Toner’s Group Day 3…

So sorry for the delay. The internet was too slow to upload pictures. This blog is from Friday.

Haiti may be the most beautiful place I have ever visited. Today I participated in two projects. The first project, which we started yesterday is to construct concrete steps. There is a building on the property where they hold their medical programs which has a flat concrete roof. To maximize the use of space, NWHCM desires to make that roof accessible and create a worship center on top. This stairway will make that possible.

We also built the first of two chicken coops. There are three kinds of animals I have seen all over since arriving in Haiti: burros, goats, and chickens. Chickens run loose all over the place. These coops will provide two families with fixed locations where they may gather eggs and have meat. The children of New Lisbon Christian Church raised much of the money needed for one of the coops and the chickens for it!

Tonight we’re on our way to the “downtown” area to minister to the children of this town who crave the attention of adults who have no agenda except to show them love.


The team did not get a chance to blog today (Saturday) but I can’t wait to upload pictures & share about what they accomplished. We did our own version of Extreme Make-Over…Orphanage Edition! The children on campus NOW have the most beautifully decorated rooms!

This team worked TIRELESSLY…and i mean TIRELESSLY today! They spent the morning visiting the Preskul Fishing Village and then ALL AFTERNOON finishing the renovations. We then hosted the Orphanage Christmas Party at the church which ran from 5pm-10:30pm! During the middle of the party we did the big reveal!  IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!

SO much to write about…but we’ve got church in the morning! So we’ll save all those great stories for tomorrow’s blog. Please feel free to leave comments. Comments will be read at dinner!


  1. Love the pictures of the team. Posting it all on NLCC Facebook page where the whole church and then some are looking and cheering you on. Can’t wait to see more. Go Team Serve!

  2. I know each of you have touched those children’s lives but I am sure each of you will be just as touched by this experience.

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