The Christmas Story…

At 4pm on Christmas Eve, we invited the orphanage children over to our home for a special time of fellowship.

Northwest Christian Church gifted each child with a Bible. Miss Beth has been meeting with the children every week for devotions…. now they’ll have their own Bible to follow along with their lessons.

We started our time together by passing out the Bibles and reading the Christmas Story. Afterwards we colored bags to put the Bibles in. We then ate cookies & watched The Star (it’s the Nativity told by the perspective of the animals). 

We ended our time together by passing out stockings of toys & candy! Each stocking also had a special ornament attached with their picture in it. They LOVED our time together!

We just wanted to say a Special Thank You to Northwest Christian Church for the Bibles and to Sue Lukomski for the toys! 

Here are some pictures from our special event together!

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