Staff Christmas Meal…

Every year our staff come together for a time of Thanksgiving and fellowship! The first week of December we drew names for Secret Santa. The object of this game is to do 2 acts of kindness/gifts without being caught. The night before the party everyone tells me who they think had their name. If they guess right then they’ll win a prize. If they guess wrong – then their Secret Santa will win a prize!

So we started the night off praying & thanking God that we could all be here together. We then played a game where everyone drew a small card from a bag. Three of the cards had the word winner on them. Those 3 people were awarded extra prizes.

After we played that game, we revealed our Secret Santa. This is always my favorite part of the evening! After their person is revealed – they share what acts of kindness they did for their person!

We ended this spectacular evening with a Santa Hat Walk. For this game, we played Christmas music as the staff walked in a circle.  When the music stops – you stand on a hat with a number on it. If that number is called – you come forward to pick a gift off the prize table.

FYI: Two days before this Special Christmas Meal….we had another party celebrating Mikela & Malaya’s dance group called – Our Generation. You can check out their party by clicking – HERE!
Here are some pictures from our fun evening! (You might notice in one of the pictures that Jose has a clown mask on! We always love to provide extra entertainment. As we were clearing dishes, Jose went into the hall and came out the curtain serving cake. I think all of the Mole could hear them screen and laugh!)

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