Wolfforth & Friends – Days 1 & 2…


God blessed all the teams with safe travel to Haiti to start the work He prepared for us in advance!  Saturday was our travel day, we had some time to unpack and did a campus tour.  It is always amazing to see how much things change between visits. God is at work here on this campus.  It was a miracle that all of our suitcases of supplies arrived with us – that was a first – but not everyone here was as fortunate.  Still looking for a few more pieces to arrive.  Thank you to all those who prayed over the suitcases filled with medical supplies – God provided!!

Sunday morning we attended church service and helped the Wolfforth Team host a 4th of July party for the orphanage kids.  Peyton took over 1,000 pictures on the first day!  Hope he packed lots of memory cards.

We have been so busy on campus today that we haven’t even had time to walk out the gates into town yet.  Excited to see what else God has planned for us during our time here.

Leigh Anne



Hey there, it’s Caleb Eugenis.

First things first, Jodie just asked if I would tell Al, Maddi, and Maddux she said hi and she misses them!

Today we woke up and got to go to Church! It was really cool to not understand anything that was being said or done but still be able to feel the presence of God and witness the way the Haitians worship!

Shannon Nedds led the children’s church lesson today. She taught about the parable of the workers in the field.

We then began to decorate for the 4th of July party everyone had been waiting for. The orphans and ourselves had a blast dancing, running, eating, and sweating with each other!

The party consisted of games, relay races, freeze dance & dance party, coloring, bingo, food, glow sticks, & fireworks! It was a major success and I think everyone will sleep really good tonight. To my mom, brother, and sister, dad and I are doing great and miss you a lot! We will see you soon!


Hello, this is Zach Madry. We have had a great time so far besides the humidity and mosquitos. Thanks to my mom for all the medicine it is really helping out.

All the plane rides going to Haiti went well and everyone enjoyed the 9 passenger plane because of all the amazing things of Haiti we saw. All of the food we have had so far has been really good and the staff that cooks it is very friendly.

All of the church members in church today were very friendly as well and when we introduced ourselves they seemed pleased that we were here. All of the kids today have been so excited and never seemed to stop for a breath. They have so much energy and really enjoy us and all we are doing with them.

We had a big rainstorm the first night but peaceful and needed rest that helped us get through today.Tomorrow will most likely be our biggest day as we have a lot planned and cannot wait to do it all.

To my family, I am having a great time and enjoying all of the things we are doing, missing y’all a lot as well. Love y’all and see you soon.


Please feel free to leave comments! Comments will be read each night at dinner! It’s like getting mail at camp!


  1. Have a great time. The 4th party looked very fun. Jodie and Mason love you two. To the whole team, keep your eyes open to what God is doing in and through you.

    Jodie, look for my red nike’s down there. I can’t find them and I think I left them there. Made it to my conference.

  2. So grateful to see all of your faces!! May you continue being the eyes and feet of Jesus!!

    Love you all!

  3. Blessings to you all. Thank you for loving on this community!
    Shannon… Shed a few years for us!
    Love you all💞

  4. So glad things are going well!!! Sounds like an amazing experience so far. Was so good to see everyone’s faces. Prayers for you all! Zach, we love you and miss you too!! ❤️❤️ Glad the stuff I sent is working. Can’t wait to see what God does through you all!!

  5. Hey team!!

    I love all the July 4 decorations!! They look amazing and fun!! I’m sure the kids were excited to celebrate with ya’ll!! Praying you all see God show up in all the unexpected places!! Stay focused on the tasks and enjoy the journey!!

    Keep smiling and spreading the Joy of the Lord with those around you!!

    Lots of love,

  6. Looks like everyone is having a great time! You all should have Abbey perform her interpretive dance for the group, it’s very moving. Also, do you know what a missionary’s favorite car is? it’s a convertible! Get it, they like to convert people, but you just add “ible” to the end, and it’s a type car. Very funny.

  7. Hey y’all! So good to here from you guys and so badly wishing I could be there with y’all! I know y’all will do amazing things over the next few days and I can’t wait to here about it! Mason, I hope Haiti is all you wished it to be and more! I know you have waited for this for a while! Mom, I love and miss you already! I hope you are having such an amazing time this week! Lynsbro, I know you have been waiting on this trip for more than two years now and it’s finally here! Enjoy every moment of it!! I love all of y’all and I hope all is well!!
    – Maddi

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