Toner Group – Day 1 & 2…

The team arrived safely in the Mole yesterday around noon! They spent the day sorting supplies, touring the campus/town, loving on kids, and preparing for their upcoming ministry.


Hello, this is Christina writing from Haiti!

I just wanted to share a little bit about what has been going on today. Words will never begin to describe the beauty of both the country and the people who call this home.

Today I got to go into town with the Haitian people in the morning. We were able to play with the children and pray over them.  In the afternoon, I was able to share the love of Jesus and play with the orphans on the campus.

This morning we also had 2 members of our team (pharmacist/nurse) work in the clinic.  The men in our group worked with Mr. Nene creating a rooftop worship center over the clinic. In the afternoon the whole team went into town for VBS.

Yesterday,  I met a little girl named Christina.  As I was walking out the gate to town this morning, she was calling my name to tell me “Bonjour”.  I observed another child telling his friends the we are their “zommies” (which means friends).

Being here gives you great perspective of how all the little things really do matter.  Psalm 34:5 says “Those who look to him are radiant and their faces shall never be ashamed”.

This morning  I had the pleasure of passing out stickers, painting nails and coloring with the kiddos in the town.  The smile that a shiny, sticky piece of foil (aka a sticker) can bring to all ages of people astounds me.  At one point I could not pass them out fast enough and had to tell them to wait lol!

When we came back from VBS,  we colored and painted the nails of the children here on the campus.  The translators and the Haitian people love hearing me “try” to speak their language or use my French to communicate.  I don’t even know how many times I have got laughed at for my attempting their language! But faces are radiant with joy and delight in me…. even when I’m trying.

They also love when I “teach them” English which really means they just repeat what I say.  Although I try, we really don’t need language to communicate.  A simple smile, a touch of the hand, or even a little girl leaning her head on me while she colored –  all speak the language of love, humanities native dialect.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.  We will be traveling to a fishing village in the afternoon where we will share just how gentle Jesus is!


Here are a few pictures from their day! PLEASE feel free to leave a comment. Comments will be read every night at dinner.


  1. So awesome for all of you to be there spreading the word of the Lord. Christina Boughton, Mike, Keagan, Cora and Declan are praying for you and rest of team every night! We love you!

  2. Give our Christina a big hug from Mr. Tom & Ms Sharon.

    Hugs to all the others also. Love them all💕

  3. I’m praying that God will use each of you to be a blessing, and that you will be blessed as a result. Thanks so much for serving and sacrificing! You are representing us well!

  4. Loved seeing the pictures! Praying for a wonderful week as you serve our Lord.
    Can’t wait to hear your stories of how God used you this week. Hugs to all.

  5. I loved seeing the pictures! Can’t wait to hear how God has used you this week. Prayers continue.

  6. So proud of you all. May you spread your smiles, warm hearts and love for Jesus. Special hello to my kids Jason and Carrie, sending them special love.

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