thursday, I killed a garter snake at the school office and Piper chased a racer snake out of the backyard so…you may want to wear your boots home!!!💜you mucho!

  10. Hey guys I love the photos and all the new hairdos hahah!! Ty I hope you are haveing a great time and I love seeing you in photos with the kids!!! Can’t wait for you to get back and here all the new stories you have of Haiti!! God is smiling upon y’all with all the great work y’all have done in the past week!! And I pray that y’all get home safely! I pray for y’alls safe return!!!

  11. Sounds like a very fruitful day/night!

    Hayden – the Costa Rican MNT were staying at the same hotel as Christi & I were in Friday & Saturday. Tried to visit with one of the staff but my Spanish wasn’t good enough.

    Have a great end of your trip!

    I love you. God bless!!


  12. SO heartwarming to see and hear about all the time and heart spent with the families and youngsters! You are shining beacons… and I am sure they are for you as well. Cherish these moments, step out and be bold for Christ!
    Love you,
    God Bless!

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