Wolfforth & Friends – Day 3…

Hey guys it’s Justin here! This week has been so awesome. Today we got to teach the kids a lesson about good touch and bad touch. We taught them that the Lord created them all differently and in the midst of that, there needs to be boundaries in how we interact with one another in all scenarios of life. We also had a craft for them too! We created glasses to show them to see themselves and others how God sees them.

This afternoon we had a big sports camp for all of the kids from the town. We played soccer, basketball, four square, jump rope, had a big dance party, and learned a lesson about the fruit of the spirit. It is so crazy at the amount of energy these kiddos have! They have definitely kept me on my toes and will continue to!

This trip these kids have shown me what true love looks like. We are different yet we are the same. We all want to love and be loved. I have enjoyed getting to experience that with this group of people. There is nothing like it.

We love and appreciate all of your continued prayers!


Hello this is Mason. It is very hot, so hot that I changed my shirt three times today due to sweating through them all! But to be real I haven’t really noticed the heat. Just playing with the kids, talking to other people and just hanging out took my mind off of all that.

Caleb, Bailey, and I played a game of soccer with some kids and two translators in our free time. They’re very good and competitive, people were sliding all over, bleeding, and just going all out. It wasn’t a very challenging game for them, we lost 8-1. Sports camp was a very insane couple of hours! It was challenging at first due to the language barrier, but eventually everyone knew we just want to play. No real set rules, just playing, loving on them. The kids’ energy is insane, honestly it was hard to keep up! But just seeing the smiles on the kids faces kept me going.

I’m very excited to see what the rest of this week has in store. Thank y’all for all the prayers!

P.S miss you boys back home, hold it down.


Hey y’all, this is Jodie, the other half of the Martin clan here this week.  It’s been fun following so soon after Al and Maddi, because I get to hear some great stories.

We have had a great time getting to know the kiddos-some for the first time, and some getting reacquainted.  They are so welcoming of us, all of whom have been complete strangers at some point.

This was a packed day full of all the activities. As Justin said, the day started out with the campus kiddos being taught about good and bad touch and I tried to emphasize the need for us to respect ourselves and others, and to love as God loves.  Justin’s “guard box” craft was loved (the kids learned how parts of our body are off-limits and they got to water paint to identify the safe places.  Lynsie’s pipe cleaner glasses were the bomb!

It has rained quite a bit and we were worried that today’s sports camp would be rained out, but we improvised and held  some of it in the church until it stopped raining, and the town kids kept trickling in.  Lots of bubbles were blown, basketballs were bounced, ropes were jumped, snacks were eaten, and Jesus was shared.

Lynsie, Taylor and I led the women’s Bible study for this week to give Miss Beth a little break.  It was such an honor to share with these sweet ladies the part of my testimony about our daughter Christian dying and how God redeemed that with Maddison, my miracle.  We learned about the power of God, and His desire for us to seek humility and righteousness.

We are ending the day watching a movie with the campus kids and we are all looking forward what the rest of the week will bring.  Thanks so much for your continued prayers.  Everyone is healthy and there have been no injuries that I’m aware of.  Some are definitely being eaten up by mosquitoes!

Love you all!

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  1. Love hearing about how the trip is going. Keep it up! Don’t believe most of the stories about me. I didn’t really do that. Keep on loving. Keep yourself open to what the Lord is doing in you.

  2. Hey guys!! Greetings from Texas!!
    Love all the great and fun activities y’all have planned for the kiddos. Those cool pipe cleaner glasses look super cool!! That sport camp is one of my favorite memories of interacting with the kids from town. They are blessed to have ya’ll there to play with!! Prayers for stamina through the day and week!! Keep smiling and loving on those around you!

    Love to all,

  3. So awesome to see the sweet smiles and everyone. Praying for strength and stamina for you all. May God bless you all. So good to see you there this week Jodie. Tyann had the best time last week and as always said it was hard to come home. Have a great week sharing the light of the Lord

  4. Thanks for sharing the stories. It’s awesome to hear how God is using each of you. Love the pictures! Tell Lynsie we love and miss her very much!
    PS – you can let Lynsie know that I have some “new” locally roasted coffee waiting at home for her.

    Philip and Becky

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